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 Twitter Engage app, A safer way for celebrities to tweet 

Twitter's apps early success came from its adoption by major celebrities as a way to speak directly to their fans with the occasional chance for those fans to speak back.
Now, Twitter engage is putting a bit more of a barrier between celebrities and the average user.
This new Twitter Engage app offers people with big list of followers a way to more easy ways of handling their accounts.

It also provides a tool for these Twitter celebs to see only the important people that respond to them.
As an influential celebrity on the go, you've heard about Twitter, and your handlers are always telling you about what it can do for your brand. But what are you supposed to tweet about? And what happens if a normal tweets at you? Enter twitter Engage app, a new standalone app for influential Twitter users that takes some of the guesswork out of Twitter. well with the help of the new twitter engage relationships are goingto be more interesting among celebs and thier followers.

This app, which is available today on iOS, is designed to help famous people interact with their fans and build a bigger followership.

 The twitter engage app includes three (3) main tabs.
  1. The Twitter Engage app highlights the most important interactions you've had on Twitter, and includes mentions from users who are verified, followed by a lot of your followers, or interact with you a lot.
  2. An "understand" tab shows you high-level analytics for your posts, showing you how many impressions you're getting over time.
  3. The "posts" tab shows you detailed performance numbers for individual posts.
All this features is to help famous people interact better with their fans.

Track your Tweets now

Twitter Engage app reviews all of your videos, GIFs, images, and other Twitter activity, allowing you to efficiently track post-by-post performance and continue the conversation around your content.
Engage also provides users with more data tools that track retweets, mentions, video views and more.
Twitter announced its new Twitter Engage app paltform on Tuesday, touting it as a way for "the world's most influential creators to connect with their fans."

Twitter Engage is currently available to all users on iOS in the U.S.
One thing Engage doesn't have: a timeline. Engage is for the celebrity who sees the value in tweeting, but would rather not pay attention to the broader conversation in the global town square. If reading Twitter makes you upset, but you still want to be able to broadcast the details of your latest juice cleanse, Engage may be the app for you.

Twitter Engage's widespread availability theoretically makes it a tool for even casual users to limit the amount of abuse and trolling they encounter on Twitter.
Engage will be available to all Twitter users. And while Facebook's version looks more or less like the flagship app with a special section added for monitoring mentions of your name, Engage is much more focused on analytics.

That could be a step forward for a company that has endured near-constant criticism for its reticence to do much about the abuse that some users face on Twitter.
Twitter top most users have a lot of praises for the new app. CNBC pundit Jim Cramer tweeted this morning "More good things at Twitter" in reference to the news.

What do you think of twitter Engage? Tweet your opinion at me, and if you're famous, I'll see it.

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Please note: The app is now available in the App Store.

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