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Gay Hacker fighting Isis Single Handedly

It's not a tweet you'd expect from a Twitter Account belonging to an Isis member. But the account was hijacked by a hacker who goes by the name WauchulaGhost.
The profile name on Twitter, which originally referenced jihad, has been replaced with "Jacked by a Ghost," the signature of the hacker who's waging an online campaign against ISIS.
Over the past month, WauchulaGhost says he's hacked over 250 Twitter accounts associated with ISIS members and replaced the content with pornography and gay pride messages.
"There was a few of us... that discovered a vulnerability,"  "We thought, 'Hey let's go start taking their accounts ... and humiliating them.'"

Initially, WauchulaGhost replaced the jihad-related content with po*n to offend ISIS, but started posting gay pride messages following the attack of a gay nightclub in Orlando that left 49 dead.
"You had all those innocent lives lost,". "I just felt there's something I could do against the Islamic State to defend those people."
When he takes over the accounts, WauchulaGhost replaces images of ISIS flags with rainbows and gay couples embracing. He says he also direct messages its followers to cause confusion.

I'll talk to them for a few minutes, either in Arabic or English, and I'll just have a normal conversation," . "Then I'll let them know it's the ghost and not who they thought it was.

WauchulaGhost, who said he's received death threats from ISIS members, identifies as a part of hacking collective Anonymous. He was previously part of a hacktivist group called Ghost Security Group, which is made up of former counterintelligence officials and computer specialists, but split off from the group in November and currently operates alone.

He emphasis that there are hundreds of "hunters," scouring Twitter for ISIS-related accounts. Those people include Anonymous members and citizens who document ISIS accounts.

After receiving feedback from people who support the cause he mentioned that for now gay pride is a message he's sticking with.

Everyone wants to fight ISIS. One member of Anonymous is doing it by hacking into their Twitter accounts and making them tweet po*n.
WauchulaGhost, who for some strange reason did not want to give his real name, told the Washington Post that ISIS “doesn’t like po*n” and doesn’t like women in general. (He’s definitely right about the latter, given the reports of mass rape and keeping of sex slaves.)
The logic goes that therefore hacking accounts with sexual images helps to run them off the social network. “We just started using [sexual images] to poke fun at them and diminish their presence online,” he adds. Another reason is that the hacked accounts can be used to “monitor other accounts from the inside, as there are a lot of protected accounts that the public can’t see.”
 The hacked accounts have tweeted provocative photos (“nothing X-rated, just simple sexy photos”) instead of encouraging people to join their group, or have had their avatars changed to say “I [heart] po*n.” Ghost been doing this for a couple of months, though the hacking has picked up after the Orlando shooting at a gay club this past weekend, which the murderer dedicated to ISIS.
Understandably, Ghost doesn’t want kids logging on to see beheading videos. But not everyone thinks that sexual photos is the best way to fight ISIS, and several experts told WaPo that it’s likely many who don’t want to see beheading videos might not want to see “simple sexy photos” either. While the images are meant to offend ISIS, known for preaching modesty, they might also offend people who have no affiliation with the group whatsoever.
At any rate, this isn’t the first anti-ISIS activism on the part of Anonymous. The group swore payback for ISIS after the Paris attacks last year and have been trying to troll the group by posting mocking photos and using the #Daeshbags hashtag. (Daesh is the Arabic transliteration of ISIS.)
It’s had scuffles with Twitter too, after a disgruntled Anonymous member complained that the company was suspending Anonymous profiles that reported ISIS accounts too often. (Twitter, for its part, says it’s shut down 125,000 terrorist accounts since May of last year.)
Ghost hacked his way through taken the fight against isis to another level. He thinks we’re here for a purpose, and he’s found his: “waking up in the morning and see messages from Daesh, telling me they’re going to kill me or cut my head off.”

The Question now is do we pay gratitude to WauchulaGhost for his effort against isis or what!!!

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Gay Hacker fighting Isis Single Handedly


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