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13 Ways to Prepare for a Contested Election

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Regardless of who wins the next Election, things are going to get nasty. This is truly the closest that the United States has been to a state of civil war for the past 100+ years, and I think that most will agree with me on this. The amount of civil unrest we are seeing, the current political divide, and the assault on individual liberties has been unreal. How many of us would have anticipated this?

by Aden Tate, contributing writer and author of The Faithful Prepper

Will a Contested Election result in more civil unrest? More violence? A greater social divide?

It is incredibly prudent to do what you can NOW to prepare for what is likely to happen in the very near future. So what can we do to prepare for a contested election? Let’s take a look…

#1 – Buy Ammo (if you can find it)

Because a gun without ammo is just an expensive stick, buy as much as you can right now. It’s incredibly hard to find at the moment, and there’s a very good chance that it’s only going to get harder as the year rolls by. There’s already talks about massive tax hikes on ammunition, and the increasing trend toward a cashless society may mean this is impossible to buy anonymously in the near future. Palmetto State Armory has ammo in stock as of this writing, as does 1800 Guns and Ammo.

Guns aren’t your thing? See my article on the best SHTF weapons that are not guns.

#2 – Maintain Strong Friendships

No man is an island. One man can only do so much to defend himself and his family. Now may be the time to start talking with some of your like-minded neighbors about this, or at least finding out who IS a like-minded neighbor. PrepperNet and other similar sites are a great place to start. You want proof that one man isn’t much good against a mob? Check out this video from the Dallas riots…

#3 – Buy Weapons You Have Been Put Off Buying

If you’ve had your eye on a particular firearm lately, I would suggest that you go ahead and buy it now. I’ve heard it said that we’re roughly four months away from not being able to buy ANY firearm regardless of price as people realize just how necessary they are to personal safety. From my experience, larger gun stores (compared to the little guy) seem to get priority when it comes to what’s produced from the factory. They’ve had a much better selection of late as a result. Don’t discount pawn shops either.

#4 – Purchase Easily Accessible Body Armor

By this, I mean Body Armor that you can both get to and put on very quickly. As we are seeing, riots can happen anywhere anytime, and people are getting shot. Body armor that you can access and wear quickly could easily save your life. In my opinion, AR500 Armor is one of the best out there that you can get. As of this writing, they currently have a 20% off sale on the entire site. Engarde Body Armor offers equally great products.

faithful prepper book
The author’s book.

#5 – Stock Food

Do you remember the beginning stages of Covid a few months ago and how all of the shelves were stripped bare? That will happen again, and perhaps in a much worse way. Buy foods that you will actually enjoy eating, stock formula if you have infants, and buy food that the rest of your family will actually eat as well. I would recommend some MREs or other long-term freeze-dried food options. I cover calculating just how much food you need to survive X amount of days in my book The Faithful Prepper.

#6 – Stock Water

Currently, I’m of the mind that water bottles are the best option here. They’re easily stored, easily carried/distributed, easily bartered, and have a higher OPSEC value (in my mind) than a gigantic water barrel in your basement. If you live in an urban area and plan to bug in (a very scary proposition), you’re going to need plenty of this, because there’s no promise that your building will have water.

#7 – Establish Emergency Communications

The time to flesh out your emergency communications equipment is BEFORE a disaster. CB and HAM radio are both excellent ideas, but require a bit of practice to become proficient in. Walkie talkies may make sense for your preps, though installing Vox on your smart phone can accomplish the same thing. Mesh networking ability through Firechat may be a wise decision as well. A police scanner for home preparedness is also a great idea to stay aware of what’s going on in your community.

#8 – Flesh Out Emergency Plans

Your family needs to have something of a game plan for what to do in the event of ANY type of emergency. Where will you all meet? How will you all get there if your usual routes are closed? What will you do in the case of a fire? These need to be fleshed out now.

firearm systems book
Book one of Steve Markwith’s book series.

#9 – Finish Firearm Systems

What do I mean by a firearms ‘system’? I mean the magazines, scopes, spare parts, cleaning kits, lubrication, holsters, and other gear that your firearm needs to function effectively. All in all, it is a ‘system’. As far as magazines go, I’ve been told to start with at least 5 sidearm magazines, and at least 10 rifle magazines.

Fellow SHTF Blog writer Steve Markwith uses firearm systems as the tenet of his entire book series on survival guns.

#10 – Buy a Fire Extinguisher

Yet another thing that we’ve learned from this year’s rioters is that they like to start fires, and they often carry Molotov cocktails. Your home is not only your family’s chief source of physical security, but also your protection from the elements (let’s not forget the election occurs in the winter), and where the majority of your preps will be stored as well. Several strategically placed high-quality fire extinguishers is a wise investment. I’ve heard it can get you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance as well.

#11 – Keep Quality First Aid Kits

You need to have these readily accessible. Ideally, you should have several. Your home, every vehicle, your BOB, and your EDC should all include some form of first aid kit stocked in such a way that you can easily find what you need. There is everything from smaller Xpress First Aid kits to larger Eco Medix Trauma Kits. Become familiar with them.

Skinny Medic has obstetrics kits that may be worth a look to you, and I highly recommend buying some quality tourniquets.

#12 – Establish Alternate Route Plans

Figure out where your family works and goes to school, and on 3×5 cards figure out three alternative routs to get to your home from each location perchance your normal route home is blocked. Put these cards in each vehicle’s glovebox. You need to put physical copies of maps in each of your vehicles as well, and make sure that those in your family know how to use them to navigate.

#13 – Harden of Your Home

I’ve written about simple ways to slow a burglar if you would like to learn more details, and this is something I definitely believe is vital. 70% or so of break-ins come from forced entry. As such, protecting your home from such is a wise idea. Installation of deadbolts, buying door bars, and improving the strength of your strike plate are all wise ideas.

Final Contested Election Thoughts

The next election WILL be a contested election – all signs are pointing to that – and it is prudent to do what you need to do to prepare for such. Doing so will make things much, much easier for both you and your family come the end of the year.

What are your thoughts on the coming election and how to prepare for it?

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13 Ways to Prepare for a Contested Election


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