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Solar Energy And Its Lesser Known, Interesting 30 Facts Blog
Solar energy is the buzz word today! But did you know it was actually discovered back in 1839? It’s been there for centuries. We have seen the need of embracing this renewable energy source in earlier blogs, today; let’s check 30 informative solar energy facts. 30 lesser-known facts about Solar Energy! 1. Plants and organisms have been organically utilizing solar energy since the beginning of life on the planet earth. 2. The modern solar panels that we see today have roots back in 1839. 3. A French scientist named Edmond Becquerel first discovered the PV effect in 1839. He noticed that electricity generation from an electrolytic cell increased when exposed to light. Commercialization of solar energy: The timeline 4. An American inventor – Charles Fritz created the very first working selenium solar cell in 1883 5. In 1888, Aleksandr Stoletov, who was a Russian scientist, built and patented first real solar cell. 6. In 1891, Baltimore inventor Clarence Kemp patented the very first commercial solar water heater. 7. In 1905, world famous physicist Albert Einstein published a paper explaining the photoelectric effect and how light packets carry energy. After this report, solar power got a global spotlight. 8. Bell Laboratories built the first silicon solar cell in 1954 9. The electronic solar calculators were introduced in the late 1970s Technicalities: 10. The sun creates solar energy through nuclear fusion. Hydrogen atoms fuse together to create helium. 11. The sun’s core has a temperature about 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. 12. Solar generated energy rate is measured in watts, which is the equivalent of 1 joule of energy per second. 13. On an average, the energy from the sun that hits the earth is around 173,000 terawatts(trillions of watts) 14. The photovoltaic effect enables electrons to harvest energy from photons i.e. light emitted by the sun. 15. The use of first solar PV cells was majorly dedicated to early satellites and consumer electronics. The new age solar panels: 16. Solar PV systems do not emit harmful gas hence are a clean source of energy providers. 17. These systems are quite safe and virtually pose no risks of chemical leaks, explosions or fire. 18. Solar PV systems do not come with moving parts and the maintenance too is very low. With proper care, panels can last up to 30-35 years. 19. Solar system have consistently witnessed price drop since 2008. They have dropped by 80%. 20. Solar panels with batteries allows homes to become off-grid, meaning the houses can purely depend on sun to provide electricity. 21. Government rebates and incentives have played a big role in solar adoption in Australia. Solar energy and Australia: 22. Australia is the receiver of highest solar radiation from the sun, thanks to its unique geographical location. 23. 2 million Australian houses bought solar aid to their home in the form of rooftop solar systems in 2018, which means one in every 5 households now have solar power. 24. There were 22,010 PV systems installed in the states across Australia in December 2018. 25. Residential and commercial buildings installed a record number of solar capacitiy in the first three months of 2019 – according to Green Energy Markets report. 26. One of the biggest reasons for solar PV systems’ popularity in Australia is soaring electricity prices. Global facts: 27. Germany is the world leader in PV capacity per person with around 473 watts/ person, then come Italy, Belgium, Japan and Australia with 176 watts / person. 28. Some countries like Iceland, Paraguay, Costa Rica and Norway have reached 95 to 100% renewable energy. 29. China is the world’s leading country in electricity generation from renewable energy sources. 30. The total operating solar power capacity in the world has reached 405 GW. As of 2017 and is growing rapidly. Conclusion: Renewable energy targets are rigorously achieved by counties across the world. It’s the way of harnessing the natural energy resources to fulfil the increasing energy needs. With more and more houses and businesses going solar, you can create your green footprint by adopting the solar power. Wow solar is Australia’s trusted solar energy provider. Please contact us today for more information. Sources:

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Solar energy and its lesser known, interesting 30 facts


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