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The Elemental Blackjack Strategy

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The elementary Blackjack Strategy is the cornerstone of all successful blackjack strategies. This elementary strategy is like a baggage for blackjack players. Follow the basic Blackjack strategy is the best way to win.

You may have already heard of highly developed blackjack strategies such as card counting and shuffle tracking. These are exciting strategies, but you really have to start with the basics. And by that, I mean the Blackjack strategy for beginners. The basic Blackjack strategy is the foundation on which all the other powerful blackjack strategies are built.

Winning at Blackjack requires both skill and luck

Some people like Slots or Keno or Rolette because it gives them some unpleasant pleasure for a few minutes (or hours). For some people, the turning on of the thinker is no relaxation, so pure luck games are just right for them. But other people like the challenge in the game, they want to be involved in the decision-making process to a certain extent, and they also demand a portion of skill for the game. For these people, a game like Blackjack, in which the fortune is combined with the necessary skill, is the ideal gamble. For this reason, Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in land casinos as well as in online casinos.

With luck-based casinos, the player is basically a passive observer. After you’ve made your bet, you can only keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best, while the roulette wheel, the rolls of the gambling machine or the craps dice roll out on the game table. However, if you play Blackjack, you are clearly an active participant in the game. After your betting and handing out the cards, play your hand. You decide whether you have enough or remain in the game or split, turn, or defeat. And if you base these decisions on a system called an elementary Blackjack strategy, you can actually keep the giver advantage at a fairly low percentage, increasing your own chances of winning at Blackjack. Computers made the elementary Blackjack strategy possible.
Elemental blackjack strategyThe strategy was developed when computers emerged. These made it possible to enter all possible combinations of cards – the player’s two cards and the dealer’s cleared card – and analyse the results of every possible move of the player with billions of simulated games to determine the best move for a particular situation. The basic Blackjack strategy “advises” the player to keep fit or stay in the game, when to turn back, or to split, or beaten, all based on the cards in the player’s hand and dealer’s face-up card.

At this point, you probably think “Oh man, these are a quadrillion card combinations – how can I learn it all?” This is a natural reaction, but no reason to panic. There are two ways to get the basic Blackjack strategy under control and they are both “feasible”. First, you should go online and find a printable basic Blackjack strategy map. This is a map with the list of possible cards of the dealer highlighted above and the sum of the two player cards perpendicular to the side. Find the point at which the actual combination is outdated and the map tells you what you should do. If you play Blackjack Online, you do not even have to keep the map in mind. You can print it or keep it open on the computer, and always look for them when you play Blackjack online. Stick to the strategical Blackjack map and you have a good chance of winning regularly. Possibly the right moves will come automatically with the player’s experience or you can simply return to the same map in a new session. Both are in order, as long as you play in an online casino.

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How to learn basic Blackjack strategy

However, if you are playing in a conventional casino, you can not take the map with you (casinos are cheating, and the pace is usually too fast to look up before every turn on the map). If this is the case, you have the option to see the basic Blackjack strategy map as a pure number collection, which you follow like a machine, but rather the design and logic of the map.

In other words, convert the numbers into words – the memory and the understanding are thus easier. A good analogy would be someone who does not try to keep phone numbers in his head but saves these in the telephone directory of his mobile phone and automatically selects from there. Simple and convenient – until you forget your mobile phone.

Understanding the Elementary Blackjack Strategy Map

The basic Blackjack strategy map is based on three fundamental principles of the Blackjack strategy. Firstly, there are more 10-value cards than all the other cards in the Blackjack card stack (because Jacks, Queens, and Kings count as 10). Secondly, you have the option of free decision, but the dealer is not (you can stay or get out of the game, but the dealer has to follow the Blackjack rules). Thirdly, a soft hand (a sheet with an Ace that counts 11) can not be broken (your as can change the value from 11 to 1, if necessary).

With these principles in the back head, take a look at the elementary Blackjack strategy map. First, look at the possible hand of the player, on the side of the card. They recognise three groups of a Blackjack hand: hard hand, soft hand and pairs. Each type Blackjack Hand has its own strategic considerations.

Now look horizontally on top of the elementary Blackjack Strategies table. You see all the possible cards of the bank. Where your two-card hand crosses the bank hand, you will find the optimal Blackjack strategy for that situation.
Elemental blackjack strategy

The basic Blackjack strategy in action

To understand how the basic Blackjack strategy works, you should look at some examples. If you have 14 and the dealer has a 6 the map tells you to “stand”. Why? Because there is a good chance that the dealer’s next card is a 10, and he has 16, and since he does not have a free decision, he has to deal another card. So he runs a big risk of breaking. So the best Blackjack strategy is to hold your 14 with your 14 and wait for the dealer to go down.

But suppose you have the same 14, but the dealer has an 8. Now the dealer has a good chance on a hand with 18, so the map advises you to “hit” another card. Sure, there is the risk that you will be broken, but in this case, your 14 are probably not good enough to win, so you must take the risk.

Now suppose you have a soft hand 14: an ace and a 3. The elementary Blackjack strategy map advises you to double the bet against the 5 or 6 of the bank and hit against any other card of the bank. Why? Because your soft hand can not be broken in any case, so you have to win and not lose with a purchase.

Now you have the basics. The basic Blackjack Strategies table is not an unfathomable puzzle. It is solidly based on logic and Blackjack probability theories. You can learn the game and understand it, and once you understand the basics, you can easily remember it.

There are no guarantees with Blackjack

The Elemental Blackjack Strategy map is a great tool, but of course, there is no guarantee that you will win with every hand. If you had this impression, then I must, unfortunately, disappoint you. However faithfully you follow the basic Blackjack strategy, you will always lose a lot of Blackjack games. The elementary Blackjack Strategies table promises only that in the long run, for a particular situation, the displayed train lets you win more often – or less frequently – than any other move in this situation. But that’s a pretty good promise.
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Your key to winning with Blackjack

However, if you keep the table in mind or put it on your desk, the most important principle is to follow it, especially if you play Blackjack for money. Do not let the impulse overtake discipline here – a good way to lose is to follow your intuitions rather than the elementary strategy. Fortunately, Blackjack plays a big role, but with the elementary Blackjack strategy, you remain the winner.

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The Elemental Blackjack Strategy


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