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Best Organic Weed Killers For Lawns

Fortunately, manufacturers are coming up with organic weed killers for lawns. These natural weed killers will take care of the weed problem, and you do not have to worry about your lovely pet dying from ingesting contents in the lawn by mistake after spraying.

  • Best Organic Weed Killers For Lawns to Consider
  • Are There Homemade Weed Killer Solutions? 
  • What Kills Grass And Weeds Permanently?

Best Organic Weed Killers For Lawns to Consider

Below are the top organic and natural weed control products for lawns that you can easily find. These are safe to use in households with children and pets, allowing you to let your kids and pet play in the loan after the weed killer has dried. 

Best For Fast Replanting – Roundup Naturals 1-Litre Weed Killer

round up weed killer yellow bottle

Are you hoping to replant around your lawn in a few days after spraying the weeds? This Roundup solution is perfect for that. With fast acting results of 3 hours, you can get back to replanting anything you want in 3 days after application. 

In addition to this, it will disintegrate in the soil naturally. You can use this Roundup weedkiller not only on the lawn but on paths, tarmac, along the fences, driveways and patios. 

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Best Affordable Option – Weedkil 1 Litre Glyphosate Free Weed Killer

weedkil glyphosate weed killer

This 1-litre bottle of Weedkil will sort all you weed problems in about 24 hours for a small lawn. The fast-acting concentration is Glyphosate free, making it a pet-friendly weed killer if you have pets. It dries within 20 minutes, and your pets can get back to playing in the lawn safely.  

It is ready to use, and you do not need to buy separate spraying equipment. The bottle housing the concentration has a spraying nozzle for direct application. Apart from using it on the lawn, you can also use it to kill weeds on patios, gravel, paths, and in the garden between your crops.

Why we love it: it uses natural ingredients, is safe for pets and children, and comes ready to use. 

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Best For Bee Keepers – Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer 

doctor kichner weed killer

If you are a beekeeper or have bees around your lawn, Doctor Kirchner’s natural solution is the best option for your lawn care needs. It is Glyphosate free, pet friendly, and safe for the children. 

Apart from being non-toxic to living things around you, it is also biodegradable, keeping your soil as natural as ever fro your next sowing. The solution is fast acting, and you can see results in an hour after application.

Why we love it: it is safe for living things, including bees, and kills not just weeds but unwanted grass in the lawn.  

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Ideal For Biodegradable Solution – Avenger Organic Weed Killer  

avenger organic weed killer
weed ki

It is the non-selective herbicide to go for if you are battling with weeds and other unwanted plants in your lawn. As a non-selective solution, it is a broadleaf weed killer, and will also act on wanted grasses. It is fast-acting, and you will start seeing results within an hour. 

The Avenger weed killer uses citrus oil from oranges to strip the weeds and grass off their waxy plant cuticles, leading to dehydration and death. You can rely on it to control both small and large and annual weeds. 

Why we love it: It uses natural ingredients, is biodegradable, and is approved for organic usage by the National Organic Program and the US. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA).

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Best For All Year Use – Weedkil 5-Litre Pet Friendly Weed Killer

5l weedkil weed killer

Sometimes it is best to buy items in large quantities, for economies of scale. And, if you have an annual problem with weeds, this 5-litre organic weedkiller will last for a long time and at an affordable price. It covers a wide area of 175sq metre, so you have more prolonged usage in a small-sized lawn.  

It’s fast acting, with visible results in 24 hours. Most importantly, it is an organic weed killer with natural ingredients. With this, plus its quick drying time of 15 to 20 minutes, your pets and children can safely play again in the lawn.

Why we love it: it is fast acting, ready to use and a natural weed killer for killing most types of weeds and moss. 

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Best Economic Option – Enviro Works 2 x 5L Fast Acting Natural Weed Killer

enviro works 5l weed killer

If you have a large lawn area, getting weed killers in large quantities saves you time and money. This 2 bottles, each 5-litres, are an ideal option when looking to economise any weed killer purchase. 

Enviro Works solution is organic and fully biodegradable. After application, you will see results in an hour, killing weeds and their roots to avoid regrowing. The solution is also Glyphosate free, making it safe for children and pets to access the lawn area once dried. 

Why we love it: it kills annual and perennial weeds. It also works all year-round and is fully biodegradable. 

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Best Option for Vegans – Weedisafe Weed Killer

weedisafe weed killer

This solution uses acids to kill weeds. The acids are natural, derived from a variety of fruits and plants. It is a vegan solution, has no Glyphosate and is safe for children and pets. If your lawn has artificial grass, you can count on it to keep it safe and beautiful. 

The solution comes in a 2.5 litre and will last you for a long time. Also, as a natural weed killer, you can repurpose the bottle after the solution is finished. 

Why we love it: its vegan, children and pet friendly, and uses ingredients derived from fruits and plants. 

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Are There Homemade Weed Killer Solutions? 

While organic weed killers for lawns are readily available, sometimes you can take care of the problem with homemade solutions. This is an ideal strategy if you are not battling large quantities of weeds, or do not want to spend money on organic solutions.

Household Vinegar Weed Killer

One of the most common homemade solutions is mixing a gallon on vinegar with 1 cup of salt and/or a tablespoon soap. This concoction is ideal if you want to make a non-selective weed killer. The result is a weed killer solution that is not selective on weeds, meaning it will kill any weeds you spray.

How does the solution work? Vinegar is widely known for its acetic acidic properties that kill the plants naturally. Soap, on the other hand, enables the vinegar to stick to the plants for effectiveness. The household vinegar used in cooking has only 5% acetic acid. However, you can find some with up to 20% acetic acid in local stores, which works better for weed control. Useful as this solution might be, it might not work well with weeds with waxy or hairy coatings.

Borax Weed Killing Solution

Another homemade solution to try mixing water and ordinary borax. It is an ideal solution for creeping Charlie, also referred to as ground Ivy or creeping Jenny. It is a perennial weed and very stubborn, with vining capabilities leading to the weed overtaking your whole lawn.

To make this solution, mix 4lbs of warm water with 10lb of borax, and dilute the solution into 2.5 gallons of water. This mixture will cover up to 1,000-square feet of any lawn area with the creepy Charlie weed.

As much as this offers you a solution to deal with a stubborn weed, it can be harmful to your lawn if you spray it often. You need to use it at least once every 2 to 3 years to protect your lawn. The concoction is also quite potent and can harm other plants in the lawn, so be extra careful.

Other Natural Weed Killing Solutions

Long before the onset of the harsh manufactured chemicals, there were natural weed control measures that were in place. These had nothing to do with homemade weed-killing solutions either. If you want to keep your farming or lawn care as organic as ever, you should probably consider one of these:


It is applicable where you have lots of weeds in the lawn. Mow the weeds and make them as short as possible. The next step is to cover the weeds’ remaining bits with a mulch thickness of 2 to 3 inches. The sole goal is to cover any holes the weeds might use to get air and sunlight light, encouraging their growth.

If you do not have straw mulch, you can cover the weeds with newspapers or plastic. This process is quite effective and will kill any weed seeds in the area, but as soon as you remove the mulch, other plants will start to grow.

Flame Weeding 

Flame weeding or torching involves passing a hot flame over the weeds such that the weeds heat up enough to die naturally. Do not spend too much time heating the weeds to death, since you might damage other items in the lawn. Torching will only kill the top part of the weeds but not the roots, leading to regrowth.  

For this, you only need a heating gun. Heat the centre of the weeds, and hold the gun until the weed starts to wilt.


Do you have time on your hands and do not mind getting dirty? Pulling, an ancient weed control method is pretty much useful today as it was before then. Remember to remove the roots of the weeds to avoid regrowth, especially if the weeds are perennial.

Beheading The Weeds Before Seeding

If pulling seems like a lot of work, consider beheading the weeds before they start to seed. Once seeding starts, getting rid of the weeds becomes a whole new problem that requires a lot of work, since it helps increase the lawn’s weeds. Beheading works best for weeds like dandelions.  

What Kills Grass And Weeds Permanently?

backyard organic weed killer

The homemade weed killer with salt, vinegar and dawn dish detergent can kill the weeds permanently. It is best to read the manufacturer’s label with the organic weed killers and see whether the results are permanent.

Another permanent method, although it is not environment friendly, is using concentrated chemical solutions. Some manufacturers make selective weed killers, permanently killing a specific type of weed without harming the surrounding plants. 

A homemade permanent solution for weeds and plants, which we do not consider environment-friendly, uses bleach. While it takes care of the unwanted grass and weeds, it will kill other vegetations, like flowers in your lawn, and is not healthy for the soil.

Instead of using such concentrated solutions to kill grass and weeds permanently, you can opt for a more natural method with baking soda. It works just like vinegar, absorbing all the plant’s moisture, leaving it for the dead.

You only need a teaspoon of baking soda for any weed—water the grass or the weeds in the lawn, just enough water for moisture. Do not overwater the plants. After this, sprinkle the baking soda on the whole plant, including the base and all the leaves. Leave the plants to absorb the baking soda, after which, they will start to wilt. This is not a fast working method, so you might need to repeat the process in a month or so.

Are weeds making your lawn a sore sight and you do not know what to do? For anyone wanting to achieve a perfect lush green lawn, weeds can be a menace. But you do not have to use the harsh chemicals that damage your soil with every application. There are organic weed killers readily available in the UK on sites like Amazon, like Roundup and Doctor Kirchner organic weed killers. Alternatively, you can take matters into your own hands and start weeding, beheading the weeds or making a natural homemade solution to deal with the weeds. 

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Best Organic Weed Killers For Lawns


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