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Beware! Socialists and Communists in Congress! But Probably You Knew That

Beware! Socialists And Communists In Congress! But Probably You Knew That
By Eddie Howell

A disturbing fact about the Democrats of the United States Congress is that many who identify themselves as “Progressive” or “Liberal” are in fact socialists, and many have strong connections with the Communist Party USA. Some can be identified as Communist Party members.

“Progressive” or “Liberal” doesn't sound as bad to most Americans as “Socialist,” and “Socialist" doesn't sound as bad as “Communist.” But their stands on many issues and many of their goals are identical.

Trevor Loudon's 689-page book The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists, and Progressives in the U.S. Congress* is a thoroughly documented and very detailed analysis of its subject, complete with many footnotes, photographs, and quotations. The book was published in 2013 and profiles many individual members of Congress of that time, most of whom are still there, giving their socialist, progressive, and communist connections in detail. See World Net Daily's review here.

America's largest socialist organization, the Democratic Socialists of America (or DSA), formerly the Socialist Party of America, is very influential in the Congress, working closely with numerous Senators and Representatives. The DSA lists 70 members of Congress(House and Senate) as its members. The DSA itself is not a political party now, but an activist organization devoted to socialist causes. It is only minimally different from the Communist Party in its policies and methods.

The DSA list includes Bernie Sanders (of course), Dennis Kucinich, John Conyers, Keith Ellison, and 66 more.

The DSA works with many far-left organizations, such as the leftist think tank Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), and many other related socialist and communist organizations addressing the various issues and activities the leftists are interested in.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Communist Parties are directed by China, Cuba, North Korea, and communists of other countries, including Russia. The communists are now out of power in the former Soviet Union, but their long-established front organizations still exist, and continue to be influential. Communism is far from dead. So members of the Communist Party USA are not loyal to America first, but to those foreign communists calling the shots. To the extent that people in Congress are working for global government, they are not loyal to America either, in the sense that most Americans are. I believe they don't mind compromising America's best interests for socialist causes. People who disagree with them are labeled as bigots, racists, etc.

Democrat members of the “Quad Caucus,” (1209) i.e. the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (some are members of more than one of these), are the most active in socialist and communist activities. Loudon lists the members of each of these as of 2013.

The methods of these people, who are acting to bring down America as a sovereign nation and establish socialism and eventually a world government, resemble the ways of the Fabian Society described in my previous blog article. Rather than promote violent revolution, they prefer gradualism.

For socialists, bringing about change gradually is, in their view, much more likely to succeed than changing things through violence. However, these days they seem willing to put up with increasing violence, as we have seen recently through Black Lives Matter and Antifa. So their opposition to violence is pragmatic rather than a matter of principle. Whatever works would be OK, including arson, rioting, and murder. Through the Fabian Society and others, socialists have pretty well taken over the American educational system. I believe that Loudon's book does not mention the Fabian Society, but there are many similarities to the progressive-socialist-communist methods he documents: Penetrate, infiltrate, and permeate the established institutions. And strike hard when the time is right. Antifa may represent the start of that hard strike on the part of the leftists. The following video was posted on YouTube on September 25, 2017:

According to Loudon, the communists early targeted the labor movement, and by 1995 had managed to exert control over the AFL-CIO, having replaced strongly anti-communist leaders George Meany and Lane Kirkland. Thus their influence is spread over most American labor organizations, including the communist front the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (1355)

Progressives and Socialists in Congress often work with communist front organizations such as Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE), which succeeded the Communist Workers Party (CWP). The AAFE is pro-China (1558). Another communist front is the World Peace Council (founded by Soviet communists). Various “peace” organizations are communist-influenced.

Democrat members of Congress have written articles for the People's Weekly World,official newspaper of the Communist Party USA, have spoken at many Communist Party conferences and other events, accompanied communist party members on trips to Cuba and Vietnam, and have been recognized as “non-party friends” in communist publications.

Loudon's material is, I believe, authentic and undeniable. We have a heavy socialist-communist presence in our Congress. It becomes a bit clearer why so many in government have disdain for ordinary non-socialist people (“deplorables,” as Hillary Clinton called them), don't like patriotism, and oppose the military. They support Cuba. They play up anything that can be presented as victimhood, i.e. “oppression” of favored groups. They support the LGBTQ agenda. They don't like conservative Christianity. They don't want anyone complaining about Muslims. They want higher taxes in order to “invest” in social programs at the expense of military spending. They want America to disarm (and thus be weaker than other countries) in the name of “peace,” never considering the concept of “peace through strength.”

Their current projects as of 2017 include destruction of historic statues, destruction of the purpose of the university (political correctness instead of academic achievement), disarming the citizens, and through fear-mongering in regard to conservatism, making socialism fashionable. Most Americans still believe we should follow the Constitution. Socialists want to get rid of it because it restricts government.

Socialists never explain how they are going to produce the workers' paradise. They really can't because no rational economic theory supports it. Socialism is death, leading to hell on earth. One need only look at the socialist empires of the twentieth century, and socialist countries (e.g., Venezuela, North Korea, and Cuba) today to see that. The situation is disturbing, and calls for action to remove these people from office as much and as soon as possible. This will involve dealing with politics. Politics is certainly dealing with us.

Below is a presentation from May 2017 by Mr. Loudon on his book. He spoke in Mission Viejo, CA to a local chapter of Act! for America:

* Trevor Loudon, The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists, and Progressives in the U.S. Congress, 2013-2015 Edition, 2013. Las Vegas: Pacific Freedom Foundation, a Nevada Not for Profit Corporation. I read this in Kindle format without page numbers. Numbers in paretheses, bold, and italics are Location numbers for the Kindle ebook.

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Beware! Socialists and Communists in Congress! But Probably You Knew That


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