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Whale Oil Beef Hooked is New Zealand's number one news and information blog site where Cam Slater critically analyses politics and current events.
2019-07-31 07:00
Sky News host Chris Kenny says the cancellation of a South Australian council Christmas event is ‘cultural humiliation’ that exposes the “intellectual, moral, social and cu… Read More
2019-07-31 05:00
As we approach a new political cycle with the imminent appointment of a new National party leader and as we get closer to the election at the end of next year, I would like to make it clear… Read More
2019-07-31 04:30
If I was throwing a dinner party and had to choose between inviting a hardcore Amway enthusiast and a vegan, well, just sign me up for a fun evening learning how to earn extra income. Amway… Read More
2019-07-31 02:00
These maps illustrate the gradual alienation of M?ori land in the North Island. In 1860, M?ori still held onto most of their land, except for a few areas, particularly Wellington, Wairarapa… Read More
2019-07-31 01:30
In 2016, American documentary film-maker Ami Horowitz conducted an interesting experiment. First, he visited ultra-left-wing UC Berkeley and asked its white liberal passers-by about voter ID… Read More
2019-07-31 01:00
Simon Bridges is constantly criticised for his accent, for being boring, for failing to have any public appeal, and for failing to hold a poorly performing government to account. Many of tho… Read More
2019-07-31 00:50
Questions to Ministers 1.Hon SIMON BRIDGES to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his Government’s statements, policies, and actions? 2.Dr DUNCAN WEBB to the Minister of Finance:… Read More
2019-07-31 00:30
Today’s crybaby of the week would have to be Crim Hugger, Climate Logic Denier and ‘Premium’ (lol) content supplier to A Newspaper, Jarrod Gilbert. Quite how A Newspaper co… Read More
2019-07-30 23:30
Modern Treaty settlements are one of New Zealand’s greatest achievements. It’s no exaggeration to say they are world-leading policy. While the rest of the world is marred by terr… Read More
2019-07-30 22:30
New Conservative takes constructive feedback on our policies very seriously. Here is our latest on Firearms: FIREARMS POLICY New Conservative will repeal the recent Arms (Prohibited Firearms… Read More
2019-07-30 21:30
AUT University’s cancellation of a commemoration of the Tiananmen Square Massacre betrays the freedoms of students and contradicts the purpose of a university. AUT’s claim that t… Read More
2019-07-30 20:00
I came across this tweet at the weekend, and I really did not know what to make of it. Remember that the person who wrote it is a member of our elected government, and is supposed to uphold… Read More
2019-07-30 08:00
Media Outraged Over Trump’s Tweets, Ignores Bernie Sanders Similar Statements. Over the past week we have been embroiled in another Donald Trump Tweet story pertaining to Elijah Cummin… Read More
2019-07-30 07:00
This episode of The Candace Owens Show is all about Big Tech censorship. Candace sits down with YouTube personality Paul Joseph Watson, who was banned from Facebook, on why bias by social me… Read More
2019-07-30 05:00
The clash of victims. In this short video, a British Muslim woman shows her extreme intolerance of a British individual taking part in a gay pride parade in London. The post Tweet of the Day… Read More
2019-07-30 04:30
There is a stupid advert on TV for an electric car where two old geezers throw pebbles at a window to wake some poor soul who tosses down an extension cord to the tossers in the car. This is… Read More
2019-07-30 04:00
GetUp, the thuggish political hit-squad co-founded by former Labor leader Bill Shorten, with seed money from militant unions and Soros-linked organisations, has enjoyed a virtually free run… Read More
2019-07-30 02:30
For a class who are so obsessed with sniffing out the merest whiff of supposed “privilege” in others, your typical mainstream journalist – young, female, single, white and… Read More
2019-07-30 01:00
“There is no racist like an antiracist,” Theodore Dalrymple once wisely observed. “That is because he is obsessed by race, whose actual existence as often as not he denies… Read More
2019-07-30 00:30
I knew truth did not belong in fairy tales Meant for the alarmists not for me Facts were out to get me That's the way it seemed Failed predictions dashing all my dreams But I heard the farce… Read More
2019-07-30 00:15
Welcome to the 83rd National Party Conference. How good is it to be back in Christchurch celebrating 83 years of the National Party? Can I start by welcoming two very important people, Hon S… Read More
2019-07-30 00:15
Questions to Ministers 1.Dr LIZ CRAIG to the Minister of Health: What recent announcements has he made about dialysis and cardiac facilities at Middlemore Hospital? 2.Hon SIMON BRIDGES to th… Read More
2019-07-27 08:30
In this interview, Darryl and Brian Panes from As Good As Gold Australia discuss with Chief Economist, John Adams the extreme vulnerability of the economy and the current real estate market… Read More
2019-07-27 07:30
Good evening and welcome to tonight’s rugby post where the commenters are invited to talk about the goings-on at the game and to discuss the rules and anything whatsoever to do with ar… Read More
2019-07-27 05:30
Hello Everyone, students, Rams, people, They / them / theirs /Ze / hir / hirand Nige. I am so pleased to see all you deplorables this Saturday afternoon ready to learn how to use inclusive l… Read More
2019-07-27 04:30
The Inclusive Communications Task Force at Colorado has created an Inclusive Language Guide. Very helpfully they have listed all the naughty words that you are not allowed to use anymore. Yo… Read More
2019-07-27 01:30
It’s common knowledge that the Ku Klux Klan was founded by Democrats, and their unholy alliance continued for over a century. But just to show how deep continuing Klan-Democrat ties ra… Read More
2019-07-26 22:00
Well, the government has caved in to protesters at Ihumatao, and now building work will not continue… and it could be years before this issue is resolved. Prime Minister Jacinda Arder… Read More
2019-07-26 21:30
I love the New Zealand police I really do and I have great respect for them as a whole. However, there have been a few bungles of note lately that have revealed that not everything is shipsh… Read More
2019-07-26 21:00
Matthew Hooton seems to have finally run out of patience with Simon Bridges. At least he gave him a fair chance, unlike Tova O’Brien, who appears to have a personal grudge against Brid… Read More
2019-07-26 20:00
Jacinda is off to Tokelau this weekend. New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will visit Tokelau this weekend. It’s the first trip to the territory by a prime minister sinc… Read More
2019-07-26 05:30
The answer: All of the gun owners Everyone in Taranaki & Waihi Landlords Small businesses Rural communities Ute owners People who buy petrol People who buy food Tenants Farmers Australia… Read More
2019-07-26 04:30
Former Australian Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane is a veritable bloodhound when it comes to sniffing out racism wherever it doesn’t exist. Such is ol’ Soupy… Read More
2019-07-26 04:00
When Donald Trump was elected president, the political-cultural elite clutched their pearls and gasped, shocked that anyone could have voted for that awful – so “un-presidential… Read More
2019-07-26 02:30
Another day, another lefty trans activist exposed as a creepy predator. “Jessica” (original name Jonathan) Yaniv is a porky Canadian bloke who looks like a bad Divine impersonato… Read More
2019-07-26 01:30
Wind turbines create ‘clean’ energy and do not release evil CO2 or dirty carbon into the atmosphere. This, we are told, is a wonderful thing. But what is the net CO2 output or sa… Read More
2019-07-26 00:30
Jack Tame questions Jacinda Ardern on poverty in New Zealand. The post Is Poverty in NZ Worse? appeared first on WOBH | Media Read More
2019-07-25 23:30
I love free samples. Most people do. Yesterday both our children went to a Food Show. They didn’t buy any lunch because they didn’t need to. Every stall they went to was busy ser… Read More
2019-07-25 22:30
That is effectively what coastal residents around New Zealand are being told by their Local Authorities as councils get their big red pens out and draw lines on ‘hazard’ maps and… Read More
2019-07-25 21:00
Presumably when your business model depends upon people being stupid enough to think that they can beat the house at a gambling table or pokie machine then anything goes. SkyCity hotels are… Read More
2019-07-25 20:30
Finding a private rental property these days is very difficult. Landlords can pick and choose their tenants, and if you don’t have perfect references, a perfect credit history and a he… Read More
2019-07-25 08:30
A video from 2016 of then-private citizen Rashida Tlaib exploding at an economic speech of then-candidate Donald Trump resurfaced over the weekend and led to widespread mockery of the far-le… Read More
2019-07-25 07:30
Sky News host Peta Credlin says with the likely appointment of Boris Johnson as Britain’s Prime Minister, ‘comes hope’. If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share… Read More
2019-07-25 07:00
Tony Heller once again with facts debunks the alarmist MSM with all their dire headlines. I just love how he uses what has been written in the past along with readily available data to destr… Read More
2019-07-25 04:30
In many ways, swimmer Sun Yang might be the apt symbol of the rising China: brash, arrogant, muscling his way to the top; but also probably a cheat, one who bends the rules as he sees fit, a… Read More
2019-07-25 02:30
Ezra Levant from Rebel Media met with Tommy Robinson yesterday at London’s Belmarsh prison. He flew all the way to the UK from Canada because he doesn’t trust anyone else to answ… Read More
2019-07-25 01:30
In his fascinating book, Long Trek South, Tasmanian historian Barry Brimfield chronicles the history of human settlement in Tasmania as consisting of waves of different language groups, over… Read More
2019-07-25 00:15
Questions to Ministers 1.Hon PAULA BENNETT to the Prime Minister: Does she stand by all her Government’s statements, policies, and actions? 2.PRIYANCA RADHAKRISHNAN to the Minister of… Read More
2019-07-24 23:30
Since the terror attack in Christchurch, the government and mainstream media have been pushing the line that reporting on ‘hate speech’ will make New Zealand safer. In reality, s… Read More
2019-07-24 22:30
Newshub has uncovered a loophole in the Government’s gun ban which means previously restricted firearms are now available to hundreds of thousands more people.  […] The Ham… Read More
2019-07-24 21:15
Mao once boasted that power comes from the barrel of a gun. The power of the new dictators comes from the network, the CCTV and algorithm. Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, not to mention Xi… Read More
2019-07-24 20:30
In response to a National party attack advertisement that targeted Government policy (which the National party had to pay to have disseminated), the Green party launched an online attack ad… Read More
2019-07-24 20:00
Protests continue at the long-disputed Ihumatao construction site in Auckland, and protesters are calling in reinforcements from around the country. SOUL (Save Our Unique Landscape) spo… Read More
2019-07-24 08:30
Dave Rubin is on the other side of the interview in this video. He is challenged on various things and responds in a calm and friendly way. It is a very interesting interview and he makes so… Read More
2019-07-24 04:00
Environmentalism is the ultimate luxury item. Only the rich can afford to work themselves into a lather about the mooted possibility that people 100 years from now might be 2 percent less we… Read More
2019-07-24 02:15
Questions to Ministers 1.Hon SIMON BRIDGES to the Prime Minister: Does she stand by all her Government’s statements, policies, and actions? 2.Hon SIMON BRIDGES to t… Read More

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