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"For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery." ~ Galatians 5:1

Do you have a Budget in your house? Not necessarily a spreadsheet but the general idea of how much you have coming in each pay period, what your bills are, and how much if any is left over for savings or spending on things other than necessities? I know it is not an exciting subject but a necessary one. I would wager that most of us do. If we over spend in one place we in general have to make a cut some where else, because well the grocery store, gas station, and electric company does not take monopoly money.  When we are deep in debt or short of money it is creates a sense of enslavement because it can seem we are never going to get out from under the burden of owing everybody and their brother.  We fall into debt for a plethora of reasons, things that are within our control and at times things that we can't control, but the feeling of enslavement is the same.  We do not have printing presses in our houses so we are constrained by a budget of some sort.  Our politicians around election time love to talk about kitchen table economics because they want us to think they understand our plight of living within our means. However, they actually do not because they get to spend Other People's Money (OURS) and they do so without constraint.

Today President Trump released his budget proposal, please note the President does not have the power of the purse, that is solely the duty of Congress. The President proposed a budget that actually cuts the budget of multiple departments, this is what he promised to do. The budget is not a long document I would suggest reading it, much of what he wants to cut is redundant programs, programs that have not had good outcomes and programs that should be run by State or local governments or private industry, not the federal Government.  I think it is a good start, but does not go far enough. Please note this is only the DISCRETIONARY portion of the budget (about 45%) the other 65% is based on laws passed and are not touched in general, these are items like Social Security and Medicare.  

The GOP the party in power, is supposed to be the party of Fiscal responsibility, but they are already hemming and hawing. They, purport to be the party of small government and regularly decry the debt of this nation which is about $20 Trillion or $156,000 for every American family, yet are unwilling to actually take action on anything.  We as a nation cannot continue down this path, just as most families cannot spend what they do not have.  I have to wonder what is it going to take for our Government to act responsibly with our tax dollars.  Remember, the government DOES NOT produce anything, the only money they have to spend is what they take from WE the People.

What happens when the debt becomes unsustainable? The government has already robbed from Peter (the Social Security Trust Fund) and we already are taxed personally and corporately insanely high.  So IF Congress refuses to act what happens? Do they continue to print money to the point where it will take a bucket of money to buy groceries because of inflation? 

If we cut programs that have bad outcomes, cut redundant programs, cut programs that can be administered by the States or local governments wouldn't we then be able to build a surplus and help people who actually need it? States typically have State Constitutional Amendments that require the State to balance the budget yearly, why does our Federal Government not have the same thing?

It is time we force our elected officials to do what we send them to DC to do and if they don't we hold the power to fire them. Unless our elected officials fear being fired they will never do their job, they have no incentive to do it, in fact by allowing them to make a career out of politics we are actually giving them incentives to continue ignoring us.  Only We the People can make the changes that need to be made so that our country is not enslaved economically.

Today Pray for our military, they are deployed in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq fighting ISIS. Pray for a swift victory so they can come home.

Today Pray for our military deployed in South Korea, North Korea's dictator is unhinged to say the least but is saber rattling louder than normal. Also pray for the people of North Korea they suffer greatly.



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