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A Moment in History We Cannot Let Slip By

Except for a brief respite from 1980 until 1988 -- those glorious years when a real conservative ruled the land -- Democrats have been the captors of the country, and more specifically, of Republicans for the past 50 years. We have been beaten down and  shoved aside, and the signs are starting to show.

Most of us had never heard of the Stockholm Syndrome until Patty Hearst was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) in the 1970's, but many of us remember the symptoms to this day. And we are seeing it in the so-called Republican Party today. No matter how badly mistreated the Republican party has been by the majority Democrat Congress -- and equally so by the majority Democrat media -- they are all too eager to please their tormentors by any means possible.

And the American people have finally had enough. It began in 2010 with a massive landslide victory for what was supposed to be a new breed of Republicans, a brood that promised fire and brimstone for the policies of the recent past and a vow to bring the party back to its glory days. And yet, once these alleged "new Republicans" got to Washington, most were quickly co-opted by the cozy lifers already ensconced in their comfy seats. And the people lost again. When was the last time you heard someone utter the words "TEA Party"? Hmm?

Two men have lived up to that promise, however, and only one is now paying the price for his deflowered colleagues' foibles. Mike Lee remains a strong fighter for the principles on which he ran, and if the Establishment Republicans get their way, the other -- Ted Cruz -- will remain in the Senate as well. But how will they do it?

Well, someone stepped up to aide them in that endeavor...Donald Trump. And Democrats, again.

Donald Trump has been performing above all expectations in this election cycle, mostly because the American people are so fed up with the shenanigans of Washington that they have gone overboard in their desire for an "outsider" to win the White House. And while Trump makes grandiose statements and speeches about what he will do for America, the people pay no attention to the fact that Trump has virtually no concrete plans to anything.

"He is a smart businessman", they will say, and that may be true. But Trump's litigious style will not go far with the likes of Putin, China or the mullahs of Iran. And as he promises to bring us back from the financial brink, Chapter 11 bankruptcy will not fly with our creditors. These are two tactics that Trump is known for, and they have made him billions, but they will not work with our own Congress, and the Trump supporters of today will be sorely disappointed with their choice. (Think of Obama buyers' remorse).

Ted Cruz is taking the brunt of the ire of Americans because they simply will not vote for any Washington candidate, but they do so at their own peril.

Think about what Cruz has already done. He campaigned on the TEA Party platform, stating that he would fight for the dismantling of Obamacare and against the influx of illegal aliens from Mexico. He promised to fight against Obama's unconstitutional Executive Orders. And he has stood fast on these issues. And often alone. Did he give in? Did his own ostracization make him slink away?

The answers are no and no. So please don't blame Ted Cruz for the anger you feel towards everyone in Washington.

Cruz, unlike Obama, is a genuine Constitutional Conservative, having clerked for J. Michael Luttig, United States Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit in 1995 and Chief Justice William Renquist, SCOTUS, in 1996.

An Unabashed Conservative
As Solicitor General for the state of Texas, Cruz argued before the Supreme court nine times, winning five out of nine cases. He also wrote the amicus brief in District of Columbia v. Heller which was signed by the attorneys general of 31 states. District of Columbia v. Heller, you may recall, argued that D.C.'s handgun should be struck down for infringing on the second amendment's right to keep and bear arms. Cruz also presented oral argument for the amici states in the companion case to Heller before the  United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

Trump speaks boldly and bluntly about issues dear to the American people, and I understand the enthusiasm, I really do. But he is incapable of delivering on much of what he claims. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, has demonstrated that if he says it, he will do it. Or at least fight like hell for it. And I fail to see how any bona fide Conservative can actually vote for Trump.

His big wins in the primaries and caucuses thus far are the result of the open primary policies of the respective states in which they have been conducted. Open primary means that Democrats can also vote for (or against) Republican candidates.

We get one shot at saving America, folks. Please...don't blow it this time because of a misguided rage.

(Side note). For those that may argue that Cruz will get nothing done because everyone in Washington hates him, remember one thing. Historically, all new presidents enjoy a "honeymoon" period in which everyone in Washington scrambles to ...kiss ass, for lack of  better term. President Cruz will do just fine, trust me.

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A Moment in History We Cannot Let Slip By


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