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Why James Madison Is The Important Presidents Of U.S

James Madison was the fourth acting president of the United States.

He was the man who gave importance to the federal government and is known as the father of the American constitution. He was always a man of intelligence and aptitude and was deeply involved in evolving a new type of modernized government.

James Madison

The life of James Madison is an open book of patriotism as he worked tirelessly for the progress of Americans every step of the way. His knowledge and intellect shaped the government of America in a modernized way for the progress and betterment of the American nation. He strived hard to secure the rights of the Americans.

The foundation he laid is the base for all Americans and has provided them an opportunity that allows the people of the State to enjoy their rights till date.

Major Highlights Of The Life Of James Madison:

James Madison was born on March 16 in the year 1751. Born in the town of Port Conway in Virginia, this intelligent man is known for writing down the first drafts of the constitution of the United States.

He is the co-author of the Federalist paper as well as the bill of rights.

He was professionally associated with Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States while James Madison succeeded Thomas Jefferson in the presidential race and was elected President himself in the year 1808.

In alliance with Thomas Jefferson, Madison was the pioneer of the Democratic Republican Party.

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison

He also served in the military for a short time period and was one of the few handful men who fought bravely in the war in 1812. As far as his presidential career is concerned, President James Madison served for two terms as President. During both terms, he resided in the White house with his wife and first lady of United States Dolly Madison.

After a long life full of services to his nation and countless accomplishments, Madison passed away in his Montpelier estates on June in 1836.

He was 85 years old at time of death.

James Madison – Early Childhood

At time of his birth, his parents James Madison Sr. and Nelly Madison resided with his grandmother in home of his grandparents. He shared his childhood with twelve other siblings. James was the eldest of all his siblings.

He enjoyed a privileged childhood with his initial years being spent at the home in Mount Pleasant.

Later on, he was sent to the King and Queen Country to complete his school years.

Since an early age, he was much interested in mathematics and showed keen interest particularly in Algebra and Geometry.

His father was a planter and had more than three thousand acres of land. James Madison was always interested in plating and gardening himself.

He pursued his interests after retirement.

College Years Of James Madison

Once he completed school, he was sent off to the College of New Jersey (modern day Princeton University).

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1771.

College of New Jersey

His major in university was Hebrew and ethics. This man with great intellect always had an interest in learning multiple foreign languages.

However, Madison had always complained of poor health ever since early childhood.

He ended up staying longer at college than expected and therefore he failed to complete his coursework in due time. He was only able to submit work well after two years.

The Father Of American Constitution

When we talk about other political figures such as the Alexander Hamilton biography, there are certain things that have to be mentioned such as the duel between Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Similarly, it is not possible to write the biography of James Madison without mentioning his role as the father of the constitution.

Alexander Hamilton and James Madison

He put forward his Virginia plan not long after he started his political career.

He wanted to revolutionize the idea of politics and build a strong base for the future generations to follow.

He succeeded in doing so as well with great conviction.

In his action plan of Virginia, he presented the notion that there should be a federal government that is involved in running the country smoothly to ensure stability in the long-run.

He further said that the federal government should be divided into three parts; judicial, legislative and executive.

Presidential Years

James Madison on a professional front was one of the pioneers of the political party called Democratic Republican party. He worked in collaboration with Thomas Jefferson.

It was fate that he was elected president and he succeeded Jefferson by doing so.

In 1808, James Madison was elected the president of United States.

He was the fourth President to lead the nation one step ahead. He won the presidential elections against Charles c. Pinckney through a huge margin. In the presidential elections, he won almost seventy out of a hundred percent of the total electoral votes. The success and election of James Madison are recorded in history to be one of the most amazing and memorable elections to be held ever.

He served successfully for two terms as President and during this time period, he resided in the White house along with the First lady, Dolly Madison.

The successful completion of the tow terms of Madison came somewhat as a surprise to many people because there were several hardships and challenges that he had to face during these years.

However, it makes one appreciate the talent, courage and intellect of the man that enabled him to overcome every hurdle that came his way.

He was very patriotic and it was reflected in every decision he took for the country during the 9 years of Presidency.

War of 1812 also broke out while he was the President and this further challenged Madison to prove himself loyal to his country. He was subjected to criticism and discouragement by the federalists but his conviction kept him going.

Final Political Engagement Post-retirement

After he retired from the presidency, he bid goodbye to politics as well.

However, post-retirement he engaged in once political activity and this was his final and only political act.

The Virginia Convention

This event was the Virginia Convention that took place in 1829. However, even after retirement, he continued to review and re-review the federal papers of the constitution.

Final Years And Death

James Madison retired as the President of U.S in 1817.

Upon retirement, he along with his wife Dolly Madison moved back into his personal home in the estate of Montpelier.

This was the home he had shared with his wife prior to his presidency and this is the place he returned to after successfully completing two terms as serving president.

Once back home, James kept himself occupied by fulfilling his passions and interests that he had long forgotten in the busy world of Politics.

He pursued plantation and gardening. On a professional front, retiring from politics had instated a refreshed spirit in Madison and he strived to do more for his people.

With help of Thomas Jefferson, he worked as a special member in the University of Virginia and continued his educational services by inaugurating a school for the children in the year 1825.

Thomas Jefferson was appointed the rector of this school.

James Madison died peacefully at his home in Montpelier on June 28 in 1836.

He will always be remembered for his unconditional love and hard work he did to take his country a step ahead.

James Madison’s “Advice to my country”

People like James Madison make sure that the men of their nation don’t easily forget them.

After he passed away in 1836, a note specifically hand written by him was brought into the public eye.

It was then revealed that the note itself had been written by Madison in 1834, two years prior to his death.

At that time, he had requested his closest people and confiders to keep the note safe and not to be read until he died.

Unfortunately, he died two soon after writing the note and so as per his wish, the note was made available for public access. The note was named “Advice to my country”.

This note continued his political contributions for the progress of his nation even after his death. The note itself is a souvenir of Madison’s patriotism and love for his people and nation.

In the note “advice to my country”, James Madison wrote:

“The advice nearest to my heart and deepest in my convictions is that the Union of the States is cherished and perpetuated. Let the open enemy to it be regarded as a Pandora with her box opened; and the disguised one, as the Serpent creeping with his deadly wiles into Paradise.”

This note is the treasure and is kept safe by the Government of America as a remembrance of the man who served his nation and is one of the most loved presidents of America.

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Why James Madison Is The Important Presidents Of U.S


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