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Israel: Never Met a Genocidaire It Wouldn’t Do Business With

Censored Israeli article confirming arms supplies to Syrian Islamists

It’s widely known that Israel is one of the largest arms exporters in the world.  It is the seventh largest exporter of Weapons systems worldwide, while it’s GDP, $350-billion, ranks 32nd in the world.

Israel profits from its status as a permanent garrison state engaged in perpetual war with its frontline neighbors in order develop, test, and deploy advanced weapons systems which maximize the death and suffering of its enemies.  Then it turns around and exports not just the weapons systems, but the suffering they cause.  In effect, just as Israel destabilizes the Middle East with its constant invasions, assassinations, air assaults and repeated military operations outside its own borders, so it offers its customers the same capability to inflict damage on their own rivals and enemies.  Israel is a major force for destabilization among the nations of the world.

Half of its weapons sales are to India, whose government is also engaged in an illegal occupation of Muslim Kashmir.  It is the largest supplier of weapons to India as well.

What is much less well-known is that Israel has willingly sold weapons to some of the worst human rights violators in the world.  Among them, a number of states engaged in genocide.  It has engaged in this trade over many decades.  The list includes Rwanda, South Sudan, Serbia, and Myanmar.

Israeli Arms Sales to Sri Lankan Army Engaged in Genocide Against Tamils

Today, Israeli human rights activists appealed to a district court to lift a gag order censoring official documents which prove that the defense ministry approved sales of advanced weapons systems to the Sri Lankan government and its avowed enemy, the Tamil Tigers.  This aided its extermination of the Tamil Tigers rebel group which had fought a decades-long civil war.

Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese leaders have been accused of genocide and war crimes.  Over 100,000 died at the hands of both the rebels and government forces.  In one particularly gruesome 2006 attack, an Israeli Kfir war plane bombed an orphanage housing 400 children.  52 of them were killed along with two caregivers. Earlier, in 1999, another Israeli war plane attacked a school, killing 21 children and teachers.

It’s no wonder that after the conclusion of his Sri Lankan military service (when he was responsible for many of these massacres), its chief of staff was appointed the nation’s ambassador to Israel.

Unfortunately, the Israeli judge ruled against the activists claiming that protecting the secrecy of the arms sales (even though Sri Lanka itself has already publicly exposed the trade) was more important than the public’s right to know.  One has to ask: how does suppressing evidence of the military’s participation in genocide protect the Israeli state?  As I’ve written here many times before, you must have a tremendously warped notion of what constitutes national security to believe that keeping such information secret actually protects the country.  Only in a national security state can such a notion exist.  No democratic nation would see rendering such things secret as healthy.

Yad vashem duterte

Schonde: Philippines President Duterte pays respects at Yad VaShem after expressing admiration for Hitler

John Brown, the Israeli journalist who wrote this report in Haaretz, appealed on Facebook for readers to read his article before the judge ordered it suppressed.  I’ve linked to an archived version in case he does so.

When Duterte Came Shopping for Israeli Guns

Philippines’ President and accused war-criminal, Rodrigo Duterte, just completed a highly successful visit to Israel, during which he signed contracts to purchase some of Israel’s most advanced weapons.  Duterte stands accused of the murder of tens of thousands of Filipinos targeted in so-called drug busts.  Among the shrines this thug visited was Yad Vashem, Israel’s memorial to the Holocaust.  The Philippine leader has, in the past, expressed admiration for Hitler and likened himself to the Nazi dictator, presumably because the former saw himself as eradicating the plague of drugs in his country as Hitler eradicated the “plague” of Jews.

There appears to be no dictator too brutal, no thug too murderous to be considered treif as far as the Israeli arms industry is concerned.

It’s worth nothing that Duterte expressed special praise for Israel’s ask-no-questions approach to weapons sales.  Unlike the U.S., Israel placed no restrictions on their use.  It asked no questions and expected no answers from clients.

Arming Serbian and Rwandan War Criminals

In 2016, Brown also revealed that Israel supplied military training and weapons to the Serbian war criminal, Radko Mladic, who commanded Serbian forces which perpetrated the massacre at Srebrenica.  Israel appears to have flipped Will Rogers famous saying, “I never met a man I didn’t like,” on its head: it has never met a ruthless genocidaire it wouldn’t do business with.

Yet another Israeli court refused to release documentary evidence that Israel armed the Rwandan militias which ultimately murdered 800,000 Tutsis during the genocide.  Apparently, a court determined that Israel’s facilitation of genocide was news the world should not hear, because it would hurt the country’s reputation.

You’re damn straight it would.  Israel, which touts itself as the protector of world Jewry in the aftermath of the Holocaust in which 6-million Jews were exterminated, has been a willing participant in some of the worst instances of genocide since the Holocaust.  This is unspeakable behavior.

Myanmar’s Ethnic-Cleansing of Rohingya Muslims Aided by Israeli Naval Warships

Last year, during the ethnic cleansing of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority, the same group of Israelis activists led by attorney, Eitay Mack, brought to the public’s attention Israeli arms sales to the Myanmar military junta.  As the world shrinks in digust from former Nobel Peace Prize laureate and genocide apologist, Aung Sun Suu Kyi, Israel embraces her generals who’ve wiped out entire villages in Rakine State.  Nevertheless, the Israeli military and their arms dealer partners became so uncomfortable they suspended such arms sales.  Of course, this means that as soon as the furor around the expulsion of 500,000 Rohingya from their homes dies down, the commerce will resume.

IDF Acknowledges for First Time Supplying Arms and Ammunition to Syrian Islamists

Another major story that broke today in Israel is the censoring of a Jerusalem Post article (displayed here) which confirmed for the first time that the IDF has supplied weapons and ammunition to the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, al-Nusra.  I’ve reported here before that the Israeli military has physically coördinated with these Islamist rebels, providing intelligence gathering and communications gear.  It also built a camp just inside the Israeli occupation zone in the Golan which housed the families of Syrian militant fighters.

Until now, Israel only touted its humanitarian and medical aid to Syrian rebels, pretending that this somehow served as Israel’s contribution to ameliorating the suffering of Syrians during the civil war. Otherwise, Israel has falsely claimed it is either neutral in the Syrian conflict, or restrained in its involvement. It is neither.  But that hasn’t stopped credulous journalists from parroting the Israeli line.  It has flown hundreds of air sorties attacking Syrian air bases and targeting Hezbollah and Iranian weapons convoys.  Further, it has assassinated leading Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah military commanders inside Syria.

It’s hard to know why an IDF officer offered this information to an Israeli reporter, while the army censor countermanded him and declared the story treif and censored it.  It appears the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

Israel has made these alliances with Syrian Islamists as its prime minister has toured the world boasting that his country is the last bulwark against Islamist terrorism; that the West should thank Israel for warning of such terror attacks on European soil; and that ISIS and al-Qaeda seek first to destroy Israel and then follow up by invading the west.  It doesn’t seem to bother him at all to make common cause with the self-same al-Qaeda when his country’s interests are aligned with Israel’s.  Few world leaders or journalists have noted the ultimate cynicism of this Israeli gambit.  I presume that in the brave new world of IHRA-era Great Britain, such news would be greeted with charges of anti-Semitism.

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Israel: Never Met a Genocidaire It Wouldn’t Do Business With


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