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Health Care in America – Protect the Wealthy, Let the Poor Die Off

All other economically developed countries provide universal Health care to all of their citizens.  In other nations expenses for treatments that are medically necessary and ordered by a qualified physician are always covered.  They do not allow exclusions or maximum benefits that leave patients with large medical bills.

Neither “ObamaCare” nor the proposed replacement provide Universal Health care.

Why Do Americans Allow the current Health Care System?

  • Why does our system reserve needed medical procedures only for those who can pay expensive prices for it?
  • We pay more than double the average cost of universal health care for our complex, expensive, and incomplete health care insurance processes.

The fact that we Americans allow our current and proposed health care processes reveal some traits about us Americans.

Americans are Selfish

When the Swiss people revised their health insurance process the people insisted that their government leaders provide subsidies for the poor.
On the contrary, in America most people resent the “ObamaCare” subsidies for the poor.

Europeans therefore consider Americans a little strange that we are so independent that we only want to take care of ourselves. Americans thus feel little desire to help others survive, focusing only on their own family.

Americans Care More about Money than People

We Americans have a built-in fear of socialism and communism. We are therefore foolishly willing to accept a brutal and destructive capitalist health care system.

It seems foolish to place the socialist label on all other economically developed countries including Canada, Switzerland, Britain, etc.  The universal health care they require is more sensible than scary.

The protection of the “free market” is usually a method to increase someone’s profits rather than to protect our freedoms.

Medical diseases can destroy a families savings when insurance doesn’t cover the total costs. America also allows insurance companies to exclude coverage and put limits on coverage that leave patients in financial trouble.

Current insurance policies better protect the insurance and drug companies’ profits rather than the patient’s expenses.

Americans are like Sheep

We watch the news and we watch our leaders battle about foolish legislation and we just watch and allow the foolishness to continue.

“We the People” should be controlling the government. That is the basis of our Constitution.

News reports document huge health care spending, and huge medical debts of patients.
We have a broken justice system, unfair taxes, discriminatory educational funding, and a runaway national debt.
We are disturbed by rigged election processes and too high rates of poverty and homelessness.

Still, with all of these problems, the average American does nothing personally to fix them.

Washington pretends to be working on these problems. Actually, however, it is more likely that our leaders have created the current conditions exactly how their campaign contributors want it.

The wealthy 1% continue to take an increasingly large percentage of America’s wealth.

Our leaders and billionaires tell us that everything is OK and they are working on it.  Therefore, we like sheep accept these things without trying to fix them ourselves.

Americans are Brutal and Uncaring People

Most people are appalled to learn the history of the Nazi concentration camps. In contrast those same people accept a broken system that allows half of Americans to be “low-income”. How can we also ignore the millions of Americans that live in jobless and homeless suffering.

Whether we accept it or not, there are some people who will never be the best of 100 job applicants. Somehow we can justify condemning them to a life of suffering, sleeping on the snow covered streets of the city.

That is brutal!

Somehow we can accept a broken health care system that allows people to lose their homes and savings caused by diseases beyond their control. And we do that just so that insurance companies and drug companies can make $millions.

Are You Not Selfish, Money hungry, Uncaring, Sheepish, and Brutal?

If you don’t consider yourself deserving of these labels, then prove it!

We need to protect the “inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.
This requires non-profit universal health care that provides medical care to every American without costs beyond equal-percentage income-based premiums.

We need to setup a cooperative system that reduces costs as other countries have done. This will reduce medical costs that are currently 2.5 times other nations. It will reduce prescription drug costs that are currently 5 times other nations.

We need to implement the Constitutional Amendment for Non-Profit Universal Health Care.

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Health Care in America – Protect the Wealthy, Let the Poor Die Off


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