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Frequently asked questions about Ruby (Manik) Stone?

  1. What is Ruby Gemstone meaning in Hindi?

    1. Ruby is the Precious Red variety of Mineral Corundum. Ruby is Birthstone for July month.  Hardness of Ruby is 9.00 on Moh’s scale of Hardness. Ruby is called ‘Manik’ or ‘Manikya’ in Hindi. Ruby is also called ‘Ratnaraj’ or the King of precious stones. Ruby is liked and loved for its pure Red Color.
  2. Ruby is Birthstone of which month?

    1. Ruby is birth stone of July month as per western astrology. So, Ruby is highly recommended and beneficial for July born.
  3. What are Ruby Gemstone Benefits in astrology?

    1. Ruby is one of the most important astrological gemstones. Ruby is astrological gemstone of Sun planet. Ruby is primarily worn for Power, Status & Motivation.  It makes the person more energetic & enthusiastic.
  4. Who should wear Ruby gemstone?

    1. Ruby is worn for astrological benefits. Ruby is beneficial for people who are in Politics, Bureaucracy and administration jobs.  Ruby is associated with Sun planet as per Vedic astrology.
  5. What are Astrological benefits of Ruby?

    1. Ruby Gemstone symbolizes Power and status. Ruby is associated with Sun planet as per Indian Vedic astrology. It is considered very beneficial stone and has no negative or side effects. Ruby should be worn as per astrological procedure for benefits.
  6. What is price of Ruby Gemstone –Manik?

    1. Ruby Price per carat depends on quality parameters like Color, Transparency, Cut, weight and finish. Ruby price range can vary from INR 500/- per Carat to INR 50,000/- per Carat.  You should buy as per your choice, budget and requirement. Burmese Rubies are most premium and thus fetch highest price. But due to scarcity and rarity of these, Ruby from other sources like Africa, Mozambique is also in demand.
  7. How to wear Ruby gemstone in astrology?

    1. Ruby can be worn in Gold or other metal alloys like Panchdhatu (alloy of 5 metals) or Ashtadhatu (alloy of 8 metals). Ruby should be worn in Ring finger on Sunday. Ruby gemstone should be properly activated, energized and purified for best results.
  8. What is Procedure to wear Ruby Stone?

    1. Ruby is worn in Ring finger on Sunday. Ring should be made of Gold or metal alloys like Panchdhatu and Asthadhatu.  
    2. Astrological Ruby should not have surface Cracks, cavities and major black inclusions.
    3. One should not wear Blue Sapphire (Neelam) and Emerald (Panna) along with the Ruby gemstone unless specifically recommended by an expert astrologer.
  9. Ruby stone worn in which finger?

    1. Ruby Stone should be worn in Ring finger for astrological benefits.
  10. What is Ruby Gemstone quality?

    1. Ruby gemstone quality depends on Color (Hue, Tone, and Saturation), Transparency or Clarity, weight, Cut and surface finish. Pigeon’s blood color is considered best in Ruby. Purplish Red and Brownish Red colors of Ruby are less attractive. The Transparency can vary from Transparent to almost opaque. Shubh Gems deal in best quality, Certified Natural Ruby gemstones at wholesale price.
  11. Which is the best astrological substitute of Ruby stone?

    1. Red Garnet and Red Spinel are considered good astrological substitutes of Ruby. Substitute is chosen mainly due to low budget. But substitute do not provide as good results as the main stone due to difference in their properties.
  12. Where to buy Ruby gemstone – Manik stone?

    1. Buy Certified Ruby – Manik stone from a trusted shop. Be careful about synthetic and artificially colored stones. Buy Ruby with laboratory certificate for authenticity of gemstone. Shubh Gems deal in Certified Natural Ruby (Manik) stones for astrological & Jewellery purpose.

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Frequently asked questions about Ruby (Manik) Stone?


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