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The Power of Race (and the Diabolical Democrats)

Is this a race card?
After weeks of silence by the major network news outlets, CBS has finally decided to cover the Cliven Bundy ranch standoff with agents from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Oh, they have not covered the successful stand by the Bundy family and hundreds of militia members from across the country. That, CBS had no interest in. But when Bundy spoke up in an interview about race and the role government has played there, suddenly they saw something newsworthy.

A rancher standing up to the Federal Government had no value, and the notion that he was a Conservative was pretty much a given at that point, but the interview bolstered the claim -- at least in the eyes of CBS news -- that Conservatives hate Blacks and always have. They took Bundy's words and held them high for all to see...except they cleverly concealed the context in which he spoke them.

Cliven Bundy may have been clumsy in his delivery, but he was speaking of the damage the Democrat party has done to the "Black community" in their insatiable quest to convince the world of their benevolence. Bundy was basically saying that Blacks have been enslaved all over again by the policies of of Democrats and their insistence on bestowing upon Blacks everything they might need except one: a job.

I must say that I am disappointed in the likes of Rand Paul who -- immediately following Bundy's interview -- abandoned Bundy like he was a leper rather than examining his comments for deeper meaning. So toxic is the subject of race that people flee in terror at its mere mention. I am not one of them.

All one needs to do is look at urban area like Detroit to see the devastation wrought by Democrats, and you will understand Bundy's meaning. It should not be ignored nor shied away from, but rather should be examined and fixed. More conversation is needed about this subject, not less, and Republicans need to embrace the discussion as we have much more to offer towards a healing.

It is infuriating that after the history of the Democrat party and their mistreatment of Blacks, they still enjoy ninety percent of the Black vote year after year. There is no doubt that Democrats have honed a very clever approach to the Black community and concealed their true feelings for them, but there is no excuse for people to believe Democrats when so much history is there for all to see.

From Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation to the Civil rights Act of 1964, Republicans had to defeat Democrats to accomplish these things. The alleged hero of the Civil Rights Act -- Linden B. Johnson, who signed it into law -- voted repeatedly against anti-lynching laws while in Congress. Democrats formed the infamous Ku Klux Klan in the south, and now they are seen as the tolerant and benevolent party, while Republicans and Conservatives are constantly accused of Black hatred and racism.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews once quipped that Texas governor Rick Perry was "Bull Connor with a smile". Ha, that is so funny, except...Bull Connor was a member of the Democrat National Committee. While it should be embarrassing to Democrats that Bull Connor was famous for turning dogs and water cannons loose on civil rights protesters in Birmingham, Alabama, they have the audacity to compare Republicans and Conservatives to him; and they get away with it!

What's worse than anything, however, is that Republicans take the unfair accusations lying down, much like they are running from Cliven Bundy as fast as they can today. Republicans wring their hands over an alleged need for more "minority outreach" and then get attacked by Democrats (and the media) for daring to try. That must stop.

What Republicans need to do is simply show Blacks the history, but it is important that do not rely on the mainstream media to do it, because they simply won't. As for Cliven Bundy, I stand by him still today, because his basic premise was correct. Perhaps not about Blacks being better off as slaves, but certainly that they are just as enslaved today as they were in the 19th century. And the cunning Democrats intend to keep them that way by claiming to care about them.

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The Power of Race (and the Diabolical Democrats)


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