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A hopeless case

TheArtusam to Bill Johnson
it is obvious that 1200 years of venom and hate has accumulated in you, which is burning you worse than the hell you believe in. you must be disgusted with yourself for what you are and what you represent. all those who have anything to do with you must be avoiding you like plague. go to your priest and repent for the the next 1000 years to be relieved from your suffferings. not only you are victim of hate you are a liar too, and it is people exactly like you that india has been ruled fpr 1200 years.
too weak and feeble in mind, had the 2nd world war not take place, india would still be under british rule, and you would not even be given the job to clean toilets, that would have been your fate, good day to you.

Bill Johnson to TheArtusam
Don’t stress yourself out…it will achieve you nothing.
There is no venom or hate in me, but there is a certain amount of sympathy for those who waste their lives away in religious self-abasement.
I have no need of repentance.
I certainly have no need of a Priest, a Mullah, a Rabbi, or any other religious purveyors of nonsense.
Those who avoid me are welcome to continue avoiding me, I will certainly not lose any sleep worrying about that. 
When people find themselves at a loss to provide a sensible and logical response to a question or comment with a reasonable and sensible reply then it’s fair to say they have certainly lost the plot.

TheArtusam to Bill Johnson
you are a Hopeless case,but still will Pray to all the past, present and future gods for your salvage and to purify your heart from hate and dismay and be accomodated in free and loving human race, good day

Bill Johnson to TheArtusam
You do realise that any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental, but despite that difference I am really very easy to get along with, all you need to do is learn to worship me.
Here’s a story for you…Muhammad was taken to a holy tree in the seventh heaven, a place that Gabriel could not pass, and God told Muhammad that Muslim’s had to Pray Fifty time a day, but somebody told Muhammad that it was far too difficult to pray fifty time a day and requested him to ask God for a reduction, and this was granted to five time’s a day. 
Do you believe that story?

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A hopeless case


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