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Obama's Hubris (Or, If Congress Grows a Spine)

Can Congress Accomplish This?
So the word is out, courtesy of Obama Press Secretary, Josh Earnest: If the U.S. Congress, led by a new Republican majority in 2015, tries to use its Constitutional powers of the purse, Obama will shut down the government in favor of illegal aliens. You read that right, if Republicans try to use their authority to control spending by defunding Obama's unconstitutional amnesty for lawless i
mmigrants, Obama will veto such a bill if sent to his desk and thereby shut down the government of the United States. And his minions are already trying to pin blame on...wait for it...Republicans!

At a White House daily briefing on December 1st, ABC's Jonathan Karl asked Secretary Earnest the question. His answer was stunning. Watch the video  here.

But what's really disturbing is the American President and his views about anyone who is...well, an American. The Affordable Care Act -- or ObamaCare -- already favors illegal aliens over citizens. If a business hires someone, they will be fined $3000 if they fail to offer that new employee medical coverage. Not so, however, if they hire an illegal alien. (And yes, I refuse to use the term "undocumented" anything. They are here illegally, and they are aliens to America). So businesses are already being given an incentive to bypass hiring Americans, who are already desperate for jobs in Obama's "post-America" America.

And Obama himself has tested all the waters previously and has learned that the days of Woodward and Bernstein are long gone. The media will not question a single decision he makes regardless of how damaging it is to the country he allegedly leads. Furthermore, he has met minimal resistance from a supposed "Republican" caucus in Congress. That is in most part from a combination of spineless "representatives" who are fearful of the new generation of so-called journalists and the perception they give to the idiots who consume their wares, who will then turn their faux rage on Republicans.

So here is my prediction, and it is not likely to please many of my readers.

In January, in the wake of our collective anger at the polls which gave the entire Congress back to Republican control, the song will remain the same. Sorry, but that is how I see it all shaking out. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell will lead the House and Senate, respectfully, and nothing will change save for a few committee chairs. The likes of Trey Gowdy and Ted Cruz will continue to be outcasts in their own party, and Obama will continue to roll over Congress unimpeded, and unfettered by the main stream media.

Josh Earnest just said as much in the daily briefing, and I have no reason to doubt him. Oh, I certainly doubt his character, but not his assessment of the coming government shutdown, should the Republicans actually have the fortitude to force Obama's hand. But I sincerely doubt it will even come to that when the Republican leadership learns that they will once again bear the blame in the media and in the eyes of the multitudes of low information voters.

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Obama's Hubris (Or, If Congress Grows a Spine)


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