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Sadiq Khan...

  • ALGreenie to Bill Johnson
  • and here we are going on about a few words taken out of context, it’s not really worth the effort of discussion.
    It's worth discussing because YOU took it out of context and so did Trump, the person you're defending, in order to implicate Khan as somehow saying that terrorism isn't a big deal. In fact, he was just following normal protocol after an attack which is to try and get people to be calm so as not to trigger further unnecessary injury due to panic.
    But you, like Trump who you're defending, won't admit you're wrong - about Khan, about anything. That's why others here are finding it impossible to have a reasoned discussion about your initial post. Because you need to 'fess up when you've stuffed up. You actually get more respect that way - unlike Trump who has no respect because he is too insecure to confront his critics.
  • OXMS38655 to Bill Johnson
    I have to say it’s an idiotic remark to suggest we should keep calm when in such a terrible situation, but people do take it out of context,
    Actually no its not at all ridiculous, counter intuitive perhaps but certainly not ridiculous. Two very basic reasons. Firstly when a group of people run willy nilly in panic some of them are very likely going to be injured in the 'stampede'. Secondly it is not at all unusual for there to be a second attack waiting for those escaping from the first, we have seen this tactic used for decades. To the other point. The sight of militarised police on the streets can be on its own intimidating. Their presence might be incorrectly construed to infer that an event is expected and imminent, thus causing panic...the terrorist's best friend by the way. So Khan's remark was entirely appropriate, Trump's was not. Two thoughts for you. When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. And, 'Keep Calm and Carry On'. Good day to you.
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OXMS38655 to Bill Johnson
And finally it’s abject nonsense to say that militarised police on the streets is intimidating.
No it is NOT! I speak from experience sir..I very much doubt that you do. Now, to your other point, having personally been involved in evacuating an area under terrorist threat in an orderly way is absolutely realistic and can be life saving. What experiences are you drawing on?

Bill Johnson to OXMS38655
Questions like you have just asked me in a comments section is childish, you do realise I could make up a story about crowd control military service and a host of other things at random and you wouldn’t be able to prove it one way or the other.

OXMS38655 to Bill Johnson
I see

Bill Johnson to OXMS38655
And so you should

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Sadiq Khan...


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