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Warning To The American People: A Dictatorship Is Coming!

What happens when a nations citizenry is passive, uninformed and uninterested...the government overreaches its authority, misleads and possibly outright lies...and the media is in the governments pocket keeping the majority of the citizenry in the state that they're in?

In the case study above what you have is Nazi Germany, Russia, China, Cuba and every other totalitarian government that enriches its leaders while destroying the common man!

So the question is whether American society is quickly, sadly and decisively under the eight years of an Obama administration sliding down that slippery slope to the point of no return?

Watching the mainstream media speak (not speak) of Obama administration actions, the demagoguery of Obama and his various mouthpieces deflecting, misleading and potentially outright lying about them and then the total disinterest of the American people to learn more about any of it, I am afraid the answer is an emphatic yes!

Now we have the 2016 campaign for POTUS with two of the most flawed candidates in the history of our nation running against each other.

One was under federal investigation, likely may have committed espionage and has seemingly been involved in a pay to play scheme enriching her beyond ones wildest imagination to the detriment of the people who she seeks to lead.

The other is simply a sophomoric bully who constantly says the wrong thing at the wrong time about the wrong people.

The media, Barack Obama and the Democrat Party partisans hammer away non-stop on Donald Trump while IGNORING or dismissing as unimportant or as fabrication anything to do with Hillary Clinton and her past indiscretions.

This is not the way that our system is supposed to work and yet the fact that it is what it is and that few Americans seem to care fits into the narrative described at the beginning of this article.

And those that do care and attempt to speak about it?

They are labeled and described with vitriol as rightwing zealots and/or insane conspiracy theorists.

And the passive, uninformed and uninterested American people quietly and dutifully just follow along!

Historical Comparison: Germany circa 1930's and America today!

Consider (Note: This historical look back is not necessarily designed to compare current day leaders to the likes of Hitler)...

...Why, then, did the highly educated Germans embrace a lunatic like Adolf Hitler?  The short answer is that bad policies caused economic, military and political crises – chow time for tyrants.  German circumstances changed for the worse, and when people become angry enough or desperate enough, sometimes they’ll support crazies who would never attract a crowd in normal circumstances...

...Hitler’s main talent seemed to be as a speech maker, so he began giving speeches that appealed to Germans embittered and disillusioned by the outcome of the war.  He denounced Jews, capitalists and other alleged villains, vowing to rebuild German greatness...

...Germany also had a financially stressed-out welfare state.  Almost 90 percent of German government spending went for a big bureaucracy, social programs, money-losing nationalized businesses and other subsidies — a portfolio of obligations uncomfortably familiar to us.  The German government subsidized municipalities, much as U.S. states are begging the federal government for bailouts now.  Germany had a troubled government-run pension system like our Social Security.  The German government provided health insurance for millions of people....

...The German central bank began printing stupendous quantities of paper money to pay for all this.  At the peak of the inflation in late 1923, only 1.3 percent of German government spending was covered by tax revenue.  The result was that in less than five years prices soared 100 billion-fold.

Inflation harmed everybody to one degree or another.  Many bank deposits were devalued to nothing.  Historian Gerald D. Feldman reported that gangs of unemployed coal miners plundered the countryside, because farmers refused to trade their produce for worthless paper money.  The government enacted rent controls that limited the ability of landlords to recover their costs and discouraged developers from building more apartments.  So cities borrowed from foreign lenders to build housing that lost money...' (Source)

Read it and, as the saying goes, weep!


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Warning To The American People: A Dictatorship Is Coming!


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