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Foundation and Empire

I talk huge shit about the media-industrial complex and the talentless, overly ambitious weasels who make the sausages, but let's take a break from that and give serious praise where it's long overdue:  the Washington Post's David Fahrenthold has done outstanding work in painstakingly documenting what a vile, empty grifter Dumb Old Gump really and truly is. It was Fahrenthold who, back in May, pointed out that Gump's debate-evading veterans' charity stunt had still, three months later, not paid a fucking dime to said charities. Suddenly the checks started clearing.

Now, Fahrenthold has been exposing the cynical con that calls itself The [Fuckface Von Clownstick] Foundation (I am never printing that cocksucker's given name in here again). We saw last week where the foundation had been used to "donate" to the re-election PAC of Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. Just four (4) days after that donation, Bondi's office decided not to investigate complaints from Florida citizens regarding [Gump] "University," the infamous real-estate training scam this fucker licensed to perpetrate on unsuspecting saps with credit cards.

And in this latest article, Fahrenthold shows quite clearly what we already instinctively knew, given that Gump has acted exactly like a skeevy grifter since we first encountered him in the 1980s, and hasn't changed a note since:  his so-called foundation is really just a bundling scheme for other people's money, taking their donations and then handing it over to organizations, and taking all the credits and accolades.

Look. It's just not in my nature, nor in the nature of politics and its participants in general, to heap praise on politicians. It is a cynical, seedy business by its very nature, and aside from rare and honorable exceptions, is populated mostly by what could be most charitably phrased as transparently ambitious liars.

I do think that many of them run for office and ascend to power with fairly decent intentions, knowing the challenges of their communities and wanting to help at the local level, learning where the pieces fit and helping accordingly, the Mr. Smith Goes to Washington sort of thing. It should make sense to most of us that most of us would be at least somewhat susceptible over time to the many blandishments that are proffered to office-holders at all levels. Being corruptible is not the same thing necessarily as being a "bad" person.

Certainly we've taken any number of insults and cheap shots at candidates and office-holders over the years, Republican presidential candidates in particular. I find most of them to be truly awful people in various ways.

I despised Dubya for his willful ignorance, as well as the arrogance he mostly tried to conceal, but came out time and again, usually in frat-boy displays of disrespect, such as giving smartass nicknames and rubbing the heads of bald men. I don't know about you, but where I come from, you do that shit to a grown-ass man, you're likely to wind up in a fight.

McCain, primarily because of his genuine heroism (yes, in a dismal, illegal war), gets more of a pass as far as his own personal characteristics, but as long as the Arctic Mosquito is still shrilling up the airwaves, he gets the blame for that one. Do the right thing and put Old Yeller down, Gramps.

Willard Mittington Rmoney the Turd was a different kind of sociopath, as intelligent as he was indifferent to the lives and fates of those he cast adrift when he gutted their companies and killed off their jobs. It's rare to encounter someone who couldn't even pretend to give a fuck about these working people he deliberately disemployed, so's he could put a fucking car elevator in his La Jolla mansion. Even Fredo Arbusto had his "compassionate conservatism" har-har fig leaf. Rmoney couldn't even make that kind of effort. I don't know what the Boston Consulting Group did to his soul, but they did it good and hard, to the point where Rmoney probably makes his grandkids do SWOT analyses on their own lives as a counseling tool.

But as loathsome as each of these men were and are, they each at least had something about them that was positive. There does seem to be a part of Bush that cares about things and people, even if it's outweighed by his ignorance and privilege 99% of the time. McCain paid a dear price for his country, and no one can ever take that away from him. Romney is a genuinely smart man, in a business and world with more than its share of privileged morons.

Which brings us to the one and only Fuckface Von Clownstick. It is very difficult to find much of anything positive to say about him, without at least some qualifiers. For example, I have read and seen anecdotal accounts that in his resorts and casinos, he tends to be customer-service oriented, asking them if they're happy with their service, that sort of thing. But this is almost certainly anecdata coming from people who are rich and/or famous.

Similarly, Clownstick seems to love, or at least genuinely like, his wife and children, especially his three oldest children. But again, this seems almost certainly to be predicated on their conforming with dear old dad's idea of "success." They are reasonably successful promulgators of the family business, which is mostly the continued propagation of the family brand.

Given how Clownstick treated his older brother Freddy after the latter's descent into alcoholism, and more recently his treatment of Freddy's family (including a child with a debilitating health condition) after the disbursement of Clownstick Senior's large estate, one gets the strong impression that the kids might not be the apple of dad's eye if they had any substance abuse issues, or got some bad publicity, or even just wanted to do something else with their spoiled-rotten lives besides burnish their old man's tragicomic self-image.

But that's all speculation. Let's stick with what we know, the all-too-visible-everywhere-you-look trail of a lifelong publicity hound:  the personal life of a Danielle Steel character, coupled with a remarkable lack of self-awareness and a level of unearned braggadocio that would make most rappers blush. There's something wrong with a guy who drops his own zomg-his-cock-is-like-a-beer-can items in Page Six, posing as his own imaginary publicist, attributing non-existent quotes to his then-mistress.

Clownstick's history as a "businessman" is at once even more incompetent and pathological than his personal life. As badly as he's treated his ex-wives and various paramours, the treatment of the people who are dumb enough to loan him money, go into business with him, or work for him is even worse. Every bankruptcy means by definition (and in documented fact) that countless workers, contractors, vendors, partners, shareholders, and commercial banks got screwed over. Every [Clownstick] "University" or [Clownstick] "Institute" scam he licensed his name to meant dozens or hundreds or thousands of people getting scammed out of their money by false guarantees and promises, many from Clownstick himself.

And clearly the grift even unto supposedly charitable foundations. Everything has a goddamned angle, to an extent that makes even a seasoned couple of careerist hacks like the Clintons look like rank amateurs. What's curious is how we hear so much about the corruption of one side, but not the other. Only the Post has provided any sort of balancing perspective on this, that Clownstick is every bit the grifter HFC is, and so much more. At least she has actually done things that resulted in a beneficial outcome for someone else.

Anyone who can't do something for him gets treated like shit, because they're nothing but marks to him. Of course, this is true to at least some extent of virtually everyone who's ever held higher public office, but this trait seems to be the primary trait with Clownstick. It's a pathology with this guy. Even 9/11 didn't change what a fucking scumbag he is. He traded in his soul for something small and foul long ago, and I sincerely hope his demise comes sooner rather than later, so that he can spend eternity with it.

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Foundation and Empire


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