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More Republican Vote Theft

Judging from the idiotic behavior of about half the country, you could never recognize this fact.  In a democratic republic the most precious possession of every citizen is their right to vote.  When someone interferes with your right to have your vote counted, you do not live in a democratic republic.  You live in a Republican Reich.  Republicans are doing everything inhumanly possible to steal votes.


[M]aybe it was inevitable. Since John Roberts and the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013, essentially on the basis that racism was over, the Republican Party has established itself as a political organization dedicated to preventing Certain People from voting—or having their Vote counted. Republicans cooked up the idea the United States has a widespread problem of voter fraud—there is exactly zero evidence this problem exists—and responded to this fantastical issue by instituting voter-ID laws, signature-match policies, address requirements, and curtailing early-voting periods, among others. All these policies disproportionately affected poorer people and people of color, whom Republicans don’t want voting because they tend to vote for Democrats.

Combined with gerrymandering, which in one case was ruled by a federal court to have targeted black voters with "surgical precision," the Republican Party’s strategy was clear. But now that the midterm elections still didn’t go their way—already, it looks like the Democrats seized control of the House of Representatives in the biggest landslide since Watergate—they’ve stepped it up a level. Republicans are no longer just dedicated to making it harder to vote, and making certain votes count less based on how they draw district lines. They’re now against counting all the votes, period… [emphasis added]

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Click through for a wealth of detailed information on Republican efforts to steal votes in several locations.

If Florida, vote count suppression is so bad that a Democratic Senator sued to extend the recount, because Republicans stole HIS vote.

Will we have a democratic republic or a Republican Reich?



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More Republican Vote Theft


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