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Canarius Blog
A blog about Exotic Plants from the Canary Islands and other regions. Articles featuring exotic and rare plants and cuttings, both natural and hybrid species. Do not miss our guides and tips on growing tropical plants in colder climates.
All About Cycas And Their Growth
2017-05-24 07:56
By its appearance, most cycads look like palm trees. In fact, they are considered pseudo-palms, but they belong to a different family. The genus Cycas is part of the Cycadaceae family, exoti… Read More
2017-04-27 08:29
Some flowers have the ability to attract animals to carry out the so-called pollination, and those are the showy flowers. Through a simple process, they allow seeds and fruits to be produced… Read More
Canarius, Diversity Of Exotic Plants
2017-03-21 09:00
Plants and flowers have an important role in our homes decoration. From Canarius we offer a great variety of exotic plants of the Canary Islands, very difficult to buy in garden stores. In a… Read More
A New Wave Of Variegated Exotic Plants
2017-02-24 13:08
Variegation is a phenomenon that naturally occurs in plants as a random event. Variegated plants are visually appealing to people so they have been sought after and reproduced for years in m… Read More
The Exotic Red Atemoya
2017-02-02 08:29
This superior quality, hybrid Atemoya surprises us by its intense red color, resistance, and exquisite flavor. Atemoya: The best of the Anona and the Cherimoya The Annona x atemoya, also kno… Read More
Wrapping Banana Tree In An Exotic Garden
2016-10-17 07:41
The banana or plantain tree requires warm weather and constant humidity in the air. They need an average temperature of 26-27 °C, with prolonged and regularly distributed rains. For the… Read More
Aechmea Blumenavii In The Garden
2016-09-28 14:08
Beautiful Aechmea from the outskirts of a city named Blumenau, in the cool, wet South East of Brazil. Aechmea blumenavii is a rare, cold hardy bromeliad. It is endemic to Sierra de Sant… Read More
The Practice Of Lateral Grafting At Canarius
2016-09-09 08:29
When we talk about grafting in plant fields, we refer to the combination of two different species, joined so as to continue their growth together as a single plant. Grafting produces a &lsqu&hell…Read More
Ficus Carica And Its Rich Fruit: The Fig
2016-08-22 08:38
Ficus carica, also popularly known as fig tree, is a small tree or shrub (about 5 metres high) belonging to the family of Moraceae (Moraceae). Ficus carica is one of the variants of the Ficu… Read More
Know All The Benefits Of Pineapple
2016-07-14 09:24
Pineapple is considered one of the most popular tropical fruits in the world. Its sweet and refreshing taste makes the pineapple, also known as Ananas, a common food in the homes of many fam… Read More
Some Kinds Of Litchi Chinensis In Tenerife
2016-07-06 07:35
Lychee is a subtropical evergreen tree native to eastern China, where it has been cultivated for thousands of years. The tree has a medium size reaching up to 2-3 m (6-8 ft). Its fruit is sm… Read More
Mango Cultivation In The Canary Islands
2016-06-01 07:43
Image ICIA (Instituto Canario de Investigaciones Agraria) The Mango fruit was introduced in the Canary Islands at the end of 18th century, originating from the Philippines. Although througho… Read More
How To Grow Cycads? Maurice Levin Tell Us:
2016-05-19 09:17
Cycads (division Cycadophyta) are unique plants from remote and primitive ages. They’re a species with similar forms to palms and ferns, despite not being related to each other. They&r&hell…Read More
Curare Enano: Fried, Baked Or Boiled
2016-04-15 08:19
The banana is an important source of food in rural areas of most tropical and subtropical countries. Curare enano is a dwarf cooking-plantain from Central America, with excellent fruit quali… Read More
Adenium Socotranum Is Grown In Rocky Slopes
2016-02-12 13:06
Adenium socotranum is an endemic species from the rocky slopes of the island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean (South of the Arabian peninsula and east of the Horn of Africa). Place where the a… Read More
How To Root Sugarcane Cuttings
2016-01-12 10:27
Sugar Cane is a 3-5 m tall tropical grass that produces most of the world sugar. Saccharum officinarum grows outdoors in tropical to warm mediterranean climates. Canes can be peeled and ea… Read More
Plumeria ‘Japanese Lantern’
2015-12-01 14:41
Plumerias are small tropical trees native to tropical America, renowned for their flowers. Their common name, Frangipani, comes from a famous perfume of the eighteenth-century. Depending on… Read More
Discover How We Ship On
2015-07-21 13:05
On, we are lucky because any mail from the Canary Islands travels as airmail, so the box often travels during just 3-8 days and skips any spell of cold or heat. So far, we ship… Read More
Red Leaf Palm, Put Colour In Your Life!
2015-07-15 10:40
If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind rare species then you want the Flame Thrower Palm. From Canarius we would like to introduce this beautiful palm. This is one of the most beautiful… Read More
Nuts Of The Macadamia Tree
2015-03-19 12:08
Macadamia tetraphylla is an excellent Australian nut, able to grow in coastal Meditarranean climates, subtropical climates and tropical climates. Some of other common names are: Poppel nut… Read More
Dwarf Red Banana, The Great Unknown…
2015-02-26 11:53
Banana is one of the most important crops which takes part of staple diet for millions of people around the world. Moreover, it is a strong source of income for producing countries, as well… Read More
The White Flowers Of Coffea Arabica
2014-08-20 14:55
Coffee is grown worldwide in tropical countries. All people know the drink but only a few have seen the beauty of its flowers. These flowers also have a fabulous scent, similar to gardenias… Read More
A Baobab Tree Growing In Europe
2014-06-17 14:08
In the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain there is a beautiful African Baobab Tree (Adansonia digitata), planted in the year 2000, when it was a few years old and 3-4 m t… Read More
New Plants In The Web Shop For 2013
2013-02-22 01:00
New plants at ! We just uploaded about 120 new products and lots of pictures. More will follow in the next future, before Spring. In the next few months before Spring we will ad… Read More
The Cold-hardy Gomera-1 Mango Tree
2011-05-28 23:50
Gomera-1 is a hardy variety of Mango suited to a coastal Mediterranean climate. It is used as a rootstock for grafting other cultivars of mango, because the roots of Gomera-1 grow better in… Read More
New Plants Available At
2011-04-07 15:09
Now you can buy many more plants in our shop. We have just uploaded many new Aloes, Palms and Fruit Trees. We also started a new category of succulent plants “Crassulaceae“. Bann… Read More
Where Do Mangos Grow In Europe?
2011-01-20 17:01
Mango is not a strictly tropical tree. It grows better in areas with Subtropical climate because it needs a cooler winter for good fruiting. Mango trees do  grow and fruit in many areas… Read More
Furcraea Gigantea Variegata In The Nursery
2010-12-22 16:07
Furcraea gigantea variegata is a spectacular ornamental plant for Mediterranean to Tropical climates. When a specimen blooms, it produced a huge, tall structure with abundant flowers. Some m… Read More
Growing Acerola Fruits In Cold Climates
2010-11-30 07:48
Acerola is a cherry like fruit native to tropical America. The fruit is extremely high in vitamine C. It grows from a small tree  which is also ornamental. The scientific name is Malpig… Read More
Hardy Bromeliads For Outdoor Conditions
2010-10-19 17:00
Bromeliads, or Bromeliaceae, are highly appreciated plants because of their incredible colours and inflorescences, and their ease of growth in pots. Garden Centers througout the world sell f… Read More
Bottle Palms With Super Roots
2010-10-14 14:02
This picture shows a picture of a bottle palm, Hyophorbe lagenicaulis, cultivated in the Canary Islands in a 12 cm pot. This palm shows a spectacular root system, just like many of the palm… Read More
Bee Honey VS Palm Honey
2010-06-11 09:47
Palm honey is not Bee honey. It is the concentred sap of the Canary Islands native palm, Phoenix canariensis. It is thinner and darker than bee-honey. Both are natural sweeteners, but there… Read More
Subtropical Climate
2010-05-11 13:23
Subtropical climates are non tropical climates with cool winters with little or no frosts. In subtropical climates, Winter is a noticeably cooler season. It is relatively warm, but never as… Read More
2010-04-07 20:11
Take a tour through a small factory of Cactus jam. Cactus fruits from Tuno Indio (Opuntia dillenii) are collected in Gran Canaria. They produce an excellent traditional jam with modern meth… Read More
2010-04-06 20:05
Video in English about the gastronomy in Arona. These tourist zones are rich in flavours and cuisine in South Tenerife. The location of this video of flavours is Arona in Tenerife. Yo… Read More
2010-02-17 09:00
The Palm Honey in La Gomera It is all about palm “honey”. See how the palm sap is collected from tall, wild palmtrees in La Gomera. Spectacular images, nice music. Subtitle… Read More
2010-02-12 08:00
Cactualdea en Gran Canaria A privately owned cactus park located in Gran Canaria with more than 1.000 species in the collection Read More
2010-02-10 18:15
Jardín de Cactus en Lanzarote Der Jardin de Cactus ist nach Plänen von Cesar Manrique angelegt worden. Er wurde 1990 eröffnet und ist Manriques letztes größ… Read More

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