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An Interview with Barbara Sherry: Democrat for Congress in Arizona's 2nd District

By: Alex Kack 

Arizona's second Congressional District is not wide open, as incumbent Rep. Martha McSally (R) has chosen to run instead for the Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Jeff Flake. A crowded to Democratic primary race has developed in an attempt to retake a district that covers much of the area that used to be represented by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. The primary is pitting career politicians against newcomers and little knowns. We spoke today to one of the little knowns and heard her vision for Southern Arizona and America. 

What inspired you to get involved in this race?

Charlottesville, when our President could not begin to console the Nation, I had to take a stand. I had to be the Voice, and for me that meant running for Congress.

How would you define yourself politically?

Progressive Liberal.

What the biggest issues facing your area right now?

Economic and Healthcare.

What are going to be your three biggest priorities if elected?

Medicare For All, paid maternity leave, training centers for the trades.

What will your first 100 days in office look like?

Introducing legislation and teaming up with co-sponsors for the above mentioned programs.

What's the key element of your campaign strategy?

Meet and greet as many people in person as possible in my voting district.

What can you tell us about your background? What makes you, you?

First and foremost, I am not a politician, I have been an entrepreneur almost half my working life. My family was in business from 1888 till 1968. All I saw growing up was, if you didn’t make it happen yourself it was not going to happen. Our family business survived World War I and World War ll and the Great Depression. We helped our town, employees and neighbors and we had an obligation for Civic Duty and Civic Responsibility to all. This is how I was raised. It is in my DNA. My passions for helping your community is deep. Am I more qualified? I do not know them (her opponents) well enough to say at this point, but, I know I have new and fresh ideas and I will speak across the political aisle to accomplish my goals for all the people.

Why are you affiliated with this Democratic Party? What does being a Democrat mean to you?

I have been a Democrat all my life since I could vote. Being a Democrat to me means to have a soul for humanity, not just for money or greed. Doing good, which benefits all the people of America

What one area do you believe you and your campaign need to do better
on and how do you plan to do so?
Getting Donations, we are ramping up our plan on that issue.

What are your views on identity politics and civil rights?
I fought for Civil Rights in the 60’s since college so they have never changed since then, however I am worried there is corrosion in civil rights on many fronts.

What are your views on the police militarization and the drug war?
I am afraid that we are losing the war on opioids and we need more treatment centers to combat this plaque. I do believe we need to legalize medical and recreational marijuana in every state.

What are your views on how to fight global warming and climate change?
We need to have a President and an Administration that is onboard with the Science, and one that is not going backward in existing EPA regs that have made great strides in environmental protection over the years.

What can you tell us about your fiscal policies and ideas?
Fiscally, I am conservative. We need to have a balanced budget. We need to stop raising the debt ceiling, and lower military spending. I believe that it is more important to provide for social programs.

What do you believe is the solution to America's healthcare problems?
Medicare for ALL. Reign in big pharma with drug pricing controls.

What are important issues you plan on taking action on that you feel few
people pay attention to?
Paid maternity leave and paid free Pre-School

Whats one thing you wish people knew about your district?
How poor Southern Cochise County is and nobody seems to care.

Whats one interesting thing about you personally?
I was a banker for 20 Years, is this interesting? Probably not.

I love to dance!

After our conversation Barbara sent us this information as well, we thought it deserved to be included: "So Alex I got to thinking and the one very personal thing about me is that I am Gay. Many people know this about me and it is usually a big "Who Cares". But, I am seeing so many of the rights we fought for losing ground again ,and there are so few openly Gay people in Congress ,maybe we, I ,should speak about this. So feel free to do what you want with this info. I am not a person that hides who, or what I am."

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An Interview with Barbara Sherry: Democrat for Congress in Arizona's 2nd District


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