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Lots of articles and how-to's about Linux and UNIX systems. It does not require prior knowledge. Articles are for every genre of visitors
Standard Streams 2
2017-01-11 11:28
Standard Streams 2PIPEIn UNIX, pipe operation is to direct a standard output of a command to be the standard input of another command. The standard output of a program can be redirected to a… Read More
Standard Streams 1
2017-01-10 19:12
Standard Streams 1What is standard input, output and error ?Each UNIX program has a standard input, a standard output, and a standard error channel.Programs can import entries from the stand… Read More
2017-01-05 19:41
Disk Management 2Link FilesFile linking can be created in UNIX file systems. The file is only available in one place on the file system, but can be accessed in many places only once. The lin… Read More
Disk Management 1
2017-01-05 19:40
Disk Management 1Disk Partition and File SystemDisk partitioning allows multiple file systems to be created on a disk. Each logical disk partition hosts a file system. A file system allows f… Read More
File Permissions And Access Rights 2
2017-01-02 15:21
File Permissions and Access Rights 2Special Access Rights Setuid and SetgidTo allow a user who is not authorized to access a file to temporarily access the file, the setuid and setgid prog… Read More
File Permissions And Access Rights 1
2017-01-02 15:20
File Permissions and Access Rights 1File and Directory Access ReviewsIn UNIX, all kinds of system resources have the rights to read, write and execute on defined users and groups. The file a… Read More
File And Directory Commands
2017-01-02 15:19
File and Directory CommandsUNIX Command FormatIn UNIX, commands consist of a single word. The second word that comes next to the command is processed as a parameter. Example: "cd /home/user"… Read More
Change Of Active Identity And PAM
2017-01-02 15:18
Change of Active Identity and PAMCommands to Change the Active IdentityThe su command is used to become another user during a login session. Invoked without a username, su defaults to becomi… Read More
Monitoring Of Work
2017-01-02 15:17
Monitoring of WorkThe groupadd command is used to create a new working group and the groupdel command is used to delete an existing working group.The gpasswd command is used to add or remove… Read More
User Concept And User Groups
2017-01-02 15:17
User Concept and User GroupsThe UNIX operating system is a multi-user operating system. Every real person who makes use of the system has a "user account" and a "user ID" defined on the syst… Read More

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