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4 Downplayed Reasons Why You Should Install An Energy Efficient Roof!

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Being practical is a skill that you have to practice through time and discipline. And given what’s happening around the world and in the environment, frugality seems like the best way to survive these days.

One way to shorten that list of things you need to pay for could be switching to energy-efficient items in the home. And why stop at energy-saving appliances when you can literally have an energy efficient home?

4 Downplayed Reasons Why You Should Install An Energy Efficient Roof!

What is an energy-efficient Roofing system?

As the name suggests, this roofing system basically has two goals – to save energy and to save cash for you and your family. At the same time, these energy-efficient roofing systems also decrease greenhouse gas emissions, thus helping Mother Nature.

However, be warned: these systems cost a tad higher than the usual roofing systems that people have installed, but it’s an investment worth getting.

Energy-saving roofing systems have varying materials depending on the type of roof you want to have, and there are quite a few types to choose from. Some companies that offer roofing systems give the complete package, along with chimney or gutter installation and even maintenance. And the cost all depends on what type of materials and what type of roofing system you want installed in your home.

Here are a few roofing types to help you decide:

Cool Roofs

In a nutshell, cool roofs are called such because they reflect sunlight and heat. Materials used in a cool roofing system could reflect more than 65% of the heat and light from the sun, which could do wonders to your heating or cooling system at home.

With the cool roof, your roof temperature could drop by as much as 50o F. These cool roofs are also perfect for the garage and covered patios, making them cooler and more comfortable.

These days, there are several options for cool roofing materials. You could either ask roofing companies to fit your roof with a heat-reflective material, to recover your roof with a special tile coating, or replace your whole roof altogether with a complete cool roofing system.

The last option is the most expensive of the three, but again, it’s a worthy investment with great and sure returns in the future. Some of these materials, as mentioned above, could also reduce urban pollution, so make sure you askyour local companies it.

While asking, make sure you check on your gutter installers as well for cooling options for your gutters, like reflective materials and green materials.

Green Roofs

Speaking of green, another option for a roof (and a quite cheaper one at that) is having a green roof. A green roof is basically a flat or shallow-pit roof with living and growing plants. Think of it as a roof garden, if you will.

Many industrial and big shot companies use green roofs not only for aesthetics, but it could also lower their overall energy consumption. This type of roof also helps in managing storm or rain water and having a grand rooftop for special events.

It provides extra insulation, lowers the need for heating and cooling and can definitely reduce air pollution and the urban heat effect.

Some of you might think that green roofs are only for commercial buildings and large condominiums, but your home could actually have a green roof as well.

It could be as simple as a roof garden with a few plants here and there. You can call companies that offer local roofing and local gutter installations for more information on how to have a green roof, and if it could be accommodated by your home. It would still cost you a few hundred dollars, but it’s definitely a cheaper alternative to cool roofing systems.


While these two options are the best for energy efficiency, there are a few low-cost materials that you can use on your roof that could also provide some measure of energy saving. Take clay tiles for example. They encourage air flow, which could also lower the temperature of your roof.

Some people have recycled shingles installed, and some spray Polyurethane Foam on their roof, which provides protection from the sun and its UV rays.


Before you make your final decision, call the professionals on the rundowns of having these energy-efficient roofs. As much as there are advantages in having a green roof for example, you must also consult regarding the maintenance of such roofs, and the common problems encountered.

There are other factors as well, such as the climate in your region. Some homeowners choose a different type of gutter installationto accommodate these kinds of roofing systems. Make sure you do your homework, you consult the professionals, and you check your budget on clearly how much you can spend on your roofing system.

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4 Downplayed Reasons Why You Should Install An Energy Efficient Roof!


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