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Why is Bill Clinton suddenly trashing Obamacare? To usher in Single Payer, of course!

The Clintons don't do anything by accident. So when everyone started hyperventilating because Bill Clinton was trashing Obamacare, I knew I needed to sit back and wait for the other shoe to drop.

I didn't have to wait long.

Right on cue, uber-liberal NJ Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer) introduced the "New Jersey Public Option Health Care Act."

And Bill himself "pitched a new system that would allow people to buy into Medicare or Medicaid," while calling for "a Government-run 'public option,' describing it as 'the change we need' to help working class people who aren't covered."

Because what's better than a botched government takeover of health insurance companies?

A government takeover of all health care!

Doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharmacies, drug companies — they'll all fall under the umbrella of the omnipotent State. And promptly become as screwed up as the health insurance marketplaces are now. But that's not important.

What's important (h/t Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll on Facebook) is getting 51% of the people to vote for Hillary Clinton by promising that the other 49% will pay for their every whim.

And face it, universal Single Payer health care is the liberal holy grail.

With it they can enslave the population until the end of time.

Nevermind that truly successful government programs are few and far between.

Nevermind that of the three current government health care systems, the VA is an unmitigated disaster, Medicaid is rampant with fraud, and Medicare is woefully underfunded.

Hillarycare will be the bees knees. Honest!

Don't be fooled. Government health care will promote neither health nor care. It will provide lifetime sinecures for bureaucrats, and offer up unprecedented opportunities for graft, but as for helping the average American, well, that's gonna have to wait for the next Five Year Plan. Or maybe the one after that.

There's a reason no one from the U.S. travels to Canada (or Cuba or England or Sweden) for health care. Socialized medicine sucks. The lines are long. The care is subpar. The horror stories are legion. Venezuela is the model.

The only truly meaningful reform will come about via the free market. Remove the government from the equation entirely. Eliminate costly mandates, and let people buy the coverage they alone decide that they need. Institute pricing transparency, so that doctors and hospitals post their rates for all to see, and consumers can comparison shop. Free insurance companies from the artificial boundaries of state lines and allow us to purchase health care coverage from anyone willing to sell it to us. Expand the role of Health Savings Accounts to enable more of us to prepare for unexpected expenses.

Then watch prices drop as care improves.

That's how to reform Obamacare, no matter what Bill and Hillary might want you to believe.
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Why is Bill Clinton suddenly trashing Obamacare? To usher in Single Payer, of course!


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