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Pres. Macron in the US to Deviate Pres. Trump from Realism to Liberalism

President Macron is visiting the US this week. It is said that the main objective of this visit is to discuss the Iran Nuclear Deal and a wider range of issues currently afflicting the world. Emmanuel Macron gave an exclusive interview to Fox News and what he said told us that France intends to sweet-talk President Trump to lead him deviate from his plan to Make America Great Again.

The Iran Deal

France doesn’t want President Trump to walk away from the deal because although he is “not satisfied with the situation with Iran” he believes the US shouldn’t leave without a “better option”.

If there hadn’t been a better option, we have to wonder why world leaders made this deal in the first place. President Macron even went as far as admitting that France doesn’t have a Plan B – I beg your pardon? One would think that when a deal is made several outcomes have been previously anticipated, that a contingency plan is set in place in case things go wrong and, mainly, that a clause is included in the accord to punish any violation. In this case, having things going wrong would mean that Iran would have reached Nuclear Capability – in terms of weapons – and the world would be in utter danger.

President Trump knows there is a better option, and we hope he is able to convey this message to President Macron. Those who designed the Nuclear Deal Plan with Iran presented a full project that, unfortunately, was only half implemented by President Obama. But POTUS will be in a better position to complete the Plan, leaving him with two options:

  1. Renegotiate the present Deal and add firewalls to an agreement that assumes that Iran hasn’t reached nuclear capability just yet, despite all the evidence in contrary. (Note: this will extend the Iranian regime’s life and nurture War in the ME)
  2. Cancel the Deal and unleash the Lion of Zion. (Note: this will represent the first step towards regime change and fuel War in the ME)

Any option will lead to War. And trying to avoid the unavoidable will only drag us into further chaos. France needs to choose on which side it stands, once and for all.

The Syrian Matter

“We will have to build a new Syria after war. And that’s why I think the U.S. role is very important to play.”

Does France really think that it will drag the US back into Nation Building?

President Trump’s main Project is to “Make America Great Again” and in order for him to do that he cannot repeat the same mistakes US Presidents have done in the past. For instance, where did the US go wrong in the Iraq war? The United States’ military objective was to invade Iraq and depose Saddam Hussein. The mission was not to depose the dictator, remain in the country, and rebuild Iraq’s institutions, impose the Western model of Democracy (with an absolute disregard for the local customs and history), generate an even bigger chaos, spend billions of dollars for basically nothing, and ruin the economy at home.

Do Globalists want to do the same now? They do. Emmanuel Macron supports Globalism and the One World Government (just study the history of his professional path) and so when he utters words like “we have to build a new Syria after the war” he is actually echoing his mentors:

Let’s allure Donald Trump into the Process of Nation Building. He says he is a principled realist, doesn’t he? So let’s appeal to his humanitarian side and make him forget about strengthening the American economy, these tariffs and everything else that blocks our Global ambitions…

America must keep its eye on the ball.

It would be interesting to know whether the French President will present the proof that President al-Assad actually carried out the Chemical Attack against his own people…though we all know exactly the role France played in the whole matter.

International Relations: Realism Vs Liberalism 

"The US has a very strong role to play for Peace in different regions of the world, and especially in the Middle East; and I think it is one of the last resorts player for Peace and Multilateralism"

The US is the most powerful nation in the world and it cannot afford to lead from behind – that much is true (besides President Obama tried to do it and it didn’t work). However, the US must not be the Global Police by itself; nay, all the countries of the Free World must play this role, however, with America at the helm. The United States of America has gathered enough experience to change the way it keeps Peace in the world. Therefore, old formulae shall not be implemented, if it wants to maintain its Hegemony.

Multilateralism is just another word for Liberalism. France, the EU, and all the Globalists, just want to steer America from Power Politics back into Interdependence to assuage the focus on national interest and on military power – since the Liberal Theory defends International rules and organizations foster cooperation, trust, and prosperity. This is sort of hilarious because history has shown us that:

  • Cooperation: when it’s suitable
  • Trust: not so much
  • Prosperity: only for some

"I will advocate for Multilateralism before the Congress [to diminish influence and support for rogue states, dictators; and of course the war against terrorism…together]”

It is unlikely that President Macron will have the same success PM Netanyahu and PM Abe had when they addressed the Congress, but he can always try to sell the Liberalism/Multilateralism/Globalism pitch to the American lawmakers – elected to protect the National Interests of America, i.e. MAGA.

It is curious to see how Emmanuel Macron put the fight against Terrorism in last place but did put Regime Change first – was he saying that in exchange for President Trump’s flexibility in the Iranian Deal (or in the Syrian crisis) he will support the POTUS’ efforts to change the Iranian Regime?

President Trump should ask President Macron when France will drop its Arab Policy – a policy that has caused more harm than good to the world.

“It’s too complicated. If you make war against everybody, you make trade war against China, trade war against Eu-rope, war in Syria, war against Iran -- come on -- it doesn’t work. You need allies.” - Emmanuel Macron

Again, the above words express the desire to deviate the US from the Path of Principled Realism. It is true that countries need allies but that doesn’t mean that we should allow China to take abuse (and forget that they enjoy the present global position because Nixon’s America allowed them to), that the EU should be allowed to slowly re-implement a Soviet model in Europe and wreak havoc around the world (all the while forgetting how much it owes America), and that Iran should walk in impunity just because it suits the Special Interest Groups.

Advice to France: tread carefully.

(Image: PresidentsTrump and Macron[Ed] - Google Images)

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Pres. Macron in the US to Deviate Pres. Trump from Realism to Liberalism


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