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Smart Tips to Make Your Lawn Mower Spring Ready

Spring is approaching and it is time to mow your Lawn and keep it well-trimmed. To carry out the task effectively, you need an optimally functioning lawn Mower. As the snow thaws and you see greenery all around, you know it is time to gear up your mower and keep it ready for the forthcoming spring and summer season. You can boost the efficiency of your lawn mower and cut down on costly lawn mower repairs by considering certain tips mentioned here.

    Careful Inspection of the Lawn Mower

First and foremost, you should carefully inspect all the parts of the lawn mower and replace any damaged or worn out parts. For the optimum and safe functioning of the mower, use replacement parts of the specific model as that of the lawnmower. It is not wise to use the parts that are available as universal fits. You should keep this in mind especially while replacing the lawn mower blades.

    Changing of the Lawn Mower Oil is Essential

Old gasoline left behind in the mower is one of the main reasons for the delayed starting of a mower. Thus to avoid this problem it is a good habit to drain the remaining oil from the mower after every cutting session. To do so, remove the drain plug located at the lawn mower engine’s bottom and drain out the dirty oil. Next, replace the drain plug and fill up the crankcase with oil according to the manufacturer’s instructions given in the manual.

    Installing a New Fuel Filter

By keeping the fuel filters clean, you can keep your mower running effectively and cut down on expensive lawn mowers repairs. Sometimes due to the damage of the fuel filters, effective cleaning is not possible.

    Treating Fuel is Absolutely Necessary

If you face trouble starting the lawn mower it could be due to stale fuel in the gas tank of your mower. Over a period of time, the untreated gasoline deteriorates and no longer functions properly. Hence to keep your lawn mower working properly and to avoid lawn mower repair in Hopkinton pour the required amount of the fuel stabilizer into the mix can of gasoline. This maintenance tip prevents the fuel from deteriorating. Draining the fuel does the job partly but a certain amount of it still remains in the carburetor bowl. This stale fuel causes the problem of starting the engine promptly.

Other Measures to Ensure the Effective Functioning of the Lawn Mower

    Change the Air Filter

To avoid draining your finances on costly lawn mower repairs in Hopkinton make sure to keep the air filter of your mower clean. Many lawn mowers are available with paper air-filters. Such air filters need to be replaced as cleaning them becomes impossible. You can clean the foam filters by scrubbing gently with a small portion if detergent and lukewarm water. Make sure to completely dry out the air filter before reinstalling. You need to get into the habit of replacing the air filter of your mower every season or within 25 hours of using it.

    Change Spark Plug of Lawn Mower

Minimize lawn mower repair by replacing the spark plug of the mower every season. This would ensure a smooth start of your mower. You can do this by unhooking the spark plug wire of mower followed by removing the mower’s old plug with the spark plug wrench. Install the mower’s new plug making sure it is not too tight or it could cause problem starting it instantly. Adjust the space at the end of the ‘spark plug’ according to the specifications of the manufacturer of the machine. The maintenance kits provided by the manufacturers include the pre-gapped plugs of a mower for a particular mower.

    Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

To ensure a mower cuts grass effectively, it is essential to sharpen its blades. A blunt blade of the mower tears and rips the grass instead of cutting it. You can either take professional help or sharpen the blade by yourself with a metal file or a vice. You should carry out this task only, if you have enough experience to do it.

    Repair of the Mower as Required

If you face difficulty in starting the engine of your mower, it could mean major issues that require immediate attention. Thus, you are recommended to take professional help for regular servicing of your mower annually to reduce a lawn mower repair that can blow your budget.

Thus servicing your small engine by professionals is the best solution to keep the machine working optimally without glitches. Only with routine care and maintenance of your mower, you can reduce downtime and expensive lawn mower repairs.

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Smart Tips to Make Your Lawn Mower Spring Ready


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