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Cannabis Massage Oil Recipe – & Why You Should Make It!

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cannabis massagesCannabis Massage Oil Recipe – & Why You Should Make It!

A great massage will soothe away tension, relieve tired muscles and relax and restore body and spirit. Which is also how cannabis makes you feel.

It comes as no surprise therefore that blending the two experiences magnifies the effect. One combination is to receive a massage whilst stoned: another is to follow our simple cannabis massage oil recipe and use cannabinoids to intensify the treatment. First though, lets look at

Why Cannabis Massage Oil Works: the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids

cannabinoid receptors skin

Science has revealed that most of the cells in the epidermis (the keratinocytes) contain a significant amount of CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. These receptors function like locks which can be activated or deactivated using the body’s own endocannabinoids or using the cannabinoids found in cannabis and some spice plants. Infusing cannabis in a topical cream or oil and applying it directly to the skin is a fast and effective way of triggering these locks.


Thanks to its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, when cannabis is used in massage oil, the masseur is able to provide a deeper and more effective massage.

Both THC and CBD have numerous anti-inflammatory effects that can decrease pain, “mostly by preventing the release of inflammatory signals from B and T immune cells, and in animal studies [have] been shown to prevent the development of hyperalgesia, or abnormally increased pain signaling at the site of an injury.”

CBD has also recently been shown in animal studies to speed the healing of injured connective tissue, and also has numerous anti-anxiety mechanisms, which can indirectly influence pain and pain behavior,

Dustin Sulak, Osteopath, quoted in MassageMag

When cannabinoids are applied,


As well as this physical element, cannabis also reduces tension and anxiety so that patients achieve a deeper level of relaxation:in turn muscles loosen and can be worked at to release problem areas.

“[A cannabis topical] helps the muscles to relax a little bit easier. It has a tingling sensation to it when you first apply it, and I think from that moment on the client is able to – I mean it’s all purely topical, so it’s mostly felt in the muscles, that’s as far as it goes. It helps the client kind of just sink in. I notice people are able to relax with deeper pressure, and they’re not even as sore as they would be without it, if I was just using a regular cream. They recover a lot quicker.”



So you just feel GREAT!


how to make cannabis massage oil


  • 14 grams of herb
  • 125 ml olive/almond oil/coconut oil


  • oven thermometer
  • glass bowl
  • saucepan
  • wine press or squeezing hard! jelly bag or muslin bag
  • large jug
  • airtight glass storage bottles
  • funnel
  1.  First grind or chop finely the herbs. Decarboxylate the herbs at 110C in the oven for an hour. This activates the cannabinoids.
  2. Put herb and oil into the glass bowl over a pan of boiling water and heat gently for about three hours or longer.
  3. Pour mixture through jelly bag or muslin bag fitted to a wine press and strain into a jug. Add essential oils of your choice. Thyme, juniper,rosemary,frankincense,wintergreen. Pour into clean bottles using funnel.
  4. Store in cool and dark place

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Cannabis Massage Oil Recipe – & Why You Should Make It!


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