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How to stay safe and secure at ATM?

Over the last decades, ATM is getting series threats as the criminals are using advanced technology like skimming that's very hard to detect. As an ATM user we have to be aware of these threats and have to make appropriate steps and measures to avoid fraud.

ATM Safety and Security Tips 
1. Change the ATM PIN as soon as your receive the card

Changing your default PIN that comes on receiving your card for the first time, will give you a added security.

 It might happen that someone hacks the default PIN in the letter that came by post and misuses your ATM card.
2. Sign up for both, email as-well-as SMS alerts on your account.

It’s suggested to activate the both SMS and email alerts for all your transactions.

Because a fraudster who knows your mobile number and network provider, can approach with fake documents and put in a complaint to get a duplicate/replacement sim. If the provider does issue a replacement SIM and activates it – without you suspecting anything all future OTP alerts will go to the replacement-SIM and will not reach you.

By signing up for email alerts, your Bank will at least warn you by email (that you had requested for OTP) – unless you block or filter out such emails.

3. Avoid using the ATM in lonely areas at night!

Only use ATM's situated in busy areas, particularly during night. Always pay close attention to the ATM and your surroundings. Use an ATM located indoors, or one that is monitored by CCTV. Don't choose ATM's located at the corners of the building, corners always create a blind-spot during night.

4.Check over the ATM Machine for any frauds.

Check over the ATM cash machine. Many ATM fraudsters use tactics such as placing false fronts over the card slot to copy, or skim, your details. They may also have positioned a small camera inside the hole in the wall or above the keypad to capture you entering your PIN. If anything looks "stuck on", it probably is.

If you have suspicions that a machine may have been tampered with, avoid using the machine and report your concerns to the respective banks immediately. Doing so will reduce the likelihood of other people falling foul of potential fraudsters.

5. Never accept help from strangers or don’t let any one enter the ATM while you are using it.

If there is only one single Atm Machine inside the room, then don’t allow any one enter the ATM when you are using it. You can directly tell the person to enter the room once you have used it.
Always place your hand over the keypad to act as a shield while inputting your PIN.

Never write down your PIN as a note in your wallet or handbag. Doing so will provide thieves/strangers with your cards and PIN can access your account straightaway.

Never reveal your PIN to anyone, even if they claim be a bank official, the local authorities or the police.

It doesn't matter how inoffensive, friendly or gallant someone may appear, never accept help from strangers.

If your card gets stuck in a machine, do not leave it there. Report it immediately using your mobile phone or if you brought a friend along with you then, one of you can remain at the ATM while the other report it to the bank authorities.

ATM usage is a very private activity and not allow strangers to enter or look at your screen.

6. Destroy the CVV number on the back of the card

Once you have done some ATM transactions, it is suggested to scratch 3 digit CVV number that seen on the back of card. Try to memorize it or save in email mailbox.
By doing so, reduces the chance of getting fraud-ed to some extent.

7. Always do a complete transaction

Recently, there were many ATM frauds reported when the person left without completing their transaction. 

Always make sure you never leave ATM counter unless the “welcome screen” appears back.

There are cases, where the ATM screen gets hanged in between the transaction either because of a technical issue or because someone had done some trick to it. report these to the security guard or at least call the customer care while you are inside the ATM.

Always press the cancel button once you are finished with your transaction 

There were possibilities that when the customer leaves an ATM machine, the fraudster takes over the machine and keeps the transaction active by pressing some functional buttons and removes the glue or pin from the ‘Enter’ button to go ahead with the transaction, since the transaction is active for around 30 seconds in most cases (some banks have reduced it to 20 seconds). The fraudster then withdraws the cash from the customer’s account, leaving the customer unaware of the fraud till he checks the message from the bank.

8. Inform bank authorities at the very moment your ATM card is lost or stolen.

Storing your bank/card customer care numbers on your phone is always a good thing, that helps you to report bank authorities about any fraud or issues as soon as they happen.
Remember always a person with your card can swipe it and use it with in minutes.(given he knows other details). 

Inform at the very moment itself, don't be late on informing about the frauds. it will gets complicated once the money gets debited from your account. it takes lot of time for follow up procedures and getting your money back.

9. Cross check your ATM receipts with your bank statements regularly
Check all cash withdrawal receipts from the ATM against your bank statement regularly. Your bank should compensate any losses if any frauds happened, but the duty will be on you to report it.  

Always select 'yes' if a cash machine asks if you require a receipt. Doing so will mean you have evidence of the transaction in the event of making a claim to your bank.

10. Don't expose/count cash withdrawn from ATM
Never ever expose/count your cash withdraw at the ATM machine or in public. Wait until you are in your car or another secure location.

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How to stay safe and secure at ATM?


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