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Best Baby Cradle Reviews

Baby Cradle are a great investment and this guide will show you some of the best available on the market. We’ve considered pricing, construction, accessories and other relevant features to put together this comprehensive buying guide. It is our hope to remove a bit of the stress involved in purchasing this important item for your new bundle of joy.


Becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest joys but it doesn’t come without homework! One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is where your baby will sleep. Choosing between a crib, bassinet or cradle can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be.

Studies have shown there are great benefits to selecting a cradle for your child. Cradles offer:

You can easily relocate a cradle to your room or another part of your home to keep an eye on your baby.

While cribs are stationary, cradles are not. They allow you to rock your child and this type of movement is quite comforting to an infant.

This can play an important role in two ways. First, if your limited on space a cradle offers a great alternative to a larger crib. Second, babies are often more comfortable and feel more safe and secure in a smaller sleeping space.

You’ll find that cradles are much less expensive than full-size cribs.

Regardless of your reason for choosing a cradle, the important thing is your baby’s comfort and the following cradles will provide just that along with other important features.

Reviews – Best Baby Cradle

Sorelle Dondola Cradle

                 See Speed QueenOn Amazon Sorelle Dondola On Amazon

This is a stunning cradle made of New Zealand pine and comes in the color Expresso which is suitable for most décor. Included with the cradle are four wheels making portability a breeze. Two of the wheels do lock for safety. It comes with a mattress that rests on a solid pine board (dimensions of the mattress: 36x18x1 inches).

A note about the mattress: some parents may find the one included is a bit thin but that is easily remedied by adding a mattress pad. It also comes with a fitted sheet so it’s ready to set-up as soon as it’s assembled. Not to worry as assembly is easy and the hardware is included.

The maximum child weight limit is 30 lbs. which means your baby can get several months of restful sleep in this beautiful Baby Cradle. It has a nice gliding motion that will surely soothe your baby to sleep peacefully.

Overall, the craftsmanship with this cradle is exquisite. It’s quite sturdy. Your baby’s sleeping arrangements, comfort and safety should be priority and with this Baby Cradle you really can’t go wrong. This is a great investment for your child.

Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle and Swing

                                See Speed QueenOn Amazon Fisher Price On Amazon

Both a swing and a cradle, this would be a very sweet addition to your home. Fisher Price has long been a trusted household name with regard to products for babies and children. This is a great item. It comes with head support and a body insert and although it is battery operated, it does come with an AC adapter. The maximum baby weight limit is 25 lbs.

This moderately priced cradle and swing has many features. You’ll find a motorized mobile with a mirrored globe, two swinging motions (back and forth or side to side), six swing settings and sixteen nature sounds and songs (including day and nighttime/lullaby songs). The seat does recline and has 3 different adjustable positions. The fabric on this cradle/swing is machine washable and there is an adorable puppy on the plush seat cover!

There are a couple of drawbacks with this item that should be noted. The gears are rather loud which may or may not be a concern for parents. This will depend on your child and if the noise bothers him/her. The second drawback is the music only lasts for about 20 minutes. This may or may not inhibit your child’s ability to fall asleep soundly.

You’ll find the assembly is relatively easy if you do a bit of prep work first. It will be helpful to read the instructions carefully then lay out all the pieces and hardware before putting the item together. The dimensions once assembled are 38 x 22 x 32.5 inches.

Dream on Me Rocking Cradle

                              See Speed QueenOn Amazon Dream On Me Rocking On Amazon

If a traditional cradle is more your style, this is a great option. With its attractive arched head and footboard design and three finishes (cherry, natural and pecan), it will easily fit into any home’s décor.

It does have a rocking motion and can also easily be stabilized by using the included support pin. As a word of caution: the rocking of the cradle is a bit unsteady. It’s somewhat sensitive so it could rock with movement of your baby and risk waking him/her. Depending on how soundly your child sleeps, this may or may not be a concern.

This Baby Cradle comes with a slumber pad but it’s worth mentioning that the slumber pad is not the highest quality and it may be necessary to purchase an additional mattress. It should also be noted there is one support bar under the mattress but some parents may wish to install additional support for added safety. The finish is non-toxic, attractive and smooth. Assembly is incredibly simple and requires only installing 10 screws (included).

The maximum baby weight limit is 20 lbs. which means you might not get as much use from Baby Cradle as you would others. It’s well-priced and doesn’t take up too much room. Once assembled it measures 38 x 22 x 32.5 inches so it’s a nice space-saver. Another bonus with this cradle is it is similar in style to a crib so transitioning your baby from one to the other might not be an issue.

Buying Guide

You may be a parent for the first time or a parent having another baby. Either way, it’s important to keep up with new safety standards and understand how to purchase a high-quality cradle for your child. There are things you should consider.

First and foremost, let’s talk safety. There are strict laws in place to insure all cradles sold in the United States meet specific guidelines. For more detailed information on those laws, you can visit the website for the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and enter in the search bar “regulations for cradles.” For this guide, we’ll narrow down safety into the following:

Age and Weight Limits
These are put in place for a reason. Be sure to move your child to a bigger bed once he/she has reached the age/weight limit as stated by the manufacturer of the cradle. Failing to do so could result in injury to your child.

Make sure to place the cradle away from windows with curtains, blinds and cords; also, keep the cradle away from heat sources such as electric or gas heaters.

Items in the Cradle
It is recommended to keep things like stuffed animals, toys, bumpers, blankets and pillows out of any space where a baby is sleeping. These all pose a risk of suffocation. For added warmth, try a sleeper sack. The only thing that should be in a baby’s bed are a mattress and fitted sheet.

Mattress and Sheet
Make sure the mattress fits snug inside the cradle to avoid having your baby get an arm or leg stuck between the mattress and frame; use only a fitted sheet that is made to fit the cradle’s mattress.

Moving the Cradle
Avoid moving the cradle while your child is inside.

Never leave your baby unattended in a cradle.

While family heirlooms are always appreciated and cherished, do not use a Baby Cradle that’s been passed down to you if it doesn’t meet with current safety regulations.

while this isn’t necessary related to a cradle, it’s still quite an important factor in keeping your child safe. Take the time to become certified so you’re prepared for emergencies.

This isn’t an all-inclusive guide to safety but it is a good start. Be sure to do your own research and follow rules that make you comfortable as a parent.

Now that you’ve reached a place where you feel your baby will be completely safe, it’s time to decide on a cradle. With all the options available, how do you know which one is suitable for your baby? You may luck out and hit a bullseye with the first cradle you purchase or it may be a trial and error process. Either way, keep these things in mind:

You want to be sure to purchase a Baby Cradle that is sturdy and well-built. You also want to be sure it has a smooth rocking motion. If shopping online, read reviews from other parents. This is an excellent way to find out more about a product and learn of fellow parents’ experiences.

Weight Limits
This is important as it will determine how long you’ll be able to use the Baby Cradle.

It is recommended you use a mattress made specifically for the cradle you’ve purchased. This may mean buying the mattress directly from the manufacturer if one isn’t included with the cradle.

If portability is an issue for you, be sure the cradle has wheels (make sure one or more of the wheels lock) and that it will fit through the doorways of your home.

If lulling your baby to sleep with music or sounds of nature is something you think you want, then be sure the sounds offered on a cradle are soothing, can work for day or night and check to see how long the music/sounds will last. Too short and you risk waking your baby. Interested in an attached mobile? These are wonderful ways to keep your baby entertained so just make sure they are safely out of reach.

If space saving is something you need to consider, make sure to look for cradle dimensions after assembly to be sure it will fit in your home.

Cradles comes in a variety of styles and colors so this will be largely personal preference and a matter of what will work best in your home and nursery.

You may be asking yourself after all of that if is there any real benefit to letting your baby sleep in a cradle. We’ve mentioned earlier a few benefits but the resounding answer is yes! Some additional benefits include:

The swinging motion is quite soothing for babies. It offers them comfort while gently rocking them to sleep.
Because a cradle is portable, it offers convenience for parents. If you sit the cradle next to your bed and your baby awakens in the middle of the night, often you can gently rock the cradle to get them back to sleep without having to get out of bed.
Due to its smaller size, your baby may feel much more secure in a cradle as opposed to a large crib.
As mentioned previously, cradles are typically much less expensive than full-size cribs making them budget-friendly. We understand the importance of saving money when possible. Babies can get expensive!

Whew! A lot to think about, isn’t it? You needn’t worry. As a parent, you develop quite an instinct so follow that. Do your homework and listen to your heart. You’ll know what’s right for your baby.

Final Thoughts

The cradle most recommended is the Sorelle Dondola Cradle. Yes, it costs a bit more than other cradles but the item is of such high quality it can ultimately become a treasured family heirloom, as long as it fits within current federal regulations for safety. It’s not just a cradle but an elegant piece of furniture. The weight limit for this cradle is higher than others and this means longer use for your baby. Its size makes it small enough to fit in just about any room.

As mentioned previously, you truly can’t go wrong with this cradle. It is incredibly beautiful, conforms to all federal safety regulations, is quite safe and comfortable. Give the Sorelle Dondola Cradle a try and see how quickly you can rock your baby into a peaceful slumber.


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Best Baby Cradle Reviews


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