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Here Is What I think of Your Opinion Ahmed

I always try to back up what I write by citing news articles or linking to sources for my information. Despite that I still get comments from visitors to my blog asking me where the hell did I get such lies or nonsense. The moment they read something disagreeable, they immediately scribble a comment without reading my footnotes or citations.

For example, in my 2009 article Virgin Girls Raped Before Execution in Iran I wrote that Islam allows the rape and execution of children and cited a news report quoting Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Mesbah-Yazdi, an Iranian imam, who made such pronouncements to fellow Muslims. As expected, a reader left a comment asking me, "... when has Islam allowed the execution of children?"

I should mention that this type of reaction, where my sources are completely ignored and I am only offered a baseless Opinion, quite often comes from Muslims. If this Ahmed had bothered to read my entire article and followed my citations he would have learned that I was not making an unfounded assertion at all, but rather quoting a prominent Muslim cleric on the matter. Reading further into my citations he would have come across the report that Amnesty International documented 26 executions of child offenders between 2005 and 2009 in Iran, an Islamic country that is strictly in compliance with Shariah law.

It's Tough Being a Muslim

I understand how dreadful it is for a person brought up in the Muslim faith to discover that his religion encourages barbaric and evil acts. The majority of Muslims in the world are illiterate and will never know what is actually written in the Qu`ran. As for the minority who can read, most of them cannot Read Arabic and so they excuse the savagery by insisting that the Qu`ran in any other language cannot be translated correctly.

The very tiny minority of Muslims who can read Arabic, when alighting on passages that instruct the faithful to kill infidels, will take one of two paths:

  1. To be able to live with themselves, will pretend that those commands are taken out of context.

  2. To be true to Islam, will follow those instructions and go on Jihad.

Muslims on path #2 will not disagree with my views on Islam. However, Muslims on path #1 only leave their meaningless opinions in my comment section. I can no longer devote the time responding to Muslims who write that I am wrong, period, without backing up their comments with sources or logical argument.

So for you dear Ahmed, here is what you can do with your worthless opinion:

This post first appeared on Planck's Constant - The Threat Of Moderate Islam, please read the originial post: here

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Here Is What I think of Your Opinion Ahmed


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