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Urban Homesteading & Kitchen Vegetable Gardening in South Africa: Mischief & Mayhem with Cats & Chickens
Butterfly: Garden Critter Of The Month
2022-12-10 07:35
Butterflies at a glance Occupation: Pollinators & Pests Value to Gardener: 2/5 – Mostly pest species, specialist pollinators Danger to Humans: 1/5 – Harmless Availability: 5/… Read More
Thyme: How To Grow – Herb Of The Month
2022-03-25 06:30
Thyme stats/requirements at a glance Ease of Raising: 5/5 – Very Easy, plant and leave Water: 1/5 – Minimal, weekly (especially in a container) Sun: 5/5 – Full sun Training… Read More
2021-08-01 07:05
Introduction It is that time of year again! I have 8 seasons worth (i.e., 8 years) of rainfall data for our analytic scrutinization LOL! The rainfall season for this season and last season h… Read More
Mint: How To Grow – Herb Of The Month
2020-12-12 05:47
Mint stats/requirements at a glance Ease of Raising: 5/5 – Very Easy, plant and leave Water: 2/5 – Minimal, twice a week (especially in a container) Sun: 3/5 – Full sun &am&hell…Read More
2020-08-01 09:02
Introduction We have been diligently tallying our seasonal rainfall since 2013 throughout the El Nino drought years. Since 2014 South Africa has faced severe droughts, crippling the water su… Read More
Free Photos: WhiskerFlowers On Pixabay!
2020-01-01 07:38
Pixabay Free Images All images are under the CC0 licence, which means they are in the public domain! Royalty Free Images for Personal and Commercial Use! You can Choose to make a Donation to… Read More
Kumquat: How To Grow – Fruit Of The Month
2019-11-16 07:25
Kumquat stats/requirements at a glance Ease of Raising: 3/5 Bi-weekly check-ups Water: 3-4/5 Every 2nd day to Daily Sun: 5/5 Full sun Training: 3/5 Some, pinching out growth or flowers Ferti… Read More
Advise For The Beginner Vegetable Gardener
2019-07-13 08:03
Here I am going to provide a collection of articles, which will present the essential information for the beginner vegetable gardener or homesteader. A Vegetable garden consists of 4 key sys… Read More
Aphids – Pest Of The Month
2019-05-18 07:55
Aphids at a glance Type of Damage Pierce-sucking Plant Symptoms Stunted growth, leaf curl, transmit diseases Favourite Plant All plants Occurrence Year-round in areas with mild winters (SA)… Read More
2019-02-09 07:45
Whisker Flowers (WF) is my reinvigorated blog inherited from Google Blogger, a move I made because Mr G was stomping the predecessor out of existence due to its search algorithm changes. Con… Read More
Sage: How To Grow – Herb Of The Month
2018-11-24 07:03
Sage stats/requirements at a glance Ease of Raising: 5/5 – Very Easy, plant and leave Water: 1/5 – Minimal, weekly (especially in a container) Sun: 5/5 – Full sun Training:… Read More
Little White Butterflies
2018-11-10 06:00
Where do the white butterflies come from? Where do the white butterflies go?     Every year in South Africa, during December-January, little white butterflies take to the air in th… Read More
Penny Royal: The Living Mulch
2018-09-29 11:14
I can get really tired of weeding and become irritated when new ones pop up in the garden, especially in the areas that border my veg plots – AKA ‘The Weed Zones’! So I dec… Read More
House Wasp: DIY Beneficial Insect Homes
2018-09-15 06:39
When we moved the garden outside at the back of the kitchen, I had made a couple of insects’ homes. I tried different types of designs I found on the internet. Most of them went un-inh… Read More
Friends Of Free Wildlife
2018-09-01 09:07
  FreeMe wildlife rehabilitation centre was a volunteer organisation run by a board of directors, a small core staff and volunteers. The volunteers were the main workforce behind FreeMe… Read More
Utilisation Of Kitchen Scraps
2018-08-11 10:38
  Due to the technological and financial advantages of our modern age a lot of food simply gets wasted. You would think that with the development of all our superior food production and… Read More
Scale Insects – Pest Of The Month
2018-08-04 06:00
 Scale at a glance   Type of Damage Pierce-sucking Plant Symptoms Stunted growth, leaf drop, leaf curl, death Favourite Plant Many trees and shrubs, citrus especially Occurrence Ye… Read More
Caterpillars – Garden Pest Of The Month
2018-05-12 06:05
Caterpillars at a glance Type of Damage Chewing Plant Symptoms Holes in fruits, missing leaves, eaten leaves, ‘felled’ seedlings Favourite Plant Most food crops, especially tomat… Read More
Leafhoppers – Garden Pest Of The Month
2018-03-10 06:09
Leafhoppers at a glance Type of Damage Pierce-sucking Plant Symptoms Browning & curling of leaf edges Favourite Plant Tomatoes & Potatoes Control Biological (predators: spiders &… Read More
DIY Bird Deterrents
2018-02-21 06:00
There be Bulbuls (Round 1…) During the summer growing season we have had some problems with Black-eyed Bulbuls that help themselves to our tomatoes, raspberries and figs. The nasty li… Read More
Lunar Gardening Revisited & Biodynamics
2018-02-14 05:46
Before I dove into lunar planting back in 2014 I first wanted to see whether there are any proper scientific studies done on lunar gardening that indicates whether it has a beneficial effect… Read More
Basil: How To Grow – Herb Of The Month
2018-02-03 09:34
Basil stats/requirements at a glance Ease of Raising: 2/5 – Very Easy, weekly check-ups Water: 4/5 – A good amount (daily, especially in a container) Sun: 3-5/5 – Full sun… Read More
Green Manures: Cover Crops & Green Forage
2018-01-24 06:02
I was actually researching green forages as alternative feed for chickens when I noticed there is a large overlap between green forages and green manures. Seeing that nothing is happening in… Read More
Wormery: Earthworm Compost
2018-01-20 07:32
Worms @ Work Wormeries provide high quality compost that can be added directly to the garden, by decomposing kitchen left-overs. To start a wormery you require stacked containers (3-4 levels… Read More
Eggplant Rust – Disease Of The Month
2018-01-06 06:23
Eggplant Rust at a glance   Type of Damage Stunted growth, leaf blight Plant Symptoms Bright orange blisters under leaves Favourite Plant Common & African eggplant Control Difficult… Read More
2017-12-30 06:35
Fig stats/requirements at a glance Ease of Raising: 2/5 Weekly check-ups Water: 2-3/5 Every second day/bi-weekly Sun: 4/5 Full sun, will tolerate some shade Training: 2-5/5 Minimal to mainte… Read More
2017-12-20 08:17
My research is in Agriculture and as a result I am always on the lookout for climate & agricultural maps of South Africa. The government doesn’t do a good job at updating this info… Read More
2017-12-16 08:25
This is just a quick post for some instant compost ideas.   1. Kitchen waste directly into the soil Kitchen waste is mainly food scraps: peels, stems and leaves of plant matter. You can… Read More
2017-12-13 06:10
Ground Work   Here I will give all the basic information on soil and how to improve your soil for gardening.     Soil Formation and Soil Horizons Soil is formed by the erosion… Read More
The C Files: Reasons For Keeping Chickens
2017-12-02 07:35
Before we get to the reasons for keeping chickens lets first summarise the different chicken keeping methods and their terminologies:   There are two categories of chicken keeping; Batt… Read More
Wild & Lawn Mushrooms
2017-11-29 07:01
Fungi are fascinating organisms of which mushrooms or cap fungi are the most complex. I get very excited when I see one and have to stop and take some photos. We have a few popping up in our… Read More

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