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The Time is Right

America, this is your rallying cry.
Ted Cruz announces that he will be running for President of the United States. 
My fellow Americans, now is the time to seize the opportunity to do what so many of you have wanted to do through these last six long, dreary years, but what so many of you have been too busy to do; change America back into the land you all so fondly remember.

It might also serve you all well to remember how you have been treated over the last six years. We've been relegated to the bowels of society, cast out as extremists, lunatics and terrorists. Think about that for a few minutes, let it sink in. Most of you remember a time when the wackos were the leftist hippies and communists. Well, they have taken over your country and have squashed you almost out of existence.

The TEA Party was a welcome breath of fresh air for us, and I applaud those of you who have joined the many rallies and sacrificed your time to stand up at events in D.C. For many of us, like me, we simply could not spare the time to attend any of these, merely cheering you all on from the sidelines. And for those among my ranks, we have one day where we can make a difference, and that will be on November 8th, 2016.

The last time the Republican Party put an extremist up as our presidential nominee, he won in a massive landslide, and even won a second term. If you're like me, you remember the groundswell of pride Ronald Reagan bestowed on America, the sense of renewal after four dismal years of the Carter administration. We can feel that again in January of 2017, if we seize this chance and don't allow the media to pick our nominee again like they did in the last two elections. Because I can tell you without a doubt that they will foist Jeb Bush upon you.

Ted Cruz is our kind of "extremist", a man who loves America and is extremely knowledgeable on her Constitution. I suggest that if we all come out on election day and embrace our alleged
"extremism" rather than hide from it or deny it, we can thwart the real extremists on the left and take back our country. And all we have to is spend an hour or so on one day and vote en masse to defeat whomever the left puts up to run against us.

Folks, this may be our last chance to defeat this wicked ideology that has infected this once great country. I pray that Ted Cruz sails all the way to the nomination, and if he does. Grab your ailing grandmother and get her to the polls. Make time to get there yourselves, and VOTE.

God bless America, may we rise and stand tall once again.

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The Time is Right


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