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  • I know what you’re thinking about!In this Very post, I am going to talk about Free Comma Checker Tool.

POOR spelling, comma marks, professional .commas and grammar can affect your career, your business and how you’re professional.

This is most critical when you learned English as a second language.So I want someone perfect who will work as Punctuation Checker and Comma Checker. I found out Tool called Grammarly. Now I am free from all Grammar worries because of Grammarly only.

So I want someone perfect who will work as Punctuation Checker and Comma Checker. I found out Tool called Grammarly. Now I am free from all Grammar worries because of Grammarly only.

This tool is Grammar Checker, Punctuation Checker, and Corrector also.

Good News is Grammarly is free online Punctuation Checker.

What you actually want as a punctuation checker & comma checker?

What do You mean by Punctuation Checker and Comma Checker?

the marks, such as full stop, comma, and brackets, used in writing to separate sentences and their elements and to clarify meaning.

Here Some Punctuation Rules By GrammarBook.

And you also want to

  • Eliminate Errors
  • Enhance Clarity and Meaning
  • Synonym Suggestions
  • Become a Better Writer

Lastly, you want to write Anywhere (Emails, Essays and Social Media Posts) mistake free.

I have Best and Quickest  Solution for you…

you can correct over 250 types of your grammatical errors at that moment only.

Do you want to know?

It is Grammarly and it is used to do things that I have mentioned above.It is free online Grammar and Sentence Structure Checker. Grammarly is Worlds Best Proofreader.

The tool is really Awesome.So I thought of writing a review of Grammarly.

free online punctuation checker

In this Grammarly Review, we are going see to step by step guide on how you can use this Tool to correct your grammatical mistakes.

What is Grammarly? [Everything You Need to know About Grammarly]

First and foremost thing is [as site claims]

                  Grammarly is World’s Best Online Grammer Checker Tool.

Here’s What Wikipedia Says About Grammarly.

When you’re actually writing, parallelly it counts grammar mistakes and shows them.So you can correct them instantly.

punctuation checker tool

It also offers various services as Vocabulary Suggestion Tool and Plagiarism Checker.This is free Punctuation Checker which is online Tool and You Don’t have to Download.

Plagiarism Checker is simply the process of locating instances of plagiarism within a work or document.

How to use Grammarly?

I am going to give you GOOD NEWS.

Grammarly offers both free and premium plan.

If you don’t want to pay, you can download the browser extension (available for Chrome, Mozilla, and safari) and you can correct over 100 types of grammatical mistakes.

This browser extension will work when you writing a post on Facebook, updating status on Twitter or you are writing something in the window of a browser.

How to get started?

Get started with browser extension [download for free]:

First step: Go to this link.

Get Chrome Extension Now[Free]


If you are using chrome then there are extensions for Mozilla Firefox and for Safari also.

Signup there.

Second step: After signup; login into your account.

Now you’re ready to use Grammarly.

There are Grammarly tools that you can use to correct over 100 errors. it’s really amazing.


In above screenshot, you will notice some mistakes.And suggestions by Grammarly are on the right side.

Actually, there are two types of error. First is critical issues and second is  Advanced issues.You can correct instantly by clicking on the correct button.

That set. You have to do only that much and everything gets fixed instantly.

One thing that I have to mention is Grammarly can also determine passive voice of the sentences and shows that whether there is a need to be changed to active voice or not.

I must say,it’s fantastic.Now you can use it everywhere in a browser window while updating post on twitter.

Get started with web version:

You do a lot of your work this is the simple but very useful desktop version is for you only.This Desktop Vesrion Act as a Punctuation Checker App.


Create Free Account With Grammarly To Correct Over 100 Errors Instantly.

You are article writer or if you are a student, dashboard .then you can simply upload or copy & paste your dashboard.

After that, Grammarly strives hard to determine the errors. A small window on the right side of the dashboard gives you errors.

Now click on correct button .you’re done now.

By following this simple but very efficient technique, file .you will make sure that your document is proofread.

Using Grammarly  Add-In for Microsoft Products:

This is another amazing way to use this Grammarly.

You will notice on the dashboard of Grammarly that there is a small bar which is Add-in of Microsoft word & Outlook.

Note: It works only if you have 
a premium version of the tool .

You can download that by clicking on download button.

Now you can follow following steps to add Add-In in Microsoft word:

  • Step 1: Double-click on the setup file to Run.
  • Step 2: Then select both Microsoft word and Outlook and click on install.
  • Step 3: Once Add-In installed, login using your Grammarly account credentials  (email and password ) to activate Add-In.
  • Step 4: Now open your Microsoft Word and you will see the Grammarly option in the Menu bar.

microsoft add in grammarly

Now enable the Grammarly feature and now you’re are ready to use it.

Read also: 6 best Online Proofreader Tools.

Premium Version Features of Grammarly[not included in free version]

There are some features like vocabulary enhancement and plagiarism checker that we can use too, only if we have a premium version of Grammarly.

1.What is Vocabulary Enhancement?

You can enable this feature from the left-hand sidebar.

What vocabulary Enhancement does is, they find out the words that are repeatedly used again and again.

synonym suggestion grammarly

And for that repeatedly used words, they suggest synonyms enhance vocabulary, to clarify meaning and also helps you to present it in a good manner.

This is my all time favorite feature.

For Your Self-Help :- Easy Ways To Improve and Expand Your Vocabulary.

2.What is a Plagiarism Checker?

Plagiarism checker basically used to find out content is original or it was copied from elsewhere.It compares with a database of 8 billion pages and shows you how much originality is present in the content.

plagirism punctuation checker

This is very useful when you hire the writers to write for your blog or company. You pay them, so you have to make sure that it is original and not used anywhere.

Free vs Premium version of Grammarly

free vs premium punctuation checkerAs I already said that, Grammarly offers two packages which are free package and premium package.

As premium package comes with additional features like Vocabulary Enhancement, Plagiarism Checker, and additional 150 errors can be recognized.

When you log in to your account you can either go with a free or premium account.

If you are an article writer, only then free version might be perfect for you.

But if you get articles from different writers then premium version is only.Because you need to check the originality of the content and also you can enhance vocabulary using Vocabulary Enhancement feature.

The premium plan starts at $11 . 66 /Month

get it now.

punctuation checker

Pros and Cons of Grammarly

Free punctuation checker app pros

I would like to talk about 5 Pros that actually I have experienced.

  1. I must say that Grammarly is way better than Microsoft Word.When it comes to spelling checking and Grammar checking also.
  2. Plagiarism checker which is the main feature that is missing in the Microsoft Word.This Grammarly plagiarism checker used to check about 8 billion pages to give you accurate results.Do you know that If Google recognizes that your blog has more that 30% copied content, Then you will get penalized. Here’s Myths About Copied Content By Neil Patel.
  1. Vocabulary Enhancement is the another feature that I loved most. It gives you synonyms of repeatedly used words so that you can use replace them.Also, this feature gives us an opportunity to present our content in a good manner.
  1. Grammarly corrects over 250 errors that include punctuation marks, spellings and grammar.
  1. Lastly, It is available as web extension and Desktop software. Also, Microsoft Add-in is there.

Free punctuation checker tool cons

As there are no considerable cons. But few are like there is no offline service available. The user must have internet connection in order to use Grammarly.

Another con is when you log into your account, On dashboard navigation bar and Options panel is fixed. Also, a lot of space in the footer is fixed which is for no reason at all. That affects to some extent.

My Personal Experience

here at WPshark, I recommend only those products that I have experienced and have a potential to help you.

I learned English as a second language. So I don’t have great command over English Grammar.

Then I searched over the internet and found Grammarly as the best tool to get everything fixed (instantly).

I just wanted to ask you one simple question …

If you have a free tool that corrects over 100 errors instantly (in real time), Don’t you want to use it?

Also ,

It’s free and needs only 60 seconds to Sign up.

I strongly recommend Grammarly.

Get it now.

Final Verdict about Grammarly:

Honestly ,

If you are a blogger, article writer or a person who used to write much of emails and other professional content, then I firmly recommend Grammarly.

It is a Fantastic tool I saw in my blogging career.

I was totally blown by the types of error that it catches at real time.

If you’ve used Grammarly let me know your experience with it.

Have you ever experienced a problem with Grammarly? I’d want to hear it.

Do you like the solution that I have suggested for punctuation marks and other silly grammar mistakes?

Let me know what you’re thinking about in comment section.

Do Leave Your Comment. We would like to hear from YOU

We respect your valuable opinion and time as well.


Do remember always, You are awesome.

end of post

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Comma Checker : Free | Online | Quick | Easy – WPshark


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