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World Acrobatic Lion Dance Competition
About · 15:43 17 Aug 2017
MelakaSunday 13 August 2017I have got a chance to get close to the following teams and they are from Negeri Sembilan, China, Vietnam, Myanmar and Singapore. The event is labelled 2017年… Read More
Another Shaky Real Estate Story
Go 11 · 12:32 17 Aug 2017
Over a decade ago, I worked with a company associated with a famous real-estate developer that always professed that large homes in ski resorts would always sell extremely well to wealthy fa… Read More
A Wry View – Thought… · 15:38 15 Aug 2017
I am a 78-year-old American male and I am neither superior nor inferior to anyone. I am just a guy who can do some things and not do many more. I have something alcoholic to drink most night… Read More
Scanlyze · 02:13 15 Aug 2017
We are the good Americans. Our America is the America of “This Land is Your Land.” Our America is the America of “America the Beautiful.” Our America is the America o… Read More
Question For The Day
The Face Of Hunger · 11:19 12 Aug 2017
The sad truth is all of us know the answer. And it’s a sobering reflection on how we have failed as a nation. Now, we will have to live, and possibly die, with the consequences. The s… Read More