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Our American Government is Broken and often Shutdown, Let’s Restart Washington!

Every PC user has many times reached the point where their computer is slow or unresponsive. The simple solution then is to restart the computer.  As a result, the restart process clears memory and restarts only the desired applications .  This eliminates whatever was causing the problem and the computer is consequently ready to work.  Let’s Restart Washington with the American people in charge as the Constitution intended.

We Need to Restart Washington

After 229 years of continuous operation our American Government has become corrupt and unresponsive to the people.  As a result corrupt laws favor a portion of Americans. Corrupt Election processes also allow a few hidden party leaders to control who gets elected.

Furthermore the government in Washington has forgotten its Constitutional responsibility to be representative of the people.

Members of Congress enjoy their wealth and power. They also raise millions from wealthy donors who determine how they vote in Congress.

Congress seems to care less about the poor people harmed by the government shutdown or failure to fund CHIP (5 million poor children), DACA (800,000 dreamers), or many other programs that real people depend on.

48% of Americans now qualifying as “low-income poverty” (2010 census) therefore nearly half of all Americans are poor. Something is broken.

The Founders would Want to Restart Washington

1.  We are the United States

The greatest good we can do our country is to heal its party divisions and make them one people. –Thomas Jefferson

2.  Most of all, “We the People” are the power of the Constitution.

We may define a republic to be a government which derives all its powers directly or indirectly from the great body of the people,
and is administered by persons holding their offices …
for a limited period or during good behavior. –James Madison
(Federalist papers, No.39 )

How to Restart Washington

1. The election of 2016 showed corruption in our election process for both Democrat and Republican parties.  Problems included super-delegates with too much power, caucuses and conventions with hidden rules and also unelected party leaders having too much influence on selecting candidates.

For “We the People” to be in charge, we must have open election processes without caucuses and conventions and party control.

The simple solution is proposed by ( )
Ranked choice voting will allow Americans to choose their leaders directly by specifying their first, second and third choice for each office. See additional benefits in the section below.

2. Once our election processes are valid we must assure each American citizen of their right to vote.  We should  implement automatic voter registration nationwide to insure that. This will also require a database of registered voters that will eliminate voter fraud and insure valid elections. (  )

3. We must then vote out of office all incumbents! We must also elect leaders with a desire to help our nation and its people. Our current leaders gained their position through a corrupt process. Regardless of how much we like them or not, we must therefore start afresh with leaders selected by the people rather than the political parties and millionaire donors.

4. State Legislators hold the power of Constitutional Amendments. We must therefore vote into office State legislators willing to stand up to Congress and pass Constitutional Amendments.

State Legislatures are the Key!

Once State Legislatures accept their responsibility to balance Washington, then they can enact Constitutional Amendments to fix the problems in our nation.

We can then fix election and voting processes, require balanced budgets and a decreasing national debt. We can also eliminate corruption in Congress by eliminating riders, seniority and providing accountability. Constitutional Amendments can furthermore provide insurance to prevent health care emergencies that unexpectedly financially ruin many Americans. We can finally implement proposed amendments that will improve the lives of All Americans and satisfy both sides of the issues. ( )

How Can We Possibly Restart Washington

First of all, we must change election and voting processes by Constitutional Amendment. Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution gives State Legislatures the power to pass Constitutional Amendments on their own, independent of Congress or the President.

This process requires 3/4 of the State Legislatures (38 states) to agree in order to ratify the Constitutional Amendment. This will be difficult and consequently will not happen unless the people demand it of their State Legislators.

We first of all need to determine whether our own State Legislator has the courage and wisdom to support Constitutional Amendments to balance Washington. If so, then we should support their re-election this year. If not, then we should find and elect someone who will.

State and Federal Governments should Limit and Balance Each Other

“The balance between the national and state governments ought to be dwelt on with peculiar attention, as it is of the utmost importance.
It forms a double security to the people.
If one encroaches on their rights, they will find a powerful protection in the other.
Indeed, they will both be prevented from overpassing their constitutional limits, by certain rivalship which will ever subsist between them.
–Alexander Hamilton: speech to the New York Ratifying Convention, 1788

Benefits of Ranked-Choice Voting

If we had used ranked choice voting in 2016 there would have been no caucuses, conventions, nor primary elections and hence none of the corruption found therein.

The final Ballot would have consisted of around 8 Republicans, 2 Democrats, 5 independent candidates. Each voter would have picked their first, second and third choice for each office.

The first step in “ranked-choice voting” is to eliminate the candidate with the lowest number of first place votes. Their votes would then be distributed using the voter’s second choice.  Voting software would repeat this process using each voter’s second and third choice until finally the single winner obtains the majority of the vote.

  • Using this process the winner typically has some support by the majority of the people. Consequently this would help unite our divided America.
  • “Ranked-choice voting” eliminates the problem of having multiple candidates from the same party split the vote. Each voter has 3 choices and their vote will therefore spread to the most popular of their 3 choices.
  • Transparent election processes most of all eliminate any hidden control of conventions, caucuses, delegates, etc. that can influence elections.
  • This process also reduces or eliminates the political parties’ control of who runs for election.
  • Each candidate must state their case to the people over any number of candidates therefore reducing negativity.
  • Reduces the influence of money on our elections, allowing middle income people to also run for office and participate in debates, etc.

We Need Constitutional Amendments!

Poor Alexander Hamilton would roll over in his grave if he knew that State Legislatures had never used Article 5 of the Constitution. He considered the influence of State Legislatures to be of “utmost importance” to the “security of the people”.

It is important that “We the People” march on our State Capitols and demand limits on Washington. We also need to use the State websites and email and phone our legislators.  We need to let them know that we want Constitutional Amendments that meet the People’s needs on both sides.

Most of all we need to only elect State Legislators with the courage and wisdom and desire to implement Constitutional Amendments.

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Our American Government is Broken and often Shutdown, Let’s Restart Washington!


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