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In-depth Analysis of Power Dynamics, Human Behavior, Influence, Manipulation & Machiavellianism. Strategy for Love, Politics & War.
2018-10-09 09:35
Valtteri Bottas erwartet weitere Teamorder-Befehle von Mercedes, und zwar so lange, bis sein Teamkollege Lewis Hamilton die Fahrerwertung gewonnen hat. Die vom Team ausgesprochene… Read More
2018-03-23 02:06
Summary of Law #1  "Never Outshine the Master" of the book "the 48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene. This review offers practical real-life examples and strategies on how to apply this s… Read More
2018-03-22 09:17
Article originated hereBack when I was about 7 or 8 years old, my uncle decided that I was old enough to finally learn how to shoot a gun. So, he grabbed an old 30-06 he had, iron sights and… Read More
2018-03-15 14:13
Article originated hereThis essay was left in the draft folder for a while, but a question relating to it came up in the last 21 convention podcast, so I decided to finish it up. In medicine… Read More
2018-03-08 03:43
Article originated here  A careful reading of Ibn Zafar al-Siqilli’s (“The Sicilian”) masterpiece of political philosophy Sulwan al-Muta’ (سلو… Read More
2018-03-04 19:07
Article originated hereA reader has a question about the direction he should take in life. His father died recently, and he is feeling the effects of delayed shock and repressed anger. He fe… Read More
2018-03-03 19:27
Article originated hereIt is right for us to celebrate great deeds of valor of ages past.  By doing so we are inspired us to achievement in our own affairs, and become connected to that… Read More
2018-03-02 12:13
Article originated hereOne of the more challenging tasks when doing research is the removal of superfluous variables. In the simplest terms you want to study one independent variable, meanin… Read More
2018-02-25 19:17
Article originated hereSome months ago The Guardian published an article about the reopening of a reconstructed mithraeum (Temple of Mithras) in London.  I had known about the cult of M… Read More
2018-02-24 21:44
Article originated hereCoconut debris, machetes, game meats, natural oils, custom suits, and the whole 9 yards. This authorized podcast goes into more details about the themes talked about i… Read More
2018-02-22 05:07
Article originated hereEvery traveler has a different tale, but the travel itself has the same purpose:  to push through boundaries, overcome obstacles, and to seek out what is not know… Read More
2018-02-17 03:30
Article originated hereIn this podcast I discuss three separate questions sent to me by readers. The questions are: 1. How do I deal with a situation where I’m worried my boss might tr… Read More
2018-02-15 14:48
Article originated hereOn a recent podcast I did with Rollo Tomassi and Rian Stone, hosted by Anthony Johnson from the 21 Convention, I found myself annoyed at having my perspective called o… Read More
2018-02-10 05:13
Article originated hereThere is a fable told in the Roman emperor Julian’s oration To the Cynic Heracleios that is worth relating and discussing.  The fable is rather involved, bu… Read More
2018-02-08 15:59
Article originated hereIn last week’s essay, I began an analysis of dominance hierarchies, that I will continue in this essay. I recommend reading last week’s first. Humans have… Read More
2018-02-02 12:36
Article originated hereWhen I started my first corporate job, two of my mentors who had a tendency to contradict each other, gave me the same piece of advice “Don’t dip your pen… Read More
2018-01-30 18:46
Article originated hereOriginally posted on Quintus Curtius: Stalin biographer Stephen Kotkin spends several pages of his book discussing the lessons to be learned from Mussolini’s sei… Read More
2018-01-26 16:13
Article originated hereI had another essay building on last weeks essay on responsibility and accountability planned this week, but I saw a tweet that caught my interest and started me down… Read More
2018-01-26 04:15
Article originated hereUpon his accession to the throne of Augustus in A.D. 364, the emperor Valentinian gave a short address to his troops.  The speech is related in Ammianus Marcellin… Read More
2018-01-19 12:08
Article originated hereThis post went through multiple revisions when it came to the title. This is quite abnormal for me as I usually just title a post when I start writing it and leave it… Read More
2018-01-19 03:05
Article originated hereEveryone has heard the tired phrase, “path of least resistance.”  It represents a principle that I have no objection to.  Of course there is no r… Read More
2018-01-13 21:55
Article originated hereI will turn again to Biondo Flavio’s geographical compendium of Italy called Italia Illustrata, which was published in 1453.  Flavio traveled all over the I… Read More
2018-01-11 14:12
Article originated hereI came across some interesting statistical observations recently regarding singles [6], that show that for the first time, the number of singles are outnumbering the p… Read More
2018-01-07 19:40
Article originated hereI spent the recent holidays in Belo Horizonte, which is the capital of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.  It was a fantastic trip, and I wanted to give readers… Read More
2018-01-04 13:45
Article originated hereI use the concept of emergent strategy in the Gendernomics book when explaining and to some extent describing the various ways in which a strategy can form as a sum of… Read More
2017-12-21 05:00
Article originated hereFive years ago, I was a sad human being. I was an alcoholic working at T-Mobile with zero prospects and nothing promising going on in my life. My days consisted of tra… Read More
2017-12-20 02:10
Article originated hereThe theme of this podcast is the subject of escape, and how it is connected with travel and discovery. We explore this theme through the prism of two recent movies: &l&hell…Read More
2017-12-10 23:08
Article originated hereWe explore the theme of the presence of death through two movies: “Biutiful” (2010) and “Amour” (2012). We also discuss Polydore Vergil’s… Read More
2017-12-02 18:10
Article originated hereThere are times in a leader’s experience when it will be prudent to watch and await developments.  Sometimes more is to be gained by figuratively taking off… Read More
2017-11-23 15:06
Article originated hereThis has been a strange couple of weeks, we’ve found out that many Hollywood Male Feminists are creeps (which quite frankly wasn’t a massive surprise) as p… Read More
2017-11-19 18:57
Brought to you by this site Join the club! Every week I send my subscribers a piece of exclusive writing. As a member of my mailing list, you will get exclusive content, first dibs on new ar… Read More
Black Label Logic
2017-11-19 18:41
Brought to you by this site Lately it seems that there is some discussion regarding when to move on from the red pill. As someone who found the manosphere quite early, was a part of it for a… Read More
Illimitable Men
2017-11-19 18:14
Brought to you by this site Contents:1.) Introduction 2.) Why Do More & More Men Need Testosterone Replacement Therapy? 3.) What Are The Benefits of Testosterone Replacement T… Read More
2017-11-18 20:41
Article originated hereStalin biographer Steven Kotkin relates this ominous anecdote in the second volume of his monumental three-volume study of the Soviet dictator’s life and times… Read More
2017-11-17 18:52
Article originated hereI recently had a great conversation with my good friend James Maverick, an accomplished traveler and entrepreneur, who is also the proprietor of the site MaverickTrave… Read More
2017-11-16 16:25
Article originated hereLately it seems that there is some discussion regarding when to move on from the red pill. As someone who found the manosphere quite early, was a part of it for a whil… Read More
2017-11-16 03:24
Article originated hereIn this podcast we discuss three movies: “Good People” (2014), “Smoke and Mirrors” (El Hombre de las Mil Caras)(2016), and the truly unsettling… Read More
2017-11-10 03:03
Article originated hereWhen a writer composes his or her memoirs while in prison awaiting execution, we owe it to ourselves to consider what they have to say.  It may be a cliché… Read More
2017-11-09 13:12
Article originated hereThe SMV graph by Rollo Tomassi has become one of the cornerstones of Red Pill theory. The chart demonstrates the development of the sexual market value for men and wom… Read More
2017-11-07 19:52
Brought to you by this site An Update To The Upcoming #DecemberofDiscipline Challenge The T-Shirt Campaign has ended. Thank you to all who purchased a #31DtM shirt. The shirts should be ship… Read More
2017-11-07 04:26
Article originated hereIt is a good thing for us to cultivate our aggressive spirit.  Life requires participation, and participation demands endurance and adrenaline; and he who enters… Read More
2017-11-03 13:30
Brought to you by this site The Finish Line is a checkpoint for review of performance There’s something to be said about the emotion associated with crossing the finish line. It&rsquo&hell…Read More
The Trident Of Masculinity
2017-10-13 17:35
Brought to you by this site Authentic masculine expression comes from the harmonization of the three different ‘selves‘ which exist inside each man. These three selves are the:… Read More
Most Haters Are Filled With Envy
2017-10-11 14:34
Brought to you by this site “The critic hates most that which he would have done himself if he had had the guts.”                  … Read More
TFA & 31DtM
2017-10-10 23:58
Brought to you by this site When I took on the challenge of writing a series of posts which would span the entire month of March, I was doing so to get myself out of an inconsistent writing… Read More

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