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Trump is the Last Chance America Has

This is it folks. America’s last stand.

It is clear that the establishment does not want Trump.

It is clear that the media and Hillary’s machine are doing all they can to stop Trump.

It is clear that if Trump gets in the establishment will be thrown out on their corrupt ass and the proverbial party will be over.

Through Wikileaks it has been proven that Hillary is a corrupt, anti-American liar and should be no where near the White House.

She has lied to Congress, the FBI and the American people. She is a disgusting, corrupt, vile human being and if you vote for her you have some type of mental illness.

Why you vote in obvious corruption?

That says more about you than it does Clinton. We already know she is vile – but if you vote for her? What does this say?

Trump is not the perfect candidate – far from it. He has said many thins that show he is such. But we do not need a perfect candidate.

Trump is NOT a politician – he has, rather, been a very successful businessman for several decades. he does not always say things the way most expect them to be said – but does this disqualify this man from leading our country out of the depths that Obama and Hillary have brought us to?

Trump stands for stopping illegal immigration – what true American would be against this?

Trump stands for lowering our taxes – what true American would be against this?

Trump stands for correcting all the corrupt trade agreements our hack politicians have dragged us into and “negotiated” for us on our behalf – what true America would be against this?

Trump is for strengthening our military and sticking up for our veterans – what true American would be against this?

Trump is for bringing jobs back to America and putting the American worker first ahead of the illegal immigrants – what true American would be against this?

All of this adds up to Trump winning in a landslide on November 8th.

The polls are all off – were you polled? I know I wasn’t.  Polls are simply a way to sway public opinion – nothing more.

Reagan was down six points going into the election and he won 44 states – I think something similar will happen here.

Clinton can’t get over one thousand people to any event – Trump regularly was drawing 20,000.

A good percentage of those who support Trump kept it to themselves out of fear of violence by the deranged left.

Hillary has been proven to have arranged to pay for people to go to trump events and incite violence – how much more corrupt can she be?

Hillary has said you need to be two faced to be a politician – how much more corrupt can she be?

Hillary has engaged in pay for play for years and especially as she held the office of Secretary of State – selling out American interests at every turn – this is proven.

How could anyone with children vote for this sleaze? You would be voting for a dark future for your kids.

If Hillary by some miracle gets in – she will further open the flood gates to illegal immigration – and also grant citizenship to the millions already here illegally. If this happens how can a Republican ever get elected in the future – and these sleazy Democrat politicians know this fact – which is why they are doing it – all to stay in power without any regard for the humanity of our citizens.

I have had this blog since the Muslim terrorist Obama was voted in and I implore you all to get out the vote and voter for Trump if you value the future of our great country.

God bless America.

Trump 2016 and beyond.

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Trump is the Last Chance America Has


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