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Membrane Pumps

Membrane Pump

A Membrane pump could be a pump of a Meter sort, with a diaphragm (or a membrane) used as the main operative component. The membrane is also driven pneumatically, automatically or Hydraulically; it serves conjointly as a displace.

Membrane Pump
Air is fed to the Membrane, pressure it and moving the operative liquid towards the outlet. At constant time, the other membrane creates a vacuum, leading to liquid suction. Then, these operations area unit allotted in wrong way.

Membrane pumps area unit capable of implementing self-suction; so, they're usually put in on the reservoir to be exhausted (or over it). These units will work with substances containing solid particles or extremely viscous substances.

These pumping plants will work dry, not leading to any harm for the most operative element; conjointly, these pumping plants area unit straightforward for maintenance. Membrane Pumps well-tried their wonderful potency for pumping the media that alternative centrifugal pumps area unit irrelevant (when the medium harm risk exists)

Design details and operation principle

The membrane pumps area unit straightforward in terms of their style and authorisation procedures. Membranes move horizontally on the shaft; they're driven by the compressed gas flowing through the air valve. Membranes conjointly function seals between the unit’s liquid chambers and air chambers. The operative liquid enters the pumping plant through the suction pipe, driven by the vacuum generated in liquid chambers as a result of the membranes firmly ironed against the casing. Then, the set of ball valves is employed by membranes to maneuver the tense liquid towards the pipe. The set of ball valves within the pumping plant is capable of passing the substances with inclusions (the size of inclusions is ≤30 mm).

Membrane pump with metering devices conjointly exist. In these units, forced membrane movements area unit accustomed implement the pumping process; the membrane serves conjointly because of the chamber wall. Pneumatic, magnetic force or mechanical device drives are often accustomed implement the membrane swinging movements in these pumps.

The most common metering pumps area unit coil pumps. In these pumps, the membrane is enraptured by the rod driven by the magnetic force field created by the coil.

The metering method is enforced by the rod movement frequency and amplitude variation. during this style, one operative cycle includes the discharge and suction processes; their length is equal. The drive power in these pumps isn't terribly high; so, they're used once there's no would like for top capability (the final worth is sixty liters/hour) or high head (the final worth is thirty bar).

Usually, the metering device in these units is formed of plastic, the valves area unit made from ceramics or special steel, the metering head casing is formed of PMMA or polypropene, and therefore the membrane is formed of fluoroplastic. Membranes made from composites are used; they're even a lot of reliable and sturdy. The materials for key parts area unit chosen in accordance with media to be processed by the pump.

Solenoid Membrane Pumps are often controlled remotely. A pulse signal or a current signal (from zero.4 to twenty mA) are often used as a sway signal.

Advantages of Membrane Pump

Membrane pumps area unit straightforward in terms of their design: there aren't any rotary components, no gearbox, no motor and no organ seals. the planning freed from finish seals is very vital for food trade, as a result of it's important to stop contamination of product by lubricants during this trade. as a result of these parameters, the pumping plant is a lot of wear-resistant and leak-safe. Also, diaphragm pumping plants have little size and weight, and that they area unit applicable for big selection of media (water, viscous substances or substances containing the items as giant as ten mm). The units need minimum service (no lubrication is needed for mechanisms), straightforward for maintenance, efficient, have low prices (membrane pumps area unit 30-40% cheaper than cam-driven or screw pumps) and environmentally-safe.

Scope of application

Due to their blessings, membrane pumps area unit wide utilized in many industries involving aggressive or highly viscous media (such as industry, printing, paper trade, paint, and polish industry). Also, these pumps area unit actively utilized in water treatment systems (for metering and pumping the reagents), water system systems, agriculture, liquid trade.

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Membrane Pumps


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