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Work life balance is an easy task ..

The quality of one's life increases or meet at its requirement only if we spend valuable time both in your workspace and in your home. Of course, work-life balance is most important for everyone to maintain a good physical health, mental health and to drive their carrier in a most attractive way. If you ask whether gender plays a major role in work-life balance ?. Let's take the life of average men and women who spend their time from morning to evening in a day. 

 For example, 

- Mr. Christopher (26) who works in IT has many plans in his life to be achieved which costs him more to meet his needs in a futuristic way including buying new 3BHK homes to paying EMI for his loans. So here what he does is he struggles to move upward in his carries for that he is ready to work even during Sunday and also ready to stretch himself as high as possible from early login to working overtime and in national holidays too. 

So, he starts his day in his nearby railway station and travels on a local train that is overcrowded in its peak hours. He never gets a chance to sit before he reaches his allotted seat in his office. And each day he spends his time-fighting in situations like clearing his overloaded work, facing office politics and solving process related issues and the day ends with himself reaching home in a frustrated mind traveling back in the same local train. This Routine of his life makes him start his next day with a lot of questions about his future that has asked in his mind while sleeping.  and the travel goes on without an end.

- On the other hand, Priyanka with two kids spends her day with more additional tasks of taking care of her process work and her family. It is not that she starts her day readying up her child to school and preparing breakfast even after returning home she makes dinner and settles her child and old ages to manage the motherhood that demands her to go to her bed at 11.30pm. So she has a very busy routine in both her personal and official hours until she reaches her weekend.

How men and women are affected due to their routine?

1. In both, the cases they have very compressed working hours, spend a lot of time in traffic and takes care of children and old age peoples inside their homes etc., 

2. Both Priyanka and Christopher suffers a lot in their routines without getting enough time to spend either with colleagues or with their family in a most engaging and relaxed way.

3. So this improper management of their routines with longer working hours creates them a boredom and stressed mind that affects both their physical and mental health which leads to a dangerous end.

What simple activity/change can make you start a good work-life balance?

A lot of small changes can make them face an interesting routine in their life starting from ruining disunity inside office space to spending weekends with their family with no excuses. A better way to start this habit in your routine is to start the practice of gardening.

Gardening makes life easier and increases our mental stability by spending our time in the most relaxed moments.

How can you make spending time with your family as a habit?

Starting Gardens in their own available space makes them get a feel of increased self-esteem, gives the happiest time that gives forgetfulness about their fears and provides a sense of achievability.
1. The Garden work like watering, weed cleaning, maintaining a quality of the soil which is directly related to their food quality etc.,. can be shared with all the members of the family.

2. The strenuous work like lifting the pots, pot watering, pot filling can be assigned to the youngsters whereas harvesting can be done by old people and children of the family.

3. Owing to the seat-bound office routine jobs, it is hardly difficult to find time to spend to do physical activities in our lives. This lack of exercises in addition to the above said routines make a women/men to a various health hazard without getting enough sunlight.

4. Garden system of vegetable cultivation provides a good alternative to people living in all kinds of dwellings-flats, apartments, villas etc.,

5. Using gardening apps and planning for their gardens like when to seed, where to cultivate and maintain a good inventory of their homemade veggies and fruits makes them busy spending time for their family and with the family more entertaining .

6. With the passage of time, the traditional joint family system is breaking up in INDIA and most of the families are fragmenting into nuclear families on account of struggles that they are facing in their job strains and money requirements. In families like Priyanka where grandparents are part, they will feel left out. 

7. With roof garden or any kind of garden in your homes even they can be given responsibility and make them feel one among the group.

8. Apart from these following garden activities in our weekly life or daily life not only gives monetary benefits and physical benefits like getting vitamin D from sunlight etc. but also a psychological too.


Reports say there are a lot of factors that contribute to a poor work-life balance which complaints about the treatment of employees in office to not ready or having time to spend for their hobbies and activities that relaxes them.

Gardening could be a good alternative as a natural stress reliever by spending the right amount of time with their family and doing activities that break their routines and gives them a sense of presence at the moment. 


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Work life balance is an easy task ..


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