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The Axis Mundi Navel Of Earth
2022-06-03 02:19
Every day in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, thousands of Muslims gather and walk westward circles around a tall black stone cube called the Kaaba.  This Kaaba stone lies at the very center of Isl… Read More
Polar Astronomy And Anthropology
2022-01-01 06:33
The North Pole is the inherent geographical focal point of all creation.  It is the perfect center of the bullseye, the magnetic attractor of all the world's compasses, the originator o… Read More
LEVEL (Flat Earth Film)
2021-05-21 06:10
It's time for the world to get on our LEVEL: Produced by Hibbeler Productions: by Eric Dubay:… Read More
Modern Polar Discovery Frauds
2021-01-28 07:59
At the turn of the 17th century, shortly after Queen Elizabeth's advisor John Dee was corresponding with Gerardus Mercator regarding the Polar magnetic mountain, Queen Elizabeth's personal p… Read More
Early Polar Maps And Exploration
2020-11-18 06:07
The ancient world's mythologies regarding a magnetic mountain, four directional rivers, and other more fantastical features at the North Pole are shockingly consistent, but what did the earl… Read More
2020-10-22 05:35
The term “telepathy” was coined in 1882 by Frederic Myers, founder of the Society for Psychical Research, during his investigation into what was formerly known as “thought… Read More
Ancient Polar Mythologies
2020-09-25 06:36
Nowadays and for the past five centuries, since the introduction of the heliocentric globe deception, all world maps and explorers have depicted and described the North Pole and surrounding… Read More
The Flu World Order
2020-08-27 05:03
After decades of ridicule and denial from the masses about the coming New World Order, suddenly in 2020, under the guise of a deadly kung-flu from bat soup in China, the world's richest an… Read More
2020-08-04 15:02
Flatlantis is an exploration into the history of Flat Earth, the mythology of Atlantis, and the mystery of Mount Meru, the alleged magnetic mountain ancient cultures worldwide believed exist… Read More
The Biology Of Belief
2020-07-16 17:17
Our brains are made up of tiny nerve cells called “neurons” which branch out and connect to each other forming a neural network.  At each connection point, thoughts and emot… Read More
Psychoneuroimmunology & The Placebo Effect
2020-07-15 16:39
There is an entire legitimate and well-researched branch of medicine called psycho-neuro-immunology which studies the effect of thoughts and emotions on human biochemistry.  Biologist D… Read More
Emotions, DNA, And The Divine Matrix
2020-07-15 16:36
During the 1990s three independent scientific studies brought to light the importance of DNA and emotions in creating quantum reality. The first major study performed by Vladimir Poponin and… Read More
How Everything Works On Flat Earth
2020-06-04 07:08
Flat Earth has long been touted as the mother of all conspiracy theories, marginalized, suppressed and ridiculed for centuries as being an ignorant ancient unscientific worldview, but the fa… Read More
Worldwide Lockdown Over The Common Cold?
2020-04-03 09:20
CoronaVirus, listed in old encyclopedias as the common cold, is admittedly one of the weakest viruses known to man, and a common product of respiratory disease, found in 7-15% of patients… Read More
Morphic Fields And Morphogenic Resonance
2020-04-03 09:16
Another short-coming of traditional Western science is its inability to explain the existence of forms in nature.  No matter how we magnify or manipulate the material world, no mechanic… Read More
CoronaVirus Or New World Order?
2020-03-17 06:13
With less people affected and dying than from the yearly seasonal flu, this "virus" is being hyped way out of proportion on purpose as they are now testing out quarantining entire huge citie… Read More
The Holographic Universe
2020-03-17 06:07
In the 1950s and 60s inventor Dennis Gabor discovered that when you photograph objects with a split light beam and store the information as wave interference patterns, you get a better image… Read More
Spirit Level: Full Album
2020-03-01 08:43
Our new flat-Earth themed chill-hop album "Spirit Level," is now out and available on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Deezer, Amazon, and all major streaming services, free to watch/listen on L… Read More
The Universal Consciousness
2020-03-01 08:34
In the Eskimo/Inuit language of cold, wintry Alaska there are dozens of words for “snow” - Dozens of words with intricacies and connotations well-known and understood by them… Read More
The Immaterial Physical World
2020-02-07 01:28
For centuries the prevailing western worldview has been built upon the materialistic, mechanical model of Isaac Newton - a clockwork Universe composed of separate particles of matter interac… Read More
The Flat Earth Conspiracy Audiobook
2019-12-27 08:53
Wolves in sheep’s clothing have pulled the wool over our eyes. For almost 500 years, the masses have been thoroughly deceived by a cosmic fairy-tale of astronomical proportions. We hav… Read More
The Manipulation Of Time
2019-11-11 06:57
Another subtle yet devastating aspect of the global conspiracy is their manipulation of calendars, clocks, and our perception of time. We are being enslaved by man-made mechanisms and syste… Read More
The Self-Luminescent Semi-Transparent Moon
2019-10-14 06:51
NASA and modern astronomy maintain that the Moon is a solid, spherical, Earth-like habitation which man has actually flown to and set foot on. They claim the Moon is a non-luminescent plan… Read More
The United States Inc.
2019-08-17 11:36
England, Canada, Australia and many other countries are led politically by “Prime Ministers” to the Queen.  In fact she is the official head of 123 commonwealth countries.&n&hell…Read More
Ahead Of The Curve
2019-08-08 12:54
By now, the majority of flat Earthers and millions of globe Earthers alike have seen the Netflix hit-piece mockumentary "Behind the Curve," starring many of the worst controlled opposition d… Read More
Evolution And Dinosaurs Debunked
2019-07-22 04:10
Do you believe that your father was an ape, your grand-father was a reptile, and your great grand-father was an explosion? For those who don't believe such pseudo-scientific non-sense (and f… Read More
Concave Earth Debunked
2019-07-11 12:41
Anyone looking into alternative Earth cosmologies will inevitably run across 3 main options for the general alleged shape of the Earth. Either Earth is a level plane devoid of any curvature… Read More
EPIC Flat Earth Interview
2019-06-23 09:13
The oldest and largest secret society in existence (Freemasonry) has a secret so huge and well-hidden, so contrary to what we have been taught to believe, that its exposure threatens to not… Read More
Why Everyone's Leaving YouTube
2019-06-17 08:55
Thanks to LBRY there is finally a free-speech guaranteed, de-centralized, monetized and optimized viable alternative to YouTube and place where everyone can view and download ALL of my conte… Read More
The Gender Bender Agenda
2019-05-24 11:56
In the world today, there is an agenda well-underway which is purposely subverting and transforming the family unit, creating sexual confusion and normalizing gender dysphoria while promotin… Read More
Eric Dubay Books, DVDs And CDs
2018-11-12 12:33
In light of the recent severe censorship of my work, and in an effort to help make it more widely available to the world at large and for future generations, I am asking for everyone's help… Read More
How YouTube Censors Flat Earth Videos
2018-10-22 13:59
Having been the target of constant overt and covert censorship by YouTube for years, the following is my experience and analysis of how YouTube is actively suppressing and banning legitimate… Read More
Dubaystep: The Album
2018-10-15 13:52
Dubaystep is my second full-length flat-Earth themed music-video album released free to help spread the word about this most important subject. My first album "The Flat Earth Movement," ha… Read More
The Earth Plane
2018-08-03 13:10
The Earth Plane is a full-color illustrated science adventure story that follows a young boy and his grandfather through a series of scientific experiments and expeditions ending in an incre… Read More
The Most Important Thing In Your Life
2018-06-09 13:43
What is the #1 most important key factor to achieving and maintaining optimum health, energy, longevity, vitality, and wellness?  Is it genetics, diet, exercise, hydration, sleep, minds… Read More
The Bible's Hidden Meanings
2018-05-14 08:08
As someone who has attended church since before I could walk, in a family comprised entirely of devout Christians, and having read  the Bible cover to cover it has become increasingly… Read More
Flat Earth Is Not A Conspiracy Theory
2018-04-21 15:02
Flat Earth has long been touted as the mother of all conspiracy theories, marginalized, suppressed and ridiculed for centuries as being an ignorant ancient unscientific worldview, but the fa… Read More
Asbestos Head (Audiobook)
2018-03-28 04:48
Join Asbestos and the other 12 Heads in their spiritual and philosophical journey through life and death. Meet Pin Head the hyper-active, hyper-critical, hypocrite, Figure Head the mystic… Read More
Flat Earth Audiobooks
2018-02-07 08:46
In the interest of preserving for posterity the wealth of flat Earth knowledge and research done during the late 19th and early 20th century, I am producing a series of audiobook and PDF d… Read More
Eric Dubay Banned From YouTube
2018-01-19 04:07
On December 12, 2017, YouTube shut down my entire channel of 7 years, 135,000 subscribers, and 28 million views after issuing me a single "hate speech" strike on a video posted years ago. Al… Read More
Who Is Behind The Globe Lie?
2017-11-03 13:10
When you wake up to flat Earth truth and realize the world has been completely brainwashed and lied to for hundreds of years about our true cosmology, the next most important question to inv… Read More
The World's Biggest Lie
2017-09-19 15:30
Wolves in sheep’s clothing have pulled the wool over our eyes. For almost 500 years, the masses have been thoroughly deceived by a cosmic fairy-tale of astronomical proportions. We h… Read More
The Truth About Meat And Dairy
2017-09-10 04:23
The idea that humans must consume animal flesh and excretions (meat and dairy) as part of a balanced diet is a monstrous myth long symbolized and propagated by our unhealthy FDA food pyramid… Read More
YouTube Covertly Censoring Truth Channels
2017-07-21 13:46
YouTube is actively working to censor flat-Earth and other truth channels/content. I have received several fraudulent copyright strikes from BBC and other establishment organizations in a… Read More
Forced Government Indoctrination Camps
2017-07-13 13:37
Every day all over the world, millions of bright young minds are spending the best years of their lives being herded around by governments like cattle, responding to bells, whistles and othe… Read More
The Problem Of Government
2017-06-19 12:04
There is no political solution to the problem of government. Voting for a new ceremonial figurehead every four years has never, will never, and could never create any significant lasting po… Read More
The Greatest Lie Of All Time
2017-06-12 10:26
Wolves in sheep’s clothing have pulled the wool over our eyes. For almost 500 years, the masses have been thoroughly deceived by a cosmic fairy-tale of astronomical proportions. We h… Read More
How To Beat The System
2017-05-23 11:25
This solo podcast "Solutions to the System" covers a myriad of doable grassroots solutions people can enact in their everyday lives to move beyond and beat the system. This was posted 5 yea… Read More
How To Awaken People To Flat Earth
2017-04-17 09:56
In this video Eric Dubay from the International Flat Earth Research Society and Luke from Flat Earth Consequences give their advice on how to effectively present other people the concept of… Read More
2017-04-10 12:45
I have spent the past several weeks creating, a website that compiles all my work, including Flat Earth, Conspiracy, Spirituality, Health, Yoga, Martial Arts, Music and more… Read More
The Flat Earth Movement Album
2017-02-26 09:42
Please download, share, burn CDs, re-upload and mirror this powerful and important Flat Earth movement hip-hop/rap album.  Jewtube has already banned several of my songs in both selecte… Read More
A Flat Earth Awakening Story
2017-02-05 12:00
Rene Nadeau was a 62-year-old grandfather and life-long devout atheist when he stumbled upon the most incredible revelation of his lifetime, a revelation so fundamental and Earth-shattering… Read More
The History Of Flat Earth
2017-01-21 05:41
From the beginning of recorded history, and for thousands upon thousands of years, cultures across the entire world all believed the Earth was flat.  Their various cosmologies and cosmo… Read More
Giant Human Beings Existed!
2016-11-30 14:20
The Titans, Cyclops, Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, the Jolly Green Giant, or Jack's Beanstock Giant: all these characters bring to mind fictional “mythological” imaginings, but what a… Read More
Dear Spinning Ball Earth Believer
2016-11-16 10:51
Hello.  My name is Eric Dubay and I'm a Flat Earther.  Contrary to what you have been told to believe about me by the mainstream media, the government education system, and society… Read More
Operation: Spread Flat Earth Truth
2016-10-29 05:14
At the moment, just like every other 4 years, the gullible masses are being corralled and duped by the Jewish Freemasonic mafia puppet-show known as U.S. elections into voting for one of two… Read More
Jesus Christ Never Existed
2016-09-21 18:16
Please don't be turned off by the title! The following documentary sheds light on the deepest esoteric teachings of Christianity hidden from the masses for millennia, exposes the real Bible… Read More
The World's Biggest Secret
2016-09-09 09:17
Do you want to know a secret? I'm going to tell you the biggest and oldest secret kept for 500 years by the biggest and oldest secret society in the world: Freemasonry Read More
Is The Earth Actually Flat?
2016-08-15 04:38
I am being featured in Spain's QR magazine this month with an interview I gave concerning our flat, motionless Earth. Overall I thought the questions were good, however they chose an odd im… Read More
2016-08-08 05:38
The following 6-hour documentary is currently the most complete and comprehensive presentation of the Flat Earth truth available to date. Narrated by Eric Dubay, this videobook covers the m… Read More
Paul Michael Bales - The Lying Morpheus
2016-08-02 10:13
There is a slanderous video going around of a jealous liar in a bathrobe making a number of baseless allegations against me which I'd like to address and put to rest.  To begin with, th… Read More
Flat Earth Is The Most Important Truth
2016-07-26 10:34
Eric Dubay says the greatest lie and most successful cover-up in history, NASA and Freemasonry's biggest secret, is that we live on a plane, not a planet; that Earth is the flat, stationary… Read More
Arctic Midnight Sun Proves Flat Earth
2016-06-25 15:01
During Arctic summer, from the 22nd to the 25th of June, at a high enough latitude and altitude, you can watch a phenomenon known as “the Midnight Sun” where the Sun stays conti… Read More
Polaris Proves The Flat Earth
2016-06-16 10:49
NASA and modern astronomy say the Earth is a giant globe spinning 1,000 mph around its central axis, traveling 67,000 mph circles around the Sun, spiraling 500,000 mph around the Milky Way… Read More
Earth Is The Center Of The Universe!
2016-05-12 07:13
Ancient civilizations the world over believed Earth to be the flat, immovable center of the universe around which the heavens revolved daily cycles in perfect circles.  This stable geo… Read More
The Globe Earth Lie
2016-04-20 17:50
Wolves in sheep’s clothing have pulled the wool over our eyes.  For almost 500 years, the masses have been thoroughly deceived by a cosmic fairy-tale of astronomical proportions… Read More
The Flat Earth Truth
2016-04-11 05:21
“In the Middle Ages people believed that the earth was flat, for which they had at least the evidence of their senses: we believe it to be round, not because as many as one percent of… Read More
2016-03-18 15:00
If the Earth were truly a globe, the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions and areas of comparable latitude North and South of the equator should share similar conditions and characteristics su… Read More
2016-03-07 14:23
Since late 2014 Google Analytics has shown a drastic exponential rise in people searching the term “Flat Earth.”  The number of pages referencing flat Earth have also jumped… Read More
2016-03-05 15:19
In the heliocentric model, Earth is just one of 8 “planets” in our “solar system,” all of which are said to be huge spherical Earth-like habitations or globular gas g… Read More
2016-02-08 11:50
Many people think that modern astronomy’s ability to accurately predict lunar and solar eclipses is a result and proof positive of the heliocentric theory of the universe.  The fa… Read More
2016-02-01 18:30
Around the turn of the 20th century, in order to save the dying heliocentric model from the conclusive experiments of Airy, Michelson, Morley, Gale, Sagnac, Kantor, Nordmeyer and others, Alb… Read More
2016-01-25 13:51
If you fill a balloon with helium, a substance lighter than the nitrogen, oxygen and other elements which compose the air around it, the balloon will immediately fly upwards.  If you fi… Read More
2016-01-17 13:27
One of heliocentrist’s favorite “proofs” of their ball-Earth theory is the ability for ships and planes to circumnavigate, to sail or fly at right angles to the North Pole… Read More
2015-12-15 09:52
Have you ever wondered why on Christmas we cut down/carry evergreen trees inside our houses, decorate them with fancy ornaments, and place presents underneath them?"So, why do people bring P… Read More
2015-12-01 10:34
One of the first frauds in the history of Darwinism, known as “recapitulation theory,” and heralded as undeniable “proof of evolution,” was an idea proposed and propa… Read More
2015-11-02 15:18
In just 3 months since the release of my fifth book, "200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball," it has been downloaded by an unbelievable 500,000+ people and growing daily by the thousands!… Read More
2015-09-06 09:57
"Animals are my friends... and I don't eat my friends" ~George Bernard Shaw"We all love animals. Why do we call some "pets" and others "dinner?" ~K.D. Lang"Recognize meat for what it rea… Read More
2015-08-03 17:59
Please download, read and share my new FREE ebook:200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball! PDF  This 35 page ebook full of photographs and diagrams is the perfect tool to help spark con… Read More
2015-07-11 11:03
  They say "the winner's write history," it is absolutely true, and the most egregious example in modern times has to be the mainstream (mis)understanding of Adolf Hitler and pre-WWII G… Read More
2015-06-29 13:25
Google analytics shows that since November 2014, the search term "Flat Earth" has enjoyed an incredible and never before seen 600% rise in activity!  The reason behind the sudden and sh… Read More
2015-06-13 09:39
In the Flat-Earth model of the cosmos, the North Pole is the immovable center of the world and the entire universe.  Polaris, the North Star, sits straight over the North Pole at the hi… Read More
2015-04-26 03:28
The oldest and largest secret society in existence has a secret so huge and well-hidden, so contrary to what we have been taught to believe, that its exposure threatens to not only completel… Read More
2015-03-15 08:42
For thousands of years the "planets" were known as "wandering stars" as they differ from the fixed stars in their relative motions only.  Through a telescope both the fixed stars and wa… Read More
2015-02-26 12:01
The Flat-Earth Conspiracy is a book and a documentary by Eric Dubay which is literally re-shaping the world and spear-heading a mass awakening to the greatest conspiracy and most successful… Read More

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