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Understanding the Red Line

A serious warning? 
Barack Hussein Obama learned early the futility of a red line, it seems. He began breaking the laws of the United States -- which he twice swore an oath to defend and protect -- almost right out of his first inaugural gate with a minimum of resistance. Soon he began issuing his own lines to Arab leaders and was met with both derision and defiance. For this he suffered only a modicum of ridicule here at home, if not because most people were serious about his impotence in general, but because of a toothless press.

The longer he got away with his crimes, the bolder he became. (God, how I wish that last line could become his final judgement biography). Obama's ineptness in foreign policy was overlooked, his contempt for the Constitution pooh-poohed, and his outrageous disregard for our rule of law not only ignored by the main stream media, but defended with malice toward any who would disagree.

Yes, Obama quickly learned that all red lines were folly.

Therefore he ran guns to Mexican drug cartels, ignored immigration laws, spied on American citizens, used the Internal Revenue Service to silence his enemies, and used the Environmental Protection Agency and the Bureau of Land Management to enact laws he could not get through Congress. And no one stood up to stop him.

Perhaps I am unfair here, because there have been men of principle to stand and protest, but with a silent and complicit media standing idle, what power can one or two men have? We, the people, have been as vocal as we could be, but the rest of the nation would never know except for the blogosphere, which is denigrated as the realm of liars and crazies when the media does speak out. How does a nation of patriots penetrate such a fortress as the media has built around Barack Hussein Obama? Such a feat seems hopeless on its face.

However, even the most brazen of zealots -- or, if I may, tyrants -- eventually exceed the limits they have strained for years. In effect, their excited bodies begin to run faster than their feet can carry them, and they falter at last. This was somewhat evident today, when the lapdog, Matt Lauer, hosted soon-to-be former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. For a few fleeting moments, Lauer seemed genuinely outraged, a moment that most likely frightened Carney. Could it be that a media ally was about to turn?

Never fear, Jay, Lauer quickly shifted to a softball conclusion. But there were a few tense moments, brought about by the latest, and potentially most perilous, moves by this lawless White House, and that is Obama's most recent end around of Congress in trading five of our most lethal enemies for, as it turns out, a soldier who had turned against his country before he was ever captured and potentially brainwashed.

Obama not only broke the law he signed -- yet again -- but broke protocol that had been adhered to by every president before him. He has endangered the American people in a move sure to see future death to not only our brave kids in battle, but potentially to civilians here in the United States.

Last Friday, Obama traded five high level Guantanamo Bay detainees for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, a move that delighted the family of Sgt. Bergdahl, but not so much members of Congress, who were never notified as required by law. Nor did the trade please the soldiers who served with Bergdahl. Many of them say that Bergdahl is not a hero but rather a deserter. It seems they have a valid point.

Days before Bergdahl's "capture", the Sgt. wrote to his parents apologizing for our actions in Afghanistan, and condemning America as "disgusting". This is the man that Barack Hussein Obama has risked the security of America to rescue? Is hating America a prerequisite -- in Obama's mind -- for rescue from "captivity"? What of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who has been sitting in a Mexican prison since March 31st? I have heard of no deals for his release. In fact, citizens have signed a petition -- gaining the 100,000 signature threshold for a response from the White House last week -- and still no response from Obama.
(I have an idea...why don't we offer to trade, say, 11 million Mexican nationals for Sgt. Tahmooressi?)

If Obama gets away with this betrayal of American protocol unfazed, I fear there is no red line he cannot cross unchallenged. We will have lost America. Congress must get serious about this latest transgression, and the media must be shaken from their trance.

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Understanding the Red Line


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