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Where do we stand?

By Fizza Abbas


You have not evolved to an extent

that people start considering you in their literary books

you still have to go a long way;

And then there will come a time,

when you will be among those

who will be taken in high esteem,

you have to stop ranting and do something

not for yourself only but for others,

but then again,

you have to analyze yourself

and find out your motive.

Are you doing it to gain some limelight?

Or you genuinely approve the idea of helping others?

If former is your case,

then you will always keep on whining

about what you did not get,

instead of making the most of what you have,

you will keep playing the blame-game

because that seems so easy–

sitting idle and spewing hate on others,

confining yourself to what you have,

instead of looking for new opportunities;

because opportunity-seeking needs courage,

as it forces us to believe

that there is something better than what we have,

though, we spend our whole life struggling to find something better

but don’t accept it as living in a state of denial has its own perks.

But you know what, the limelight for which you’re doing it all,

will still remain beyond your realm

because this is how nature works:

entirely opposite to our desires.

But, if latter is your case,

then you will start measuring the utility of every action

to determine how much pain and pleasure it has brought by,

you will try to use Bentham’s Utility Calculus,

and will fail at a certain path,

because you will keep all types of pleasure in a same platter

regardless of thinking about their quality,

you will help a blind man by making him cross the road

and yourself by eating a healthy diet;

and will keep both acts in a same scale;

you will hate your institutions,

like I do mine,

you will despise all the institutions that you’re a part of

especially the educational institution,

not because you detest the idea of learning,

but due to the cage that you get imprisoned in,

You will try to make excuses to convince your mom

to not send you to college,

there, teachers are nice,

library is wide,

but you feel your growth is being hindered there,

You feel your college uniform is a shackle,

fastening of which leads you to a prison.

You will find different ways

but that will get you onto a perilous path,

full of orthodox saints,

who appear righteous but are sly inside,

they will distract you from your beliefs,

in an effort to make you godly,

but will end up making you nothing

but a mix-plate of all idiosyncrasies combined.

But you know what, you can undo it all,

and bring yourself out of such a confused state

by asking yourself a very important  question

that we often forget to ask from ourselves

that how can we become Fruitful to life

so that it becomes fruitful to us?

By fruitful, I mean adaptation,

we need to make ourselves adaptable to each situation

Only in this way, we will attain a position to question

the norms of life,

and life will be kind to us;

and we will be both serving ourselves and people.


Fizza Abbas

A bow and an arrow both are at your service, sir!

What more do you desire, peeps?

This post first appeared on Pak Tea House | Pakistan – Past, Present And Fut, please read the originial post: here

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Where do we stand?


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