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Welcome Back, Rod Serling

Even Rod Serling couldn't
make this stuff up.
Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have officially outdone themselves, delving into a hitherto uncharted realm of reality, or a departure therefrom. Having been bagged by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report from February 5th as killing jobs with the Affordable Care Act, they have pulled a card that most Americans are unfamiliar with, and it's not the race card.

No, this time they are playing the -- please, stifle your giggles -- "Liberty" card! Claiming a new level of benevolence, one even ludicrous for a Democrat to claim, they are actually saying Americans should be thanking them for the job-killing ACA, aka Obamacare, debacle. And, ladies and gentlemen, they are doing it with straight faces.

If ever there was an opportune time to use Liberal tactics on Liberals, it is now. Political pundits should be howling with uncontrolled laughter over these claims, leaving red-faced Democrats to tremble with rage, or at least -- if they had as much decency -- to slink away in shame.

In case you haven't heard about any of this, the CBO testified before Congress yesterday that the ACA mandates based on Federal subsidies would disincentivize workers to make more money or even, um, work. The CBO also reported in their findings that the ACA would decrease the work force by over two million jobs based on hours worked.

Rather than argue to the contrary, perhaps realizing how futile that tactic might be, Democrats are embracing the CBO findings, trying to convince low information voters that the health care law isn't hurting them by killing their jobs but rather, it is actually "liberating" them from "job-lock". That's right, boys and girls, the Democrats are staking their claim as the liberators of people from their boring, dead-end jobs and providing the vehicle that will allow them to pursue their dreams! I can hear the heart warming music now! I can see the happy, liberated people doing the Snoopy dance and tossing rose petals. I can hear their stomachs growling and the bill collectors pounding on their doors...

Dang, I just ruined my own reverie...well, reality has a way of letting itself in unannounced; at least in a Conservative world.

But seriously, if the Progressive Democrats are thumping their chests over the enslavement of millions of once-free Americans, while claiming to actually be helping them, the obvious question is, "What's next?" And how much will the American people swallow without batting an eye? Can we as a people actually hear such nonsense and not be moved?

I'm more concerned by how they will decide to "help" us next. Home ownership can be a drag, you know. Mowing the lawn, shoveling snow in can be bad for your health. Maybe the Democrats can free us from that burden next. Set us up in Government housing with illegal aliens taking care of all that manual labor. Heck, they have already "liberated" millions of people from owning a home already, why not make it a clean sweep?

It is amazing how the mind of a Progressive Liberal works. It is unfathomable the way the mind of the average American works today, believing this poppycock.

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Welcome Back, Rod Serling


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