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TTP Confronts Balochistan

By Najeeb Kakar

Najeeb Kakar

Najeeb Kakar the author

The arrival of the New Year 2016 has brought a gigantic and an unprecedented waves of violence and terror. Indeed, the terrorist assaults were allegedly reported as the Religious Terrorism and instigated by the Tehrik – i – Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in Balochistan. Thus, around 42 people comprising of police and FC personnel have been palpably killed in numerous terrorist attacks in Quetta city and its outskirts. However, this act of terrorism has spread fear and panic throughout the province – which have threatened and shocked the innocent civilians and the administrative apparatus.

Tehrik -i- Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has transformed its sanctuaries to Balochistan in the wake of operation Zarb-e-Azb, where the religious and militant ideology already exists in multitude shapes. Therefore, it has persuaded the monsters of TTP “to undertake its misguided ideological activities” in Balochistan. Nevertheless, since the dawn of January 4 to the twilight of February 6, we have seen a considerable spike of religious terrorism in Quetta. All this has destroyed peace and stability of Balochistan. However, it is very easy to disturb law and order situation, where the state apparatus are not functioning in full swing.

The persistent failure of the provincial government’s civilian and military institutions have given space to TTP’s outrageous and vicious activities. For instance, four heavily armed assailants gunned down two policemen in Quetta on 4th January at Bibi Nani ziarat area. Following, the same week at another terrorist assault two policemen Constable Mushtaq and constable Wajid, were shot dead by unidentified assailants outside a mosque in Multani Mohala of Quetta on 8th January (terrorism related incidents in Quetta 2016 report indicates).

Although, there had more lethal terrorist episodes took place in Quetta city just five days later the Multani Mohala incident. When a suicide bomber blew himself near Quetta polio centre killed at least 15 people (which mostly comprised of police personnel), the TTP took responsibility for the deadliest attack that kept the entire city in extreme fear. The local population of Quetta and its peripheries had felt themselves insecure. For example, my friend hailing from Quetta told me on the phone that the people are not willing to go outside of their homes due to the panic and distress created by the TTP.

Later on 28th January four policemen were gunned down in Quetta at Satellite Town. “The personnel were sitting inside the room of a mini gas station, situated on Munir Mengal road of the town when four unidentified attackers barged in and opened indiscriminate fire at them,” said SSP Operations Waheed-ur-Rehman. Meanwhile the TTP claimed responsibility for the fatal attack. However, the TTP spokesperson Mohammad Khorasani said that, “The TTP’s special unit STF’s commandos successfully carried out the attack at a police mobile at Quetta’s Satellite Town and the then disappeared after the attack.”

The terrorist organisations look for soft power to function their corrupt and malicious activities. The TTP is nowadays trying to overpower Balochistan due to the lack of power and organization of the provincial government’s law and security agencies. Thus, it indicates that the lack of intelligence sharing and utter bureaucratic failure could likely to be the result of more terrorist attacks in the days to come. If the provincial government doesn’t take any concrete action against these demagogues, they would be allowing them spread their activities to mainland Balochistan.

The radical ideology has stimulated by various religious groups and Religious Political Parties in Balochistan by the help of madrassahs and jihadist literature. Hence, the madrassahs in Balochistan have taught the notion of religious militancy and jihad in the past and as well. Thus leading to the loss of innocent school and university students, teachers, ordinary merchants, common civilians, and security personnel. The already existing radical ideology has given the practical shape of militancy and terrorism by Sibah-i-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) and currently by the TTP, which have overtly and covertly confronted Balochistan. The TTP wants to easily convert Balochistan into a full-flagged insurgency to destroy peace and stability in the region.


The radical ideology has stimulated by various religious groups and religious political parties in Balochistan by the help of madrassahs and jihadist literature.


Similarly, the TTP seems to militarize Balochistan and slain all those who are unequivocally at odds to their militant ideology and unethical activities. Although, the state pledged after the APS assault to eliminate terrorism of all its hues and colours. Unfortunately, no promising result could have achieved under the so-called National Action Plan (NAP). Now too many unfathomable questions are arise in one’s mind that, why is the menace of terrorism growing in Balochistan and KPK? Is the state incompetent to control the monster of TTP and its acquaintances? Or is the state itself not willing to end this game? Devastatingly thousands of local Pashtuns have brutally massacred in all of this.

If the state itself not willing to eliminate the growing ominous of religious terrorism, it would make us think that the state sponsored terrorism to exacerbate the situation in the province. The province which is politically, socially economically, and educationally marginalized by the internal colonial power. More importantly, it is controlled by the internal imperialist forces since its forcible annexation to Pakistan. Yet the people have been suffering the brunt of internal imperialism from many decades, which have made them aloof from mainstream politics. However, this time they are unable to pay the piper of the threat of religiously motivated terrorists, which would destroy our culture, education, economy and society.

However, the provincial government need to eradicate the danger of religious militancy and terrorism in the heart of Balochistan. People feel uncertain because the life property is now much equal to the 60 rupees bullet of 9MM pistol. How could anyone expect good to their life in such a dreadful conditions? The answer is, no one could. So what should be the answer? It should be that, we wouldn’t want to die or be martyred, because we are born to live not to die. We are born free, so let us to live freely according to our own faith and religion.

Najeeb Kakar is a freelance writer and researcher interested in politics, society, history and terrorism. He can be reached at [email protected] Follow him on [email protected] and Facebook.

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TTP Confronts Balochistan


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