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DC Charter School Board senior manager suspended for being a gun toting white supremacist who promotes raping feminists.

Courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

Until today, John Goldman was a Senior Manager of Finance, Analysis and Strategy for the Washington, DC Public Charter School Board. But today Goldman was suspended pending investigation after photos surfaced of him at parties with known neonazis and white supremacists as the pseudonymous "Jack Murphy," self-proclaimed liberal-turned-conservative in the age of Trump. 

"Murphy," it seems, was a foe of Richard Spencer. Still it appears they share some fundamental beliefs, though Murphy/Goldman claims he was a Democrat who now has a man-crush on Trump. Apparently former Democrats can be white supremacist men's rights advocates too! 

John Goldman has now admitted that his online alter ego is "Jack Murphy," but remains unapologetic about his stated beliefs and why he holds them.

By the way here are some of this stated beliefs:  

"Men have a natural tendency towards dominance and women to passivity and submission," Murphy wrote in 2015. "For a feminist who has rejected polarity and embraced sameness, this presents a paradox. The cognitive dissonance between her chosen dogma and the urge to get choked during sex is painful."

This is the argument for his central premise, which is simple: "Rape is the best therapy for the problem. Feminists need rape." 

But he is quick to qualify this by claiming that all feminists need is a man who loves her to rape her but not in a totally evil "illegal alien" rapey way, but a loving rape. Consensual, even.

"Loving, consensual rape" is a new one on me.

But wait, there's more: 

"However, the tragedy of a young girl getting raped in the bathroom at school just might be what turns the attention of limousine liberals from the brainwashing narrative of the Democrats and towards a more sane approach to immigration," "Murphy" wrote in a Medium post last year. 

"Let’s just hope it will only take one, and not an epidemic of heinous crime to finally get those suburban soccer moms out of their denial and into the real world," he continued.

Yeah, anybody else picking up on a rapey theme here?

There is of course more, but this is all I can stomach to post on my blog.

Keep in mind this guy worked for the Washington, DC "school board."

The mind reels.

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DC Charter School Board senior manager suspended for being a gun toting white supremacist who promotes raping feminists.


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