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Google revitalizes as Uber Self-Driven Cars go onboard

Self-driving cars from Uber’s have been in the testing phase at Pittsburg over a past few months. They had riders as well, while they were performing the testing and it has been a successful one. Now, the company is planning to roll out the self-driven cars for rides across the US. So, if we book a ride now, there are chances that we might end up with a self-driven Car.
Uber has now moved to San Francisco to start with the new self-driven car service for the public. It is said that the self-driven cars which are going to be assigned for service for the riders would be at a chance. We still have the option to go with the regular rides and the fare for it would be the usual one. At present there are around 30,000 drivers who work for Uber, so the chances of getting a self-driven car for a ride would be scarce.

San Francisco expansion from Pittsburg for the pilot program is just an initiative to improve their service in every possible way. With the shift in the pilot program, we can say that the things which we need to consider in this city are completely different when compared to Pittsburg. We can say that the enormity of the road traffic and higher number of bikes, gives us another set of possibilities.

At present, there is only two model of cars in which they have integrated the sensors and connected it to the systems. Ford Fusion and Volvo XC90s with the hybrid plug-in, the cars used for a pilot in Pittsburg will also be used for regular rides. In San Francisco, the Ford Fusion cars would be embedded with the sensors and updated with city’s map.

It is said that the ride has been smooth when compared to the ride which took place in the month of September in Pittsburg. The official at Google made an understatement saying that, if the ride seems to be all good then there must be something wrong. But, there are efforts made by the Google’s spinoff to make the Self-driving technology to be made a notch up.

Customer’s satisfaction is the priority for them and they want to know how the customers feel about the self-driving service which they are receiving from the company. On the other side, we can see that Google has made efforts to commercialize this self-driving technology from its end and there is no specific time span which they have specified.

Google has made an initiative in creating its own self-driving wagons by cloning Waymo which has the expansion as Way forward in mobility. In fact, they are trying really hard to make it go really well with the people. They want the customers to be satisfied with the service which they are receiving from Google. The company is planning to bring in this to the masses on a large scale, though it has started as a small one.

There is another thing which we can see happening here is a collaboration between Fiat Chrysler and Waymo for a ride-hailing service. It is expected to have a semi self-driven automobiles rolled out for service for the riders. There is a part of the community which is yet to get happy with the new age technology. They are quite cynical about traveling in a self-driven car which gets operated remotely from a different location.

A recent survey was taken to know about how people feel about the self-driving system on the whole. There were around 1600 surveyors who participated in this survey, 50 percent of them consider that the self-driving could be a hazardous one and around 28 percent of them say that the security system could be breached and get hacked.

Uber on the other side is trying to get the people comfortable with the self-driving concept. Recently the company has also partnered with the Swedish Car markers for 300 million dollar share. The lead officials of Volvo automobile company said that they have experience in the field automotive for around 90 long years now. It is evident that they will know how to design and manufacture a perfect self-driven automobile.

The initiative of getting the self-driving cars for ride-hailing service started in the beginning of the year 2015 and they have been launching the pilot programs. Google did take this particular initiative way earlier than Uber, it started off in 2009. The cars which are backed by Google which is in the shape of a bubble have made a record of 2 million miles so far.

The ride-hailing organization is just in the phase of launching the pilot programs in different cities and try out the limitations which the cars might face. The DMV in a few cities is already against the concept of self-driving cars. The expansion of the service has taken place and it is now in San Francisco, the board officials of DMV have mentioned that it is not legal and it is against the law.

It is just the second city where the Uber officials have launched the self-driving service for the people. The service is a pilot program and only if it is successful, will it get rolled out on a complete scale. San Francisco is the home base for Uber and there is no doubt that, it would like to try this new age technology driving in its own city.

The officials have made a clear statement that the organization cannot let the self-driven cars onto the roads for a test. They need to have a permit from the law authorities that they can drive autonomous cars on the roads. It is also said that, unless and until Uber does not get a permit from the law authorities, there might be actions taken against the company and the service would be halted until they receive permission.

This particular statement has made them feel off the hook, as they are making efforts to bring the automobiles without a driver on the wheels. They want to take a stand in this particular thing as their rivals are also trying to get this service for the riders. Before the rivals could take a lead in this race, they want to make it the top and make sure that their customers are happy with it.

With the problems in following in regulations, Uber did not want to take any chances and create havoc for the driverless car service for the folks. Though the cars are self-driven, they are under the guidance of humans, so we can be sure of the fact that the people will not face any kind of situations. They have tested the cars under all different climatic conditions and it seems that the cars to perform pretty well.

Uber has been here for quite a long period of time and it is clear that they have made a mark in the peer-peer sharing economy. They started as a small venture, but now they are way beyond anyone could have thought off. It has seen a varied amount of ups and downs down the lane but still, people loved its service. They have improved and improvising the ways in which they can provide a better service to their customers. Now, they have a taken a big step towards the generation of technology and have started to implement the self-driving technology. There are obstacles which are put are in its way, but it is clear that they will make a better future for the coming generations.

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Google revitalizes as Uber Self-Driven Cars go onboard


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