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Top Alexander Hamilton Accomplishments In His Life

Whenever you take a look at the Alexander Hamilton biography, you realize that he was a great man who achieved a lot in a short span of his life.

Biography of Alexander Hamilton

His life ended very untimely and unfortunately in an infamous duel with Aaron Burr. Had that not been the case, the list of Alexander Hamilton’s achievements would have been even greater.

Alexander Hamilton accomplishments are a long list and are in every domain of life. In this article, we take a look at the life achievements and accomplishments of Alexander Hamilton and talk about all Alexander Hamilton facts.

Alexander Hamilton Accomplishments – Overview

Alexander Hamilton is one of the biggest names in American political history.

He was born in January of the year 1757 to a couple who were not wedded. This made him the illegitimate child with his father turning on him and abandoning his mother prior to his birth. His mother was jailed for several years for adultery.

All in all, the childhood of Hamilton was not blessed. In fact, he led his life through poverty and misery.

However, Alexander was always a very talented and ambitious young boy that led him to step by step towards success and accomplishments in his life. His intelligence, courage, conviction and ambitious nature were noticed by the big names of that time.

He also eventually wed Elizabeth Schuyler, who was the daughter of one of the wealthiest man General Phillip Schuyler.

Throughout his life, Alexander Hamilton achieved a lot, and it was very unfortunate that his life was cut short in a deadly duel with Aaron Burr that resulted in Alexander Hamilton death.

Alexander Hamilton accomplishments – Academic years

In the education zone, Alexander Hamilton was always exceptional.

In his early school days, he started working at a local firm. This place was known as the Beekman and Cruger firm for export and import.

Though Alexander had started working there to support him as he had no parents and no family, the owners of the place were quick to notice the exceptional intelligence that the title boy had.

This is the place where Hamilton developed an interest in writing and recognized it to be a strong skill that could take him forward. His skill for writing was so exceptional that when he wrote a letter about the hurricane that had hit town, the letter that wrote was published in the in the local gazette.

This was one small achievement for Hamilton in a life full of accomplishments.

His letter was so provocative and thoughtful even at such a young age that he not only managed to collect funds for the hurricane victims but was also noticed by big names that came as a great help for him in the future. Later accomplishments came during college years when he wrote down his support to voice his opinions in favor of the Loyalists in 1774.

During his academic years, the final achievement was when he wrote down a series of 14 journals in recognition of the published worked ‘The monitor.’

Alexander Hamilton accomplishments – Military

The year of 1775 is a crucial year in the history of America. This was when the American revolutionary war broke out, and all young men of the state were summoned to serve as battlefield officers.

Alexander Hamilton in the battle of Yorktown

Hamilton was also selected for the heart of Oak. Hamilton served in the Military forces for several years and was successful in achieving many ranks and positions during his service years in the forces. His intelligence, bravery, and courage were also evident and distinct amongst all officers, and that is why he was soon leading pack of men in the battlefield. He has the honor of leading his countrymen in the Battles of White plains and the historic battle of Trenton.

He was also one of the greatest and most trustworthy confidants of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Both these men were the president of the country.

After his involvement in the battles mentioned earlier, he was transferred to Washington D.C as chief of army staff. He was responsible solely for looking after the documentation for higher officials. This was the time when documents were highly confidential, and only the most reliable men could be trusted with these.

During his serving years as chief in New York, he was also given the opportunity to lead the young men in three other battles. He emerged victorious in all.

Alexander Hamilton accomplishments – Politics

While his years serving in the politics, Alexander Hamilton was always in the good books of influential people. His father-in-law was a power man whose entire family had involvement in the politics for years.
Alexander Hamilton also served George Washington for several years and became one of the most trusted men. Alexander Hamilton is one of those few names in American political history that is remembered in its own distinct accord.
After he had become the member of the constitutional congress, there was no looking back for Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton accomplishments are too many to be summarized in merely a few words, but here we try to do so.
Hamilton was one of the coauthors of the book called the Federalist Papers that offered a complete insight into the world of politics.

Alexander Hamilton in the Constitutional Convention

He was also on the board of members that took important political decisions in the country.
Next was, of course, his work that he actively participated in while serving the Naval Act in 1794. This was 10 years before he was murdered in a deadly combat by Aaron Burr, who was an arch rival of Hamilton’s since the beginning.

The Naval Act in 1794

He also served as the acting sole representative from New York when the city sat to sign the constitution with the United Sates.
More of his accomplishments were on the way. Alexander Hamilton has the honor of being the first ever acting and serving Secretary of the treasury of the United Sates. His services in politics continued once he became the secretary of the treasury (finance of modern era).

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Top Alexander Hamilton Accomplishments In His Life


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