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Thompson Caribou Medicinally Enhanced Artisan Soap • What Is Artizan Soap & How Do You Use it?

Today I'll be reviewing this most excellent, Pink Candy • Artizan Soap from the Thompson Caribou Company !

Recently a friend of mine was awesome enough to order me a couple really exciting products to try out, both were from Thompson Caribou.

First, This Pink Candy Artizan Soap!

And second, a Squad Bomb BathBomb!

Both items are infused with 50 Miligrams of THC, and also 50 Miligrams of CBD Medicinal Marijuana!

Also, both of these products will be Reviewed in a 2 Part Series, 1 at a time via this blog.

Starting today,,

 With this awesome Artizan Soap!


So let me start by telling you guys,

This Is Not Just your average Pretty Bar Of Regular Old Soap!

All though, she sure is Pretty !!!

She's actually more .

A whole lot more !

There are actually 3 awesome features intertwined in this adorable little Soap offered by The Thompson Caribou Company!

1 || ➡ Thompson Caribou (unlike most Artizan Soap Companies), actually offers medicinally enhanced THC & CBD Artizan Soap, Bathbombs, and other medicinal products, currently to people with legit liscences !!! ~ Note that this article was written in June of 2017.

2 || ➡ Artzan Soaps are real soaps, made with real ingredients, without the junk, fillers or preservatives ! 

Quite frankly Artizan Soaps are just awesome for tour skin.

Way more awesone than those chemically enhanced bar soaps!

3 || ➡ Not only does this soap smell like the most incredible soap u ever just wanted to eat, or barry yourself in just to swim in,, 

.. & never ever ever run out of,,,

For as long as I shall live...

It also makes for a wonderful bathroom decor!

Also, when using Artizan Soap, one should be able to keep this bar, and use it, for a long, very long time.

 Just a little does go a long, long way!


That's why I also jotted down a quick DIY for you, to go along with today's review!

Artizan Soaps are actually the best soaps!

Unlike your regular bar soaps filled with a bunch of garbage our skin doesn't need, Artizan Soaps are actually real soap! 

 A-and Real Artizan Soaps are made Presservative Free Using Only The Best & Natural Ingredients! 

These Artizan soaps from Thompson Caribou follows suit to that claim quite nicely, offering some really great, very natural and very awesome ingredients!

You can even find their complete Product Ingredient List directly from their website!

This Pink Cany Bar is actually produced using the following ingredients:

Screenshot from Thompson Caribou's 

~ Take notice to the 50 Mil's of THC & the additional 50 Mil's of CBD,, 

This is just an additional perk this particular company is known for!

One extremely AWSOME perk!

The THC & CBD Blend, so wonderfully combined, makes this soap a medicinally infused, relaxation enhanced little bar of joy!

Gorgeous isn't it?.. 

... All those natural, safe & lovable ingredients!!! 

If only you were actually here to smell all this yumminess! 


My first response to these Thompson Caribou products,,


I was literally blown away by such a wonderful sense overload, and was super excited to get to try them.

In fact, I can't say I have ever smelled anything so good! 

I'd actually wished the entire world smelled as good as this, and inhaled until my little nose just could not inhale anymore.

I could not get over it!


After using this very luscious, most latherful, most wonderful smelling soap, I have to admit, I did take a really long nap.

.. One really long, really incredible & very peaceful ~ Nap.

Best Ways To Use Artizan Soaps ( DIY )

So I wanted to show you how great these soaps really lather by using a shaving brush to lather it with.

You don't actually need a shaving brush like this, in fact just a couple quick tosses in your wet hands will go a hell of a long way! 

That's what these soaps are good for! They lather well and they last.

However, these shaving brushes do ad an excellence to shaving, because Artizan Soaps are actually perfect for shaving with! .. So you might in fact, want to go and get you one!

I happened tp purchase this particular shaving brush from Walmart for, I think $3.99,, works great.

How To Relax With Thompson Caribou Soaps

1|| - Get the soap.

Adore it's adorbsness,, Take in all that beautiful aroma! ... Breathe .

2|| - Think Preservative Free, Natural, 

Frothy Ingredients,, Pure,, Chemical free soap,, taking care of your bodies largest and most precious organ! 

3|| - 2 WORDS : THC & CBD . 

It just screams Relax,, .. softly.

4|| - Use the soap ! 

Don't Panic,, You can always order more! 

Coming up next on the blog:

Thompson Caribou Squad Bomb Bathbombs!!

A-and you probably guessed it,,

I'm gona set this baby off in the Tub...

Blaze one...

Soak... ... ... ....... .. 

And Report Back at ya with one amaz bathbomb report in one hot pink matching bikini !!!

At this time,We'll take a good look inside the medicinal sciences of both THC & CBD. 

How these awesome bathbombs could be usful to you, in your next bath!


Thompson Caribou:


Artizan Soap Link:

Today's Artizan Soap under review:

~ Photo Credit: Thompson Caribou

This review is not affiliated Thompson Caribou Company, it is entirely and purely, just my review based on my own thoughts.


This post first appeared on EcoBlonde.Com, please read the originial post: here

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Thompson Caribou Medicinally Enhanced Artisan Soap • What Is Artizan Soap & How Do You Use it?


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